Sunday, August 10, 2014

Stacks, Simply Stacks, Of Linens!

vintage crochet, linen, and lace
When you have been collecting vintage linens for decades, you measure "how much" in pounds, not pieces.

While purging I decided most of them needed to find new homes where they will be displayed and not kept in a bin under the bed.

Well, five bins.

First group: multi-colored crochet items.

Every color in the rainbow.

Pounds, yes, pounds, of antique white, cream, and beige crochet doilies and tablecloths and spreads.

Baskets of vintage linen towels - most with crochet or lace edging ...

sitting on top of a stack of just old enough pink and white floral bed linens.

Washed, but not yet ironed.

Some are going to Riverfront Antique Mall for my booths.

Some are on Etsy included in the Prairie - Plain & Primitive baskets.

Forty-odd vintage aprons from prissy to sassy to utilitarian.

From lace to chiffon to calico to gingham.

Rick rack everywhere.

Washed, but not yet ironed.

I stopped counting at seventy pillowcases.

I did not, however, stop ironing and have most of these at the booths.

As I contemplate how in the world to finish ironing when I despise ironing, I have been snacking on  blueberries, cherries, and figs.

No, you do not see the actual figs - I ate them!

I am a fig-aholic.

On my diet this is three whole servings!

Yes, I am trying to avoid the ironing.

But the ironing fairy has still not arrived and I must, must, must get rid of these pounds, pounds, pounds of linens.

Some have sneaked back into the linen closet.

I am not telling how they managed to do that.

There may be a stray apron or four hiding out in the kitchen.

And I can spy from sitting right here an errant lace doily flagrantly flaunting herself on the table.

Pass me some figs.

See y'all!

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  1. Ahem, I need to dig thru your heaps.

  2. LOL, hope your ironing fairy came. Mine hasn't arrived yet!

  3. Oh I fired my Ironing fairy she wasn't doing a dern thang....ANd fig glorious FIGS...I have a tree and just go out and the linens ..I do not feel so bad about my massive amount...You take care! Sheryl

  4. Oh dear, Donna, that looks the part of my stash that I am NOT getting into in this project purge of mine! Of the Panoply sisters, I have one who is like a badger when we get linens - she washes and irons and stocks immediately. Not me or the other sister. I have many drawers full of washed, both pressed not pressed, and many not ready at all. They are project in and of themselves! And the ironing can very easily turn into a migraine for me, as I never seem to know when to stop. My problem is, once I do all that work, I want to keep the pretty ones. I'm always afraid there won't be more to come. All that handwork eventually has to be flushed out, I keep thinking. So I hoard, too. I applaud you for your purge!

  5. LOL - now THAT is a crazy lot of linens! I'm sure the shoppers in your booth will be thrilled!

  6. I put on my favorite movies and just iron away. It is a nice geeling when it is all over. Those are some beautiful linens. Donna, I found some amazing lights at the Hospice resale shop to redo. Let me see $40 versus $600, sold!! I will keep you updated on the lights and move. Di@Cottage-Wishes

  7. I am such a vintage fabric hore! I can't get enough fabric/linens. I love vintage aprons and have recently gotten 18 of them. If they are badly stained I'll use them in quilts. Also can't have too many pillow covers.. .like underpants, a different one each day!

  8. Wow! That's a lot of linens and too much ironing for my taste. Enjoy, lol.

  9. Well, I guess ironing and fig eating is as good as way to spend your time as anything else. I should've sent you my great aunt's hankies that I "inherited". They were super pretty, but I just couldn't get passed the fact that they were hankies so I gave them away to a friend of mine. Hopefully she'll find a good use for them~

  10. Oh, my! You have so many and so different kinds!

  11. Oh my gosh... that is a linen treasure trove! I could happily spend hours looking through piles of vintage linens. But when it comes to ironing them.. that's another story. I think we all could use an ironing fairy.

  12. My daughter would be delighted to help you sort your stacks of linens. She would likely not care if they are ironed or not. Sometimes, she uses doilies without ironing them. You need to get them to the Mall before they sneak back under the bed.
    Good luck.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  13. Oh my did have some linens! You have been on a purging spree lately! Must feel good to be freeing up some space in your home and you know they will go to good homes...:) This post tickled me! Mama made daddy some fig preserves recently, he loves figs too! Have a blessed week.

    Hugs, Vicky

  14. I love fresh figs, too and any kind of fruit! It's the only dessert I can eat. (I can't eat sugar) And I have quite a few vintage linens just like yours. Maybe this winter, I'll dig through them! lol I see some pretty ones in your stacks! Hugs!

  15. Wow........what a pile of linens! Love it! I am sort of addicted to them myself!

  16. Love vintage linens. I hate ironing more than any other "booth" chore. But man, I do LOVE how vintage linens look when they're ironed and stacked. :)


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