Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Finds

estate sale, junk shopping, baskets, old stamps, vintage books
Olive of Olive Out met me in Ridge Spring for lunch at Juniper and a casual bit of shopping last Friday.

A few things purchased by me.

Olive resisted all temptation and did not buy anything.

A few gifts from Olive who does not have a booth at the current time and is downsizing to my house.

I don't mind.

A rusty sifter, two pairs of baby shoes in their original boxes, and a box of red plastic sign letters.

At Ridge Antiques I found the cute two handle basket with its original cloth tag (Made In Poland) and a wicker lidded basket with a green insert.

Also at Ridge Antiques a whole basket of industrial stamps.

A great garden gate.

And then this beauty was sitting on the sidewalk outside Stuff (my favorite junk shop).

A primitive red and chrome station bench.

Only needed a bit of wax.

I bought this large ironstone pitcher from Olive.

Going in the new kitchen. 

On the way home I stopped by Habitat's 50% off sale.

A cute collection of figurines.

Four oversized red Asian toile pillows.

At an estate sale I found a huge collection of books.

Over fifty of them.

Many hymnals and poetry books.

A collection of vintage children's books.

I could not resist the tiny pair of sandals.

I know the guy who wore them way back in the fifties.


A lovely batik tablecloth and an aluminum pitcher. 

Another thrift store.

A tower of baskets.

A gold framed Madonna.

It's a definite keeper.

Right this moment I am in Ladson - just up the road from Charleston, SC - at the Vintage Market Fair.

We have not had these in the area before.

This year there are four within driving distance.

Including a sale one mile from the Riverfront Antique Mall.

Hope to find lots of goodies.

See y'all!

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  1. Great stuff as usual. I particularly like the Madonna picture and the rubber stamps.

  2. You did great. I LOVE THE PITCHERS AND THE GATE. I have a thing for pitchers and have a large collection of them.

    The gate is wonderful. I love me some yard junk.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I'm curious about the basket of stamps. Fun find.
    Have a great day shopping!

  4. You have the best finds each week! I do love that garden gate and that red bench!! Have fun today!

  5. Love that red bench! It's pretty perfect, and that gate would look fabulous in someone's garden. Namely mine. I've been looking for something like that for ages.

  6. Olive COULD have down-sized those baby shoes to MY house, and I wouldn't have minded at all!!!

    Katie and I both like the red bench, although we have no idea where it would go!

    The children's books are great. I like the one about the puppies and, of course, that Golden Book looks like a nice one.

    I also like the little pink basket, and I think I heard one of the cats call dibs on the big white round one.

    I hit my two favorite {and close} thrift stores yesterday. It had been about 3 weeks since I had visited them. I dragged Katie back to ReStore today to pile up on art. The guy kind of knows me. Yesterday, I noticed that the art work was on sale for 30% off. I mentioned that I saw a picture and told him that it would take more like 50% off. He told me to add another $100 of art work to my cart and we could talk. So, I dragged Katie in with me today. We didn't get as high as we had talked about, but we did get 4 pieces, I think it was, for half price. I never thought to negotiate at ReStore! I don't usually spend a whole lot, but I come in often enough to be noticed. It's nice to be noticed when it comes to thrift stores.

    Tomorrow, the beach! Have fun thriftin'!

  7. I think the gate is my favorite! I hope you're having fun at the Vintage Market Fair...I'm so envious. LOL!

  8. Madonna picture, garden gate, rusty sifter, and red bench are calling my name..."oh Florence, Florence, come get me!"


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