Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fabric Fun

SPCA thrift store, fabric finds
The SPCA Thrift Store in Langley, South Carolina, is managed by the wonderful Wendy. 

First she is always smiling.

Second she knows how to display her merchandise to appeal to customers.

You just have to buy something.

Case in point are these spools someone donated - most of them empty.  

Also donated were bags of leftover embroidery floss.

So Wonderful Wendy wrapped the floss around the spools and displayed them in this pink woven fabric basket.

And of course I sifted through to find the colors and spools I liked.  I plan something Christmas-y with them.

A tiny basket with a cute ribbon bow to hold tiny spools of thread.

Two cute pieces of fabric.

Wendy either ties them into small bundles ...

Or she packs them into a tote and sells all of it for one price.

Yes, I have carried totes of fabric out.

Who could resist?

In this particular tote I discovered several fat quarters of calico.

Perfect for distressed torn cotton ribbons.

Over on the left is the fabric I used on my Pink Market Bag.  

Seven quilt squares - I am thinking something pumpkin-y.

(Actually I am still in summer mode, but some of you seem to be rushing straight to fall and Christmas.  Don't think I have not noticed!)

Two extra large quilt squares.

Have not decided what these may become.

The tote was well worth its price.

I now have even more projects to finish.

I also found these muslin Domino Sugar bags.

Had to, had to, had to buy these.

Wendy made me do it!

Thanks so much to Wendy and the volunteers who make shopping a pleasure.

       Fun Facts That Have Not One Thing 
                           To Do

                      With Fabric

I went to lunch and out shopping with my friend Julia.

At the deli she proceeded to pour salt on her drink napkin.


So our water glasses would not stick to the paper napkin.

Does it work?

Yeah, girl, it works.

Try it.

Did you know that a headless life-size doll would make a great house-warming gift?

Calm down, Danni, she is not for you.

But some lucky girl will be the proud owner.

I am thinking painting her body with chalkboard paint to make her a message board would be cute.

You listening, Leia?

See y'all!

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  1. What a great bunch of fabric. That red one looks like its covered with dancing frozen Charlottes with all their body parts. Those bags are awesome!

  2. Oh you know I was freaking out a little there!! Nothing could be creepier than a headless child-size doll with a message on it!!! Yikes! Other than that, you have some fun finds and that tip about the salt...awesome!! Thank you!

  3. Wow ~ I wish I lived near that thrift shop! I can see why you couldn't resist the awesome Domino Sugar bags. I like the salt on the napkin tip too!

  4. Our thrift shops around here don't have such careful, pleasant people as wendy!

  5. think the headless body deserves a pumpkin head shouldnt mention halloween

  6. I had no idea that Danni was a scarebaby around lifesize headless dolls. I'm filing that away in the vault.
    You find the best things, Donna. No fair. Are you going to see that headless child?

  7. I am snorting about the headless lifesize doll and Danni's resistance to putting it in her house.
    Wendy sounds like a fabulous asset to a store with a fabulous cause.

  8. What a great way to sell fabric! I have so much from my Mom's house I haven't even started sorting it yet.

  9. You did get some nice fabric and quilt pieces in that tote and that should be enough to keep you busy tearing ribbons for a long time. I like the green with your pink basket.
    Thanks for the tip about salting the napkins.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. Oh, how fun to come home with a bag full of crafting items. Wendy is a great merchandiser and a very smart cookie. Love those sugar bags, Donna. Actually, I know about the salt trick. It really does work. ~ Nancy

  11. Donna, I just bought three canning bottles full of old wooden spools of thread in Napa. Gotta have them if they're wooden! Displaying has so much to do with showcasing and item. Looks like your friend really knows how to do it. the quilt blocks were a great find. I see that so many people are rushing into Fall. I say, let summer hang around a little longer. I could see the b&w ones sewn into a runner for a bee themed tablescape. Love the salt trick!

  12. I did not know about the salt trick, and I love it! I can't wait for the concerned look my hubby gives me when I do it the next time we're out, hahaha! I love, love the sugar bags, and yes, I'm looking forward to Fall, as well. Probably because here in the PNW, we tend to have the loveliest weather from August through October (which means August starts feeling like Fall here), with just a pleasant amount of rain here and there.

  13. Love what the thrift does with fabric. I would have a hard time resisting buying lots and lots. I am a fabric hoarder. LOL!

  14. Thanks for stopping by TTF to share your post! Forgot to mention earlier that I always use the salt trick when out at a restaurant/bar. ;) Have a wonderful week!

  15. I am a sucker for displays and packaging. I wouldn't be able to walk out of that store empty handed :-)


  16. Those sugar bags are AWESOME! I love the idea of using embroidery floss on empty wooden spools, too. I might steal that idea...Thanks for joining the Thrifty Life Thursday link party at Revisionary Life!


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