Monday, January 27, 2014

Yanked From Her Drawers

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Yes, I said these items were yanked right out of her drawers.

The "her" in this case being The Empress - that massive wardrobe I carried around in the back of the Blazer for two weeks.

These were the things Leia and I had crammed in on  A Chilly Low Country Crawl..

I could not reach them until freeing The Empress from her imprisonment.

A wonderful vintage blue suitcase.  It is already working hard holding my shipping supplies.

It looks great in the slash room.

Now here is a mix - a Santa, an Aigner ladybug purse, and a Palmetto small tote. 

The palmetto and crescent moon is our state flag.

It appears everywhere.

Even in the clearance Goodwill store.

Leia with her super eagle eyes found this Snowbaby ornament with the tags - slight chip on a wing.

I did not need another Snowbaby.

I have quite the collection which has not seen the light of day in a couple of years.

Leia said I had to get it because he was holding "JOY".

Well, it is my word of the year.

A toile shot glass marked France.

I have always wondered why "France" the word is in English.

Someone explained it was meant to be sold in English-speaking countries.

Oh, that makes sense.

A lovely piece of green glass with a silver rim and handle.

Shot glass?

Bud vase?

Toothpick holder?

Who cares - it is pretty and in great condition.

 A bunch of fake magnolia leaves and a bag of moss.

I have four magnolia trees in my yard.

Do not know why I need fake leaves.

But I do.

Just in case.

 A green basket with a "Books" label so I bought cookbooks for it.

I love to browse through these fundraiser recipes.

Some are quite amusing.

I do love the titles.

We give and receive some wonderful vintage stuff for Christmas.

I realized I did not share what Leia gave me.

In my big bag of Lowe's goodies, there was this old orange wrench.

Chucks asked if it was going in my toolbox or hanging on the wall.

Is he for real!?!

It will be hung on the wall!

Just for Danni at  Silo Hill Farm who thinks my obsession with creepy dolls is just plain weird.

It seems there is a family gene for that.

Leia found these dolls at the thrift shop and gave them to me.

I love their handmade clothes.

Of course, I may take the dolls apart and alter them.

Maybe make one for Danni's new house!

The four of them look like a singing sisters group on a 1960's variety show.

Please do not say The Lennon Sisters - I loved them growing up - lunchbox, paper dolls, records - I had it.

I noticed I posted the same page from my JOY journal twice.  

I assure you I am keeping up with it.

Here is a different page.

I will not bore you with every single page.

Lots more junk coming at you.

Duck now!

See y'all! 

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  1. Well, you certainly crammed a lot of fun stuff in those drawers! I am not including the creepy dolls in the "fun stuff" category. Although, I am intrigued by your idea of altering them. Maybe I need a craft room Goddess.

  2. Love that suitcase! Fundraiser cookbooks are great, I have a couple, one from my husbands home church, so we actually know a lot if the people in it.

  3. I am not 'ducking' Donna ... I have a net ready to catch any 'junk' you throw my way.
    I LOVE junk especially stuff that you have altered.
    Great junk and you will have so much fun.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. I love that blue suitcase. It makes for an interesting storage container. And I remember the Lennon sisters, but I didn't have any of that cool stuff you mentioned. The Empress sure had a lot of treasures hidden in her drawers. I have several fundraiser cookbooks, and I do try a recipe from time to time.

  5. You know I love that suit case...well I love all your treasures....ANd Joy to you ...stay warm...SC waiting on snow.!!

  6. No fair! I want the suitcase! I say I'm gonna have a stack like Olive one day. I guess I will if it can get spring for me to yard sale. Thanks for sharing. BTW, we are expecting snow tomorrow night:)

  7. Donna,
    Hey...I have a snowbaby collection that I haven't seen in many years too. Thanks for sharing all these treasures at my party today.


  8. Loving the suitcase but you all ready knew that didn't you : ) Everything is fabulous...even the creepy dolls lol!!!!! sending hugs and thanks for sharing my friend!


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