Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Green Wooden Wonder

Distressed Painting, primitive cabinet
I teased you a bit last week with a glimpse into the back of the pick-up.

Last Friday was a project day.

The driveway was filled with makeovers-to-be.

I was determined to get this cabinet completed.

It is heavy and I was not going to drag it around the house and then to the shop. 

Notice those wonderful green tree shutters!

I found the wooden wonder at Ridge Antiques and Dry Goods in Ridge Spring, SC.

It was sitting in Mary Anne's garden area.

It is an odd piece.

A storage cabinet.

Someone had labeled the compartments #1 through #8 in chalk.

You could use it like this and open from the top.

It would need legs.

I decided upright.

After sanding off the dirt and grime, I mixed up some homemade green chalk paint for the outside.


Some buttermilk-colored paint for the inside.

Used a dry brush technique.

Applied some Mission Oak stain all over to bring out the wood grain.

I know some of you are wincing at the casters I put on it.

Usually I have these already distressed and aged, but I could only find three.

Three?  Weird.

Plus, I needed five.

It was 100 degrees.

I had been outside for six hours painting.

This cabinet was definitely going over to my booth.

So new casters it was.

Chucks was nice enough to attach the casters while I tagged stuff, and we loaded the truck.

We drove the twenty miles to the store with just enough time to roll in the cabinet, the shutters, the ladders (you saw those the other day), and some windows.

I threw everything in the booths and left.

Went back Saturday to make it all look nice and to take the photos I had forgotten.

The green wooden wonder looks nice in the cottage booth.

Look at the saw marks on the wide planks.

A very practical piece of furniture.

If I had space, I might have kept it.

Eight compartments to shove junk into?

A good thing!

The green shutters, the ladders, and the windows all fit somehow into the large booth.

This is the outside of the large booth.

Our booths are enclosed.

We are allowed two feet of space on the aisle - see the white dot?

We are not allowed past that mark.

I call it my front porch.

Come visit!

On Monday, September 8, I will be co-hosting the new Make It Monday link party with Tamara and Mitzi.

Tamara had this link party for quite awhile and then took a break. Read the Party Announcement at Etcetorize!

See y'all!

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  1. I like the idea of putting it down and opening it up like that. It looks beautiful Donna, what happens if you pass over the dot, are there dot police?

  2. I love that! I put casters on everything!

  3. Wonderful it!
    Do you have two separate booths in the same shop?

  4. I didn't wince at the casters. They probably roll like a dream.

  5. Donna, that piece looks great the way you overhauled it. I can see you're a master at packing in the booth spaces too. Btw, love your new profile pic!

  6. That cabinet is exactly what I have been looking for to display my vintage tablecloths! Dang it! Why do you have to be so far away?


  7. That is a unique piece...I wonder what it was desigend for originally. I crazy, or are there only six, not eight compartments? I have looked and looked! Love the color choice too. Have a great Friday!

  8. The old cabinet turned out really nice. No one will notice the new casters, but like you, I hate to use new stuff on old pieces. Your booth looks so inviting. Good luck.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. Donna, great. I absolutely love it! Great cubbies and those wheels are made for rolling. Way to go!

  10. I just love how today era is redo it rerepurpose it and SELL it LOL

  11. Been spending the weekend getting my space back in order. i need to do pics when I get done and post them. I love your space. That wooden wonder was way cool to begin with and I like the way your do-over enhanced it. And you are so right! One can never hav etoo many cubbies and spaces for displaying junk. I bought a beautiful bookcase from a vendor who was moving out yesterday.

  12. I really love what you did to that old rustic cabinet. It looks awesome in your booth with that sweet little pink chair.

  13. Nice redo. I bet it will sell quickly. People are always looking for unique storage pieces. Visiting from Kathe's blog. Have a great day.

  14. What a great solution with that piece of furniture! It looks wonderful!

  15. I love your front porch! Those green shutters are CHARMING cabin style...and I have always wished for a cabin. Don't suppose you'd save them for me till I win the lottery? I'll go buy a ticket... Great finds...thank you for sharing them at Revisionary Life! I would love to feature your finds tonight at RLTLT.

  16. Wow, love the rustic piece, great find and fix!

  17. The cabinet is such an unusual shape and I'm sure it will sell right away. Love the addition of the wheels. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.


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