Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Lisitngs of Old Stuff

Diary, vintage, ironstone, Sterling, Buffalo, McNicol, china
 I have new listings for the Distressed Donna Etsy Shop.

Take a look-see.  Shop here!

If anything strikes your fancy, go on over to browse and maybe favorite a couple of items.

If you find something you cannot live without, use the discount code at the bottom of this post - 10% off just for Distressed Donna Down Home readers.

Gretchen's Diary $16

Pickle dish with Navy seal  $8

Egg cups  $10

 Small Sterling China bowls $8

Small McNicol China oval bowls $8

McNicol oval plate $6

McNicol coffee cups $7

Buffalo China coffee cups $7

Four green glass bottles $9

Santa $3

Five assorted small/shot glasses  $9

There are other vintage items and several of my sets of tags.

New items are listed twice a week.

I will try to remember to post about them.

This coming week there will be several junk find posts because I have been shopping, shopping, shopping.

Much too cold for painting and transforming.

I will just show you treasures.

You don't mind, do you?

See y'all!

Use this discount code to receive 10% off your purchase at the Distressed Donna Etsy store:



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  1. I always like to see your treasures! It's too cold for much of anything here too!

  2. I've had no time for shopping lately, so it'll be fun seeing what you have found!

  3. Love the diary....I am from SC just outside of what a treat to see the address! Love your blog never miss a new post...


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