Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dear Deer, A Love Letter

Rusty deer, Valentine's
Dear Deer.

I love you so.  I cannot put you away just yet.

You look more like a white tail deer than a reindeer anyway.

I want you in my life for several seasons, not just Christmas.

So I will welcome you with open arms.

Even though you are large and take up space.

At least I do not have to feed you.

Or clean up after you. 

Please do not leave me.

 I was thinking of you, Dear Deer, when shopping at the dollar store.

I found a felt red heart garland that seemed so perfect for you.

I know it was only one dollar, but it is the thought that counts.

And I bought you a gift before I bought Chucks a Valentine gift.

I think this will make a lovely scarf for you to wear in this cold, drafty house.

Red is a great color.  

It brings out the rust in your beautiful patina.

Oh, Dear Deer, you are simply magnificent in your Valentine scarf.

Love you forever,

Distressed Donna

Do y'all think I could find bunny ears for him.  Oh, wait a minute, he might be Irish and need an outfit for St. Pat's.

See y'all!

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  1. Love it Donna! You know it's a great piece to leave out and decorate seasonally! LMBO that you got the deer a present before you got Chuck's one!

  2. Better hurry and buy Chuck a big box of chocolates before he gets his feelings hurt that you bought the deer something and nothing for him.
    I LOVE your Deer too and love your post too ... you are so funny.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. Oh, and get him some Mardi Gras beads. Do you need some????

  4. Definitely bunny ears and how about a shamrock or two!

  5. So funny, I would definitely leave him out too!!

  6. You are too funny! Love the deer though and I think he could stay out year round if you want him to..:) He is quite fetching in his scarf...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  7. Good for you keeping out what you enjoy for more than just a season!. Your deer looks lovely with his garland of hearts! I have mini red lights all thru the house right now!

  8. I can definitely see your deer being decorated year round. He looks fabulous in his scarf of hearts.

  9. Love love love your deer too! His scarf of love is perfect

  10. Dear, Dear, your Deer is darling! Love his rustic patina. The heart scarf warms him with your love. Thanks for sharing him with SYC.

  11. Aww I would keep him out too, he looks great with the hearts on him :) thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop :)


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