Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine Mantel - Really!

Really!  I did what I said I would and used part of my collection of tin and aluminum kitchenware on the den mantel. Read more here!

To top that off - it's a Valentine's Day mantel! I have never decorated for V-Day.  Maybe threw some hearts around.  

Chucks was leery.  His immediate reaction was, "We are not decorating for Valentine's Day now, are we?"

 I chose some red books for risers, collected berry branches from the photinas (red tips), clipped some boxwood, and made a loose wreath of creeper vine and tulle.

Then I just stuck the molds, measuring cups, cookie cutters, and graters in and out of little nooks and crannies.
I like the silvery gleam of the tin and aluminum among the red of the photina and the greenery.

The molds fit perfectly in this old tool caddy with the biscuit cutters and measuring cups.

The lantern is one of those advertised on TV special I was given for Christmas.  Puts out a bright LED light - perfect for when the power goes out. 

 I made fun of the lantern when I received it, but I must bite my words now.

A banner of vintage Valentines hung with red satin ribbon and red tulle.

The large mold holds berry branches and a heart cookie cutter.

 In front of the mantel sits a vanity table because this is a fake fireplace - actually the back of the real one.  We just nailed a mantel on this side and put up an iron gate.

More of the aluminum stuff on red hymnal risers.

One of the colanders holds cookie cutters.

 On the other side a grater with berries stands over a small collection of Frozen Charlottes and molds.

 A letter spike holds three small Valentines.  I painted white on the back of some raffle tickets, stamped the heart, outlined it with silver paint, and punched a hole in it.  These were left over from another Valentine project.

 I find Frozen Charlottes to be romantic which may concern some of you.  You know, the fact that these dolls are broken, mangled and often beheaded - still they are so romantic - whether they be armless, legless, or headless!

Plus they are the perfect size for egg poachers and measuring cups.
Okay, so I did it - a Valentine mantel.  I must say I enjoyed it even though it needs to come down in a few weeks.

If you are wondering why there is no wintry items, it would be because it is 65 degrees right now and all my spring flowers are sticking their heads up and beginning to bloom.  We have had spring here since Christmas.

Tomorrow is the slight possibility of some freezing rain for a few minutes.  A forecast that sends people rushing out for bread and milk.  Whether they need them or not!

I will admit wishing to see a Southern snow.  The kind of snow falling silently all night long gleaming in the moonlight.  A blanket lying perfectly white across the lawn in bright sunlight with an azure sky above.  Then, just like that, it is gone.  No muss, no fuss!

Chucks wants to know if now that we have Valentine decorations, he is required to buy a gift.  Silly, silly husband - anything rusty or crusty will do!

See y'all!

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  1. I love it Donna - ( and I love that your egg poachers have become infirmeries for your frozen Charlottes!!! )
    Great ideas you have my friend ( tell Chuck to watch out - Easter is next )

  2. Donna, I'm almost ashamed to say this, but I had to laugh when you said silly husband, anything rusty and crusty will do. My mind must be in the gutter - I thought of my hubby who is really rusty and crusty. Too funny! But I know what you mean about decorating for V-Day. Yours turned out lovely - very vintage and nostalgic!

  3. Men! I must admit I have not one, okay maybe one, Valentines post card somewhere and that it is. I just cannot decorate for Valentines. I love the stacked molds. I am a fiend for stacking cooking objects and/or dishes. My SIL has sold two tole chandy's at the store we sell at in middle Ga. We do run across them on occasion. I would have put one of them in my hall but Joe had just hung our chandy and I did not have the heart to have him hang another.

  4. OK, I just typed a whole comment on here and it disappeared! Love the that you decorated for Valentines too! Totally love the heart tags. The frozen Charlottes scare the bejesus out of me!

  5. While my b'day is the day after v'tine's day, I've never been inclined to decorate. However....and I know I've said this before, I adore, ADORE those little frozen Charolottes! Your entire display is so, so pretty!

  6. If I had an award, I would give it to you for this. I'm enthralled by the metal with the touches of red, but most of all your beheaded beauties. They are so very cool. I still have never seen one anywhere in person. Remember where I live. You know the good stuff isn't down here. I'm almost tempted to imitate you and your striking mantel decor (it would be a feeble attempt). However, I am my own Chucks. I will tell myself that I don't decorate for that. On second thought though, if decorating means I get to buy myself a gift, well, that might be a different story. Something rusty and crusty would be in order for me as well! Bravo on a mantel well done.

  7. That cracked me up..."We aren't going to be decorating for Valentine's Day now, are we?" Oh, that just keeps playing in my head and making me laugh. I can just imagine! :) Your Valentine’s decorations look great!!

  8. Hey Donna; I absolutely Love what you have done!!! It is so Beautiful. What a riot about what Chucks said.....LOL!!! Tell him that you expect to receive a rusty, crusty, worn Heart!!! :-) (Poor man, typical male!!!)
    Thank-You for some nice ideas of what to put out for decorations here!!!
    Also Donna a HUGE Thank-You for mentioning about the Lantern, which you received as a gift. I was wondering about how they do work, and since you said that it works so well, I am off to the store to purchase Three of them!!! (Guess what my Mama is gonna get for Valentines Day?!!!) Storm season will be rolling around soon, and I like to be prepared!!!! Take Care :-)

  9. Our poor blogging husbands - they have to put up with so much. My husband said the same thing last year when I put up a very small amount of Valentine's decorations. Not doing the mantle though - my creams and beiges would look odd against a red theme. And I'm not feeling creative enough to put something together.

    If I was, I would use your natural and nostalgic theme. I think it's lovely.

  10. Such a beautiful mantle! I love all of the tins you used! Visiting from Lady Bird Lane and now following. :)

  11. That sounds like something my husband would say. Just tell him that you may just decorate for Groundhog's Day if he doesn't watch it! Your mantel is very cute and inventive. I never thought of frozen Charlotte's as romantic until you mentioned it, but yes they are!

  12. Everything looks so lovely Donna! I love that it's all vintage stuff, and the red and green accents look so great with the tin and aluminum. I'd gladly lend you some of our snow. We've been in a deep freeze for several days now (-15 and lower), and I'm feeling a little like a frozen Tuula!

  13. Well, the snow has fallen here in Pa! Your mantel look perfect! I love the greenery with all the aluminum/tin. Stay safe :) Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  14. Okay, I'm jealous on two counts here. The fact that you already have flowers coming up, and you have such a gorgeous and enormous collection of tin and aluminum! Love what you did with your mantel. You tell Chuck,"You're darn tootin' he has to buy you something for Valentines!!" Or do like I do and buy something and hand the bag to him and tell him to wrap it ;)



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