Monday, June 11, 2012

Red, White, and Transformed. Too


You know I despise waiting for the final reveal so here are the items I have managed to finish in the last few days.  I pulled these out from under the guest room bed and painted them to fit with the Americana theme I am working on for the booth.  

We have had an unusual rain system set in.  It has been steadily raining for two days!  Still not complaining about all this rain - we are in a drought though it has greatly diminished  The rain has really cut down on projects that need to be worked on outside!

 First on the chopping block, er, no, the trusty screen are the two picket fence boxes and a very sturdy, but ugly, basket.  

I do like these little picket fence boxes - I have them in several sizes and colors and use them right regularly.  You will see how soon enough!

There was a small break in the rain, and the meteorologist  promised (Do you ever believe them?) there would be about an hour before the next shower rolled through.   I quickly set up the screen and grabbed a blue spray paint and got to work.

Gosh, this is one ugly basket.  I don't remember why I bought it.  Maybe its sturdiness or its size.  The finish it once wore has been rubbed off and it is rather sad now.  So let's make it BLUE!  (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Yes, I not only got them painted, but they dried outside!

Loving the basket blue, but not in a sad, pathetic way.  As I sprayed, I left some of the rattan showing through.  (Could be on purpose, could be laziness!)

The blue basket gets its turn posing with the what-the-hunk white bird.  I am loving that bird more and more. 

After a quick, one-coat spray of the blue paint, I used my scrumble brush (the one with the worn out bristles) to dry brush white over the pickets for a distressed look.  I painted the bottom barn red and added free-handed red stars at the top of each picket.

Now you can use these things as they were meant to be used.  They are perfect on the counter or out on the patio to hold utensils, napkins, or condiments.  In the house I use a couple to sort mail when I bring it in or to hold scissors, tape, etc.

They will certainly do the work for you.

But I like to look a little outside the box!

Turn one on its end and it makes the ideal place to hold small books!

Turn it upside down (that's why I painted the bottom red!) and the picket fence box becomes a riser for any vignette.  I included my iron ram, two enamelware cups, a few books, and my Golden Rule ruler inside one of those white boxes still residing in my living room.  (I just need two straight days of sun!)

I found two fruit crates (I think for clementines) under the bed ready for the Americana theme.  The logo was painted red, white, and blue.  All I had to do was paint the inside indigo blue.  You can see the holes in the bottoms - these would look great with herbs in them.  Or they could be used as trays.  Or they could be hung on the wall.  Yes, I am getting excited about fruit crates -it's been a long day - I think anything would spin me out of control.

 Oh, don't the crates look so patriotic next to the draped flag and the picket fence box and the red basket?

It is such a wonderful Americana vignette!

(Even though the crates seem to have Portuguese written on them!) 

Don't worry I am not keeping even one of these spangled items!  They are going to be tagged, bagged, and taken to the antique mall.  I said I was going to be ruthless and I am definitely, maybe, sort of trying hard to be!

I have yet to get all the colonial red and indigo blue paint off my hands so I will continue on with the patriotic theme tomorrow.  I was smart enough to prime and sand several items between showers so I am ready.  I will prevail.  I will be able to walk freely through my living room once again!  (INSERT HERE:  fireworks, fireworks, fireworks!)

See y'all!

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  1. Amazing transformation!! They turned out so cute! We appreciate you linking up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". Hope you'll come back soon! -The Sisters


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