Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vintage Slim Pickin's

Remember one of the last scenes of Dr. Strangelove (I think) - there goes Slim Pickens, the character actor, riding an atomic bomb to Earth?  I think he landed around here somewhere because it has been mighty slim pickin's for vintage finds the last two weeks.

Usually after Christmas I can go forth and plunder the goodies galore - truckload after truckload.  In addition to the diary I wrote about earlier (READ HERE), this is all I have found.

Now I will admit I am not actively searching for much.  I have to remind myself daily my resolution word is LESS.  BUT  I have not even been tempted!  Where can that quality junk be?  Are we destined to fiberboard and MDF furniture as the new vintage?  Am I so old that what I consider contemporary is now considered vintage?

I did find this 1960's era Childcraft dresser.  Love the atomic design legs.  Someone had replaced the original pulls with these round wooden ones.  It was probably a stained ash or birch at its birth, but has been through a red paint job, then a white one, and finally this blue-green.  I rather like this piece for my craft room redo.  Yes, I am still trying to figure that out.  I think I will change the knobs and maybe stencil a design.  The drawers are wide and deep - able to hold (and hide) a lot of supplies.

 You know full well that I would not pass up a metal toolbox especially a red one.  Our Goodwill now has a policy forbidding the clerk to take items off the stocking cart and give to a customer.  I had to follow the cart around the store drooling over the toolbox until it was placed on the proper shelf.  I snatched it right from the claws of another shopper who had just arrived.  To the victor goes the spoils!  Hah, Hah! 

(That was not nice - I apologize.)
I have been looking for a pair of scissors to cut multiple strips of paper and I found them! They have five blades - see the price tag?  Cool cuts!

I fell in love with the pewter scallop plate - so tiny, so detailed.  I cannot justify its purchase unless dirt cheap counts.
The Wallace trophy bowl was slightly above my price limit, but I do use these.  If you have heard of this place, let me know.


Due to the wear inside, someone used this for loose change.  I am just hoping it will tarnish some more.

While I was searching for bargains at the Goodwill, a young girl stopped me to compliment me on my retro t-shirt.  I said I had purchased it new at a concert.  To which she replied,  "You mean, like, last century!?!"  

I bet she would not even understand the Slim Pickens reference!

I am off to get my vintage self aboard my vintage yacht and dream vintage dreams of last century - you know, like, the 1900's!

See y'all!

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  1. Hey Donna; I am LMAO at you!!!!!! I love it.....a retro shirt!!!!(Wiping my eyes) What a riot.....I wore one of my old Journey Concert shirts to the store, and a handsome guy much younger than me asked me out to go drink beer with him......He liked my cool Journey shirt..I said Thank-You, but I am married and cant....Besides, I am old enought to be your Mom!!! He looked at me a bit closer and said:"Your not THAT Old!!!" LMAO!!!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and I am here to visit yours. MY GOODNESS you have so much going on that I'll be back for sure! :)

  3. For slim pickin's you sure got some good stuff! A chest of drawers is a treasure. It will be nice to hide things in there now, maybe instead of the truck. I've never seen those scissors, so excuse me for being a dope, but I'm still trying to figure how they work. They don't look wide enough to do that multiple cut. They look pretty normal from the picture.

    Our Goodwill lets the stuff sit in the bin or a cart for a long time sometimes and people rummage through all the time. There are several bins with items sitting around the store while the employees mess with other things. I went to one cart and started looking at a lamp sitting on the top of the stuff only to have a woman come from behind and yell in my ear, "you snooze, you lose!" and she proceeded to reach around and snatch it from my very hands. I was like, "What the heck! She has some nerve!" and at the exact same moment I realized it was her cart. She kept talking about how it was hers, all hers, as she whisked away to pay, probably more certain than ever that she had to have that lamp just because someone almost "stole it" from her. Yikes. I didn't even want the lamp, I just wondered the price. It sounds like there's a lot of snatching going on at Goodwill. [eh hem!] I think I'll be more careful next time. Donna, you didn't happen to be in Florida the other day... Hmmm? :)

  4. I haven't found much either. But then again I am trying to go with the less thing also. I have bough so many things that I am saving for my basement. Now that we are going to start finishing it I need to wait and see what else I might (really) need. Love, love the toolbox! And yes, red has me drooling too. Glad you were the victor. lol!

  5. I was searching a term on google & for some reason was led to your Birds of a Feather post. I read some and said, omgosh, this woman is in SC and I think she's pretty close to my area. I had no idea, in all actuality. But it was something about your references & the way you write... and yes, I see you are about 2 hours away, besides a ton of other stuff we have in common. And you have a Hobby Lobby nearby? That does it, I am envious. Since I believe there is no such thing as a coincidence, I just signed up to get your new posts:) Be seein' ya!

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  7. That dresser will look great in your craft room! Love those scissors! Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  8. Happy (belated) New Year Donna! So sorry I haven't visited in awhile. Blogging got away on me but I'm trying to get caught up. Love your finds. I'm jealous of the scissors especially. Good to see your still having fun, even with LESS~

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  10. Hey! I am cracking up just thinking about you chasing that employee around Goodwill and then snatching that!! How funny! You always find the coolest stuff and then make it even better! Those scissors are so very awesome!

  11. You mean from the last century? LMHO - that is too funny -
    Great finds Donna - the scissors are fantastic!

  12. Love the trophy bowl - I can't pass those up either! And I see your have your very own toolbox!!


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