Saturday, April 1, 2017

Horror Monster Vanquished

decluttering, junk overhaul, orgainizing craft supplies
Niece Leia came to stay on two different weeks in March to help me vanquish Horror Monster, my beloved craft stash.

Leia is one mean organizer!

But I was ready and surprisingly, the junk pile became smaller and smaller.

We have an "L" shaped galley kitchen starting with this ten-foot pantry hall.

Horror Monster had strayed way, way beyond his boundaries. 

There are pantry cabinets across from this area filled with paint and tools.

The main kitchen leads down to an attached breakfast room.

Horror Monster had totally overtaken this space except for the spots for Scout's and Willie's dog beds.

This was the back corner.

Shelf supports held shelves for a collection of tins.

That was the kitchen table under the left junk.

The primitive Hoosier was packed with craft supplies.

The other side of the breakfast room held a pie safe filled with dishes.

The oak dresser is used as a microwave stand for my 1980 microwave.

Fans of my fudge forbid me to get rid of the behemoth.  It makes wonderful candy.

And it held quite a variety of craft paints.

During the day, Leia and I would pack box loads of stuff for donation and for the booth.

All of the boxes were dragged to the den where we worked late into the night tagging and packing.

On the last day Leia was quite pleased with the progress.

In all, we hauled out FOUR truckloads of stuff.

And customers are loving it.

Gone are a box of rubber stamps, most of my tins, all the Brown Bag cookie molds, bags of craft supplies, and piles of vintage kitchenware.

The breakfast room now - devoid of Horror Monster.

Some projects waiting to be completed.

Basically this room is ready for a new floor.  

I am keeping the knotty pine paneling.

Chucks and I actually are the only two people on the planet who love the pine.

And Horror Monster?

Well, most of him resides in the primitive Hoosier cabinet.

A mere shadow of himself.

All the kitchen and dining room furniture is in the living room.

I still have to finish clearing all the cabinets and setting up places for the refrigerator and microwave in the dining room.

Of course I will remove all the cabinet doors and drawers to sell.

Reusing the handles - they are vintage.

I promise to keep you up to date with the changes.

Chucks, Azalee, Miss Peepers, Willie, Scout and I plan to stay in this house during the renovation.

Unless we turn on each other.

Or go insane.

See y'all!

And this is NOT an April Fool's joke.  I really did get rid of Horror Monster!

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  1. wow you should have called me i am sure i would have taken a truckload ha ha good job xx

  2. I am standing up and cheering! Good for you. I know how hard and how much work that was. Help is always good as they can make us stop reminiscing as we sort thru the clutter. I know you are so excited for the remodel of your kitchen!!

  3. Can't. Believe. It.
    But I am so inspired!
    Does Leia take on clients in far away states?
    Congratulations, Donna. This is a huge achievement. Applause, applause!

  4. Oh my! You got rid of almost everything! That must have been difficult but freeing at the same time! Good for will enjoy having all that extra space now I'm sure. What kind of flooring are you putting in? Oh...I like the pine too. It would look really pretty with lots of white. Of course, I love white. So excited for you! Happy Saturday.....:)

  5. I may need to borrow your niece but oldest daughter is itching to get to my version of your Horror Monster. I just have to get to the place where I want to let go. Getting there but somewhat slowly.

  6. Does this mean no more shopping for you?

  7. I'm so proud of you! I've spent the last 2 months cleaning out every corner of my house. I can't believe some stuff I held onto. I hauled 4 truck loads to goodwill alone. So much stuff went to the booth. My customers were happy for lots of deals. My other reward? My house is officially listed for sale today!! :)

  8. Leia looked pretty normal at first, then as she worked on your Horror Monster, she changed. Something is not quite right with her at the end. I'm worried for her!

    Seriously, though...I'm glad you had some company to attack Horror Monster. I would hate for you to have tacked it alone. I would have been no help, and chances are we would have only brought your Horror Monster to the shore! Oh, and we would have had to rent a U-Haul. It just would have been too expensive! And, we don't have any room in the garage right now. That's where my Monster lives right now. Time to go through all of the decor I kept just to see if it would go with the new house. Judging from my new purchases of the past year, I'll be getting rid of a bunch more stuff in the next garage sale! Yay! Take care...f & k

  9. Oh Donna - I just love you. We are kindred spirits. LOVE the pie safe!

  10. No, you're wrong - I also LOVE the knotty pine paneling! Thanks

  11. Amazing job you both did! Can't wait to see what you have in mind for this room!

  12. Amazing job and can't wait to see the new kitchen! I need a leia to help us with our upstairs. We have company coming to stay this fall and we have too much stuff everywhere. Good for you getting it done!


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