Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tag! You Are Mine

Tag - you are my Valentine!

A quick look at some tags I made for the big V-day.  I do not really go too crazy for the day itself.  It's a little too commercial.  I am probably the only woman who does not like receiving roses.  I am afraid they remind me of funerals and who really wants cut flowers?  They are basically dead time they are cut.  Give me live plants - especially herbs.  Much more romantic, I think.  Herbs tell stories with their essences.

Here is a tag of a nosegay (image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy).  The image was altered over at Pic Monkey.  I stamped a heart postage stamp on the front and "Once upon a time ..." on the back.  I used lavender French seam binding for the tie.

The next tags were created form shipping labels.  Just slap some craft paint on them - front and back.  Then let them dry.  They will curl when wet, but will gradually lay flat as they dry.  I stamped the back side with a floral design, attached a heart tag with red satin ribbon, and stuck washi tape around the edge of a glassine bag.

Here is a close-up of the image (again The Graphics Fairy).  I did take it over to Pic Monkey to add a "Love You" note to the image and a border.

I also put glitter glue around the edges.

You can see just how steady my hand is :>)

You shouldn't have favorites, but this tag is my favorite.  It features a favorite stamp in a favorite color so it has a lot going for it.

Front side:  turquoise, gold and black with "Once upon a time ..."

Back side a heart with "...And they lived happily ever after.  The End"

I used Paris washi tape on the glassine bags.

Front side stamped with the floral design and a floral heart outlined in silver glitter glue.

Back side stamped with Happy Valentine's Day.

Small heart tag attached with red/white baker's twine.

Glassine bags with red washi tape.

Here are the heart tags.  I made them from raffle tickets (Found a whole roll dirt cheap on the clearance shelf at Staples!).  I brushed white paint across the back, stamped with the heart, and attached the twine.

Back side is still a ticket to ride!

Some of these I will use with my Valentine cards, and others will go to the booth.  I have a few other V-day things to show, but let's all remember to spread this love thing throughout the whole year.  We shouldn't just cram it into one day!

See y'all!

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  1. Oh, You crack me up, Donna!!!
    Sure, let's spread the love the whole year, I actually do!!!!
    But, can I have my roses??? Plleeeease!!!! I don't expect flowers but they are nice to receive. They can be anything, even herbs, LOL!
    I miss all my Blogspot friends, still struggling to get my Wordpress page READ! I now added you and Suzan (Simply Vintageous) to my blog roll on the new page. Slowly, I am fixing things! You are my Valentine, too! Adorable tags!!! I loved the Turquoise one,too! Claudine

  2. Good thoughts and great work on the tags. Creative and fun. My favorite was the same as yours. Love the look on that woman's face. The turquoise and the gold were a great pair with the black of the stamp. Now I know what you've been up to this weekend. Hope the Valentine crowds come a callin' at your booth and snap up all the good stuff you've made!

  3. Hi Donna, Great ideas . . . looks like you have been having fun :)
    Connie :)

  4. Hey Donna; I Love your Tags!!! You are such a Talented Lady!!! I hope that Chucks surprises you this Valentines Day with something Beautiful, that you will Treasure.
    Thank-You so much for Sharing, as I LOVE your Blog!!!! :-)

  5. These are terrific! I'm with you and don't decorate for Valentines Day either. But I have to admit that I LOVE getting flowers - flowers of any kind and especially roses.

  6. Great work on the tags. Love the first one and the ticket heart tags.I like a little bit of Valentine decorations, but it will come and go before I get anything done with decorating. Love flowers too ... just those for the grocery store are fine with me so that may be my only decorations.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  7. Cool tags! Love the idea to use the tickets. I'm with you on the cut flowers. I used to be a florist and the last thing I want to receive is cut flowers...they just remind me of work!

  8. Noway! these tags are awesome! So appropriate for Valentines day....!

    hugs x

  9. Cute tags you have here...thanks for sharing at my party.


  10. I love the tags you made. I enjoy making tags and ATC's, they are fun and I get quick satisfaction! :-)

  11. Cauuute tags Donna! Thanks for sharing at my linky party! I'm with you...spread the love out baby!

    Have a great day!

  12. Donna, I totally agree with you about the roses--I've always felt that way too! Give me the whole rose bush and let me plant it in the back yard to enjoy for longer than a week!

    Your tags are beautiful :-)

  13. You are so talented! I love your blog!
    Kelly from Smart School House

  14. Thanks for sharing your lovely tags on Shabbiliciosu Friday Donna.


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