Monday, April 3, 2017

It's All Wood For Me

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Since I am more of a traditional type of girl, just give me wood, beautiful wood, for my blog's fifth anniversary.

Yep, none of that modern style which is silverware.

Just wood.


It is hard to believe I have been blogging for five years.

Here lately I have been limping along, but have found a renewed interest in blogging.

I cannot stay away from all of you.

My first selfie was my first blog photo.

I could have bothered to put on a little make up.

From the very beginning the real Distressed Donna has been with me.

She greets me when I drive up.

Standing in the middle of my driveway container garden.

Modern me.

I asked Chucks to take a new photo of me.

Strike one.

The sun was blazing.

Strike two.

I seem to always lean back when posing.

Strike three.

Photo is lousy.

There are no existing decent photos of me.


Since it is a big day for my little blog, I must come clean and admit I stretched the truth a tiny bit.

The Hoosier cabinet does not contain all of Horror Monster.

The sugar chest holds the rest of him.

Well, the sugar chest and all those bins.

Yes, I am staying around - blogging away.

Yes, you do remember I give away parts of Horror Monster for special occasions.

If you are interested and not afraid, say so in a comment below.

Make sure I know your email.

(Monkey and Sharon@Blue Willow House - to name two!)

I'll choose three names out of the proverbial hat.

See y'all!

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 I will accept reserved listings if you see something in the blog posts you want.

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  1. I am not afraid and love the clean up you've done. Gave me strength to tackle my "spare room"! Great job! We can always use "great stuff".

  2. Congrats on your 5 yr anniversary! Here's to many more! xo

  3. Five years! That is wonderful. I'm so glad we found each other's blogs and then realized we lived just a few hours apart. I've enjoyed our fun outings and always THE CAKE! I am NEVER afraid of junk or your Horror Monster! (I may even have contributed to it on occasion). Hugs!

  4. Congratulations on five years of blogging, Donna! Oh, there're some grand photos of you around! You've posted a few throughout the years - all so adorable!

  5. Congrats on the big 5! The original is a cute your expression. I always hated getting mine made. As a little girl even, I'm crying in photos when my Mother is trying to take a cutesy photo. Ha! So what's in those bins? Might have to add my name to the hat.

  6. afraid who me, well maybe iffen you sent me some of the weird doll bodies ha ha, happy happy joy joy for your fifth xx

  7. I'm game...gimme a piece of that frightful horror monster!

    5 wonderful years of blogging! Wow! Congratulations!

    Yeah...make-up being paint smears, cobwebs, spider egg cases, and glitter bits {You DO know that there are pay-backs...}...this is all the make-up you need.

    I love old doll heads and other parts, too!

    I consider myself pretty lucky being your friend, so maybe I have a good chance at winning! Recently, I have won numerous books, $100 visa gift card, someone's craft room castaways, and more, I think. That's just in the last two months or so! Maybe my luck will remain..Horror Monster will always have a place in my home!

  8. hahaha, horror monster....... Since I'm new to your reading your blog, I had to look at some of your other posts to find out what it is.

    msmitoagain at yahoo dot com
    I not afraid of horror monster either. I buy broken and old junk for my mosaics on the weekends. Always seeking new things to be used on my creations.

  9. CONGRATS on 5 Fabulous Years of Blogging!!! You look amazing and here's to 50 more years of blogging greatness! Hugs...andrea

  10. I love your blog & always look forward to new posts!

  11. Congrats on 5 years! I had fallen off the blogging wagon for a bit but have been trying hard to get back with the game. I missed it so much and this loving community that we are part of. I'm not afraid of some Horror Monster stash so add me to the list! Thanks!!

  12. Hey Miss Donna;
    Many Congratulations on your Five year Anniversary!!!!
    I am hopeful that you will be posting for many more years!!!
    I have enjoyed every single moment with you,
    and your Wonderful Blog!!!
    All of your Photos are a definite Plus, and the ones of you all look Beautiful!!!
    Please be sure and add my name to one of Chuck's hats!!!
    What a Milestone!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  13. I've been tackling that same monster around here. At times I think the monster is winning but I'm giving it my best shot!! Congrats on five years of blogging.

  14. Congrats on five years Donna! I had so much fun with some of Horror Monster's treasures a few yeas ago. Looking forward to seeing what some other lucky recipients do with some great junk. :)

  15. Congratulations on 5 years! WooHoo! Glad to hear you are sticking around!


  16. Has it really been 5 years already? My oh my, how time flies. Well, you know I'm not afraid of any kind of junk! :)

  17. Your photos look nice! I am never pleased with with mine as it makes me realize I am old!!!

  18. Big Congrats on 5 years Donna !!! I've followed you for 3 , when I got my first IPhone and Internet . Should of known waaaay back when , you were trouble , just like me :) I do really miss your shop ... I'm a junk giver and a junk taker , count me in !!! Tammy

  19. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! It's always fun to see what you found every Friday!

  20. Happy Blogiversary!!! Five years is awesome! And yes, it is very difficult to stay away! So glad we met here in blog land!! Love anything that Horror Monster offers, especially books! :-)

  21. I'm so glad that you are still blogging since you are one of my favorites. You are my hero for tackling Horror Monster like you have. I need to do that too in order to make way for my husbands pottery class projects.My rooms are already full with his ships in the bottle projects that he makes. Pretty soon there will be no place for my own stuff.Between his projects and mine and my flea market addiction what is a person to do?


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