Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The SPCA Thrift Shop - On My Way Anywhere!

vintage finds
On my way to Kroger?

On my way to the dollar store?

On my way to the antique mall?

On my way anywhere?

Right there on the right as I drive down Whiskey Road is the SPCA Thrift Store. 

Sometimes I stop when I am going and sometimes I stop when I am coming back home. 

And sometimes I stop both going and coming!

It is an addiction.

Double basket - one side for your peanuts, the other side for the shells.

Nice, heavy weight vases.

Saw those vintage-looking frogs glued to the bottom with floral goop.

Soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Got the prizes.

Made in China!?!


Another India cotton tablecloth.

The green matches the navy floral one from last week.

A pair of shot glasses with an atomic design in gold and turquoise.

Yellow birds on a small juice glass or shot glass.

"Tweet, tweet"

Printed right on the glass.

A beautiful old, crazed platter for beautiful old, crazed me.

Well, the platter is much more beautiful than I ever pretended to be.

She is a big one.

So sweet!

A trio of loaf pans.

I am hoping there is a spring somewhere in our future when I will need these for planters.

I never pass on a good wooden box at a cheap price.

This was once a cigar box.

It will be altered.

In some way.

When inspiration hits.

I must confess.

I went to the SPCA Thrift Store again today.

Yes, I bought a few things.

If it does not get warm enough for me to stay outside, I might manage to buy something every single day.

Maybe I can stack everything up like a fort and sit in front of the fireplace.

Maybe I need a restraining device to keep me from turning right.

More junk?

Next post.

See y'all!

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  1. I haven't had any time for Junkin lately, boooo. Love those shot glasses especially. Snow's coming Donna can you believe it? Hope you have a Thrifted sled somewhere :)

  2. You are so funny! I'm glad you have at least one stand-by thrift store that is on the way to and from everything! As usual...fun finds!

  3. Love your new treasures! I wish there was a thrift shop that close for me. But it's probably best that there's not. I'd be stopping every day, too. I've tried to be a good girl and stay away from the shops this month, but I did break down and go into one where I found a couple of goodies. Until my next excursion, I enjoy watching what you bring home!

  4. I love your finds..and I am the same way about Goodwill.....I have to tell Hand Hubby when he is with me..."but they put things out all day , yes we are stopping on the way back!" Love your share ...I am a devoted Follower...Sheryl

  5. Great finds Donna. Anxious to see what you do with the oak box and loaf pans. I know you already have a plan.
    Stay warm and safe.
    The snow and sleet missed us but we are cold.
    Warm hugs,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. Love the platter and wooden box. I am jealous! I've got to make it down/over (which is it?) there soon.

  7. Great finds as usual Donna! The old platter is lovely and that basket is too cool! I like your idea of using the loaf pans for flower boxes...:) They will be so pretty! How is your weather? It is rainy here...again! And tomorrow night is supposed to be 28 degrees and raining...ugh! I am so rady for spring! Have a blessed evening.....Vicky

  8. I wish I had a SPCA thrift store on my way! You found some great treasures, I would of grab those glasses with the floral frogs inside right out of your arms! Nothing personal I might add I just would have to have them. You did really great, now where's the quickest thrift store to me I'm heading out! I also want the platter too. No, I am not greedy!

  9. I love the old things you have found - what treasures. I just was over at your etsy shop and bought some jello molds (no I'm not going to attach them to a tree). Love that wooden cigar box too - looks like you had a good time shopping at the thrift store.

  10. Visiting from Green Willow Pond...I'm a thrift store addict, too! Love the treasures you found. Except for the Made in China pieces, lol.

  11. It's a blessing and a curse to have a thrift shop on the way to everywhere. I have a Goodwill that is on my way to almost everywhere I need to go. I love stopping in. And the best part about winter is I can stop in on my way home from the grocery store and not worry about the food in my car. ;)
    ~Bonnie @ Our Secondhand House

  12. Oh I can not wait to get out bargain hunting. I want to so much. No, I don't need a thing. Still that has never stopped me, I am a pack rat. Finding things is the fun. Then what to do with it? The garden.....yes. This Spring I am looking for things to make bird baths and garden sculptures. Love your finds,,,,,,,,,,,Janice

  13. I was just explaining to a friend this weekend - a trip to Goodwill is a low-cost high-reward way of obtaining retail therapy for my terrible case of Cabin Fever.
    I like your idea of making a fort in front of the fireplace!


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