Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sweet Gums in the Parking Lot

I am not an artist.  I just play one on this blog!

Last year on my leap list was the resolution to put myself out there and not fear failure.  I entered a local art exhibition and my piece was selected to be a part of the show.  

This year I was invited to submit a piece for the 2013 Aiken Retrospective:  Nature and Beyond.

I worked on the piece during December and finished right after Christmas.

On Saturday everyone brought their pieces to be judged on Sunday.  Mine was one of the dozens chosen for the exhibit.

I was thrilled!

 I present "Sweet Gums in the Parking Lot" - a mixed media piece.

I will not bore you with the whole process to get the canvas to this point.

I was inspired by the sweet gum balls in the parking lot of our favorite restaurant, The Variety.  The owner allowed me to use his menu.  Thanks to Tammy at Homespun Happenings, I was able to copy the menu onto pieces of muslin through my HP Photosmart.  Read Here!

The muslin pieces  were Mod Podged onto the background of acrylics.

Then I painted the sweet gum balls down the left corner.

The painting has come to an end, but of course, being me means adding more.  

(Yes, I remember my word for this year is LESS, but this was last year - 2012.)

  Close-up of the sweet gum balls.

I really fell in love with drawing and painting these things.  I may do a smaller piece with just a row of them.

Tight close-up shows the impressionist look.

I lightly stamped the letters, then painted and highlighted them.

I took a sponge with burnt sienna paint and lightly scrubbed over the canvas.

I further distressed it with walnut ink.

The piece was varnished with a satin varnish - several coats.

I had to go by today to see it hanging.  I know the docents thought I was crazy when I asked to take photos of it hanging.  

Notice that one sweet gum ball in the very bottom left corner?  It is a real one from the parking lot affixed with a heavy duty gel medium.

It is not by a long, long shot a piece to make a true artist proud, but I took that step and did not fail.

That makes me a little less timid.

Aiken Retrospective:  Nature and Beyond
January 9 - 25

See y'all!

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  1. Hush your mouth! Don't you dare say it's nothing to make a true artist proud. That is so cool! And you realized your hopes to put yourself out there and you did it! Bravo, bravo. What a fun piece you created! Well done.

    PS: So glad you are back!

  2. I think it's a great piece! Who's to say you're not a real artist? I think if you make art you are. And you made art, therefore you are a real artist :) Congrats on getting chosen! That must be so exciting.

  3. I think your piece is so cool! An artist, you are!!! Your creations are a testament to that!

  4. You are an artist Donna! I think your piece is totally cool!

  5. I'm going to have to go back and read this much more thoroughly, but I just LOVE it. Sweet gum 'southern.' I love what you have done, and yes...dear, you ARE an artist.

  6. Yes i love it, proud for you. :)

  7. Good for you, Donna! Congrats! I love the way this turned out :)

  8. Oh my goodness! I know you are one talented lady, but I am speechless. I love this! So very awesome and congats for getting your work in the show! You go girl!

  9. Congratulations!! It looks fantastic! You're definitely and artist! Thanks for mentioning me and my post--I was surprised to read that:) I think it was good your computer was down so that you could finish this project :) Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  10. What an honor to be asked to participate. And a worthy one from looking at your art.

  11. This is really awesome! LOVE the colors and textures!

  12. Wonderful concept! Great follow through. I remember one year even after having my art work in the U.S. Senate, i had entered a piece in a local art exhibit. I got a call from the President of the art group and she told me that the judges loved my work and wanted to give me an award but since my work was primitive not "fine" art they felt they could only give my painting an award in the craft division. I figured- why not- after all I started out life as a crafter. The kicker was- they didn't even give me first place... second!


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