Sunday, April 2, 2017

Quickies - A Rack and A Trellis

quick makeovers, trellis, plate rack, Rust-Oleum
Remember the redwood-stained trellis from Friday Finds?

(Read here.)

I painted it with a light spray of Heirloom White.

It has a slight pink look.

I would use it inside on a wall.

Olive suggested tiny white lights on it.

I drove it right to the booth as soon as it was dry.

A small pine plate rack.

Sprayed with Rust-Oleum Aqua.

I am enjoying my empty breakfast room as a photo back drop.

So did I keep this?

No way, Jose!

It rode shotgun with the trellis.

The trellis is in Booth W-10 and the plate rack is in Booth C-23.

Better hurry.

There are crowds of tourists in town for the horse events and the Masters Golf Tournament.

And they are shopping!

See y'all!

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  1. Good for you getting things straight to the booth.

  2. Wishing you many sales this weekend Donna! The plate rack & trellis look great, too, against that gorgeous paneling! My husband and I love that when we go to estate sales. It would be a sacrilege to ever paint it.

  3. Trellis looks christmas tree shape! Lights? Nice color on the shelf.

  4. I'll be needing a rack similar to that to display my vintage glass gelatin molds. I have quite a few, so I may have to have it custom built. They are packed away until we remodel our kitchen sometime in the far-away future!

    Trellises are interesting with their designs, especially the vintage ones that are still around. This one could be a flat Christmas tree! Someone will come up with an idea for it.

  5. Love that trellis and agree with Rose and Rush--perfect for Christmas. Hope you're having a great weekend, Donna!

  6. Do you use more spray paint than hand painting things? I really just started using spray paint more. My husband is a BIG fan of spraying everything.

  7. I wanted to add that I hope you sell a bunch this weekend!

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  9. Love your knotty pine paneling. We have that in our rental and
    It has stayed looking nice for many year of renters. Your little shelf is pretty too. Love that color. Bet you are enjoying your uncluttered house.

  10. Hopefully somebody will buy them.


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