Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Moe Roccan, Chalkboard

Over the holidays, I had the chance  to catch up with a stack of photography books.  I was especially inspired by one on Moroccan architecture and one on Italian shrines.  So inspired I decided to use the influence on several pieces in progress.

Now I know chalkboards have been featured at least a trillion times, but I have a stack of frames and cabinet doors which are well-suited for chalkboards.  I also have an almost full can of black chalkboard paint and I am not afraid to use it!


First I chose a door from the Mount Everest stack of cabinet doors.  Next came sanding and priming.  I just used some random beige oops paint.  I did this on both sides.

 The black chalkboard paint (NOT chalk paint - two very different animals!) was applied four times - alternating horizontally and vertically.  This gives a  linen weave pattern in the paint.  You need a slight texture for the chalk to adhere when writing.

  The front had Moroccan-style arches at either end.  I chose a lipstick red from my oops paint supply to coat the front side of the door.  I was careful to leave brush marks in the paint for a distressed look.

 The back of the door received four coats of the chalkboard paint over everything.  Again remember to alternate the direction you brush on each coat.
 Next condition the chalkboard with a heavy application of genuine chalk.  I used Prang.  Cover the surface thoroughly in all directions.  DO NOT use a sharp edge when doing this - it may scratch the board.

Wipe off with a dry paper towel.  Most of the remaining dust can be removed with a damp cloth.  Only use water to clean.

When I taught, this was the job every student wanted at the end of the week.  Chalking the board.  Dusting the erasers. Cleaning  the board with a rag. 


 For that extra Moroccan flair, I lightly stamped a design around the edge of the front side with a Stampabilities stamp and black Staz-On ink.  I did an over-stamped effect.

Mainly so I did not have to measure the exact places for each stamp!

I finished the red part with two coats of satin varnish.  Do not varnish the chalkboard paint!


 Moe Roccan stands tall for a long laundry list of what I should do.  He is 16 inches by 48 inches.   Plenty of room for me to include things for Chucks to do also.

The backside can be used all over.  Maybe I will keep this side turned toward the wall so I can write secret thoughts hidden from view.


The mystery of Northern Africa, the allure of desires unrealized, the romance of hidden dreams.  I think Moe Roccan can handle all this!

If you read carefully, you have now realized I did not buy one thing for this project.  I used stuff out of my stash.  Remember my vow of LESS.  

Besides Willie and Scout ate my Hobby Lobby coupons for this week.  I think they are trying to tell me something!

I am proud to say that all Christmas has been packed into proper bins and boxes.  The attic space has been rearranged to accommodate the pile, and one bin has been designated as "donate" for next year.  Whoops, excuse me!  There is one Christmas decoration left out.  The fake cotton batting snow under the birdhouse collection has been claimed by Molly who has decided it is the perfect place to snooze.  I just cannot remove it until she chooses another place to nap.  She is such an undemanding pet.

See y'all!

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  1. It turned out fabulous Donna - love the red!
    ( and love that you have a secret side to you )

  2. I am delighted to say I have all my Christmas and holiday bins straightened and put away for the year too. Did it this past weekend while the weather was warm. I don't have an attic or garage so we use a shed. I bought 4 more new bins this year and I have one empty one still. :) It was such a good feeling to get it all straightened and labeled. Love your chalkboard! That red is pretty.

  3. Great job . . . and what fun, right!

  4. Love that door. It's good to have a stash of many things. You have proved that point. Hope it serves you well. It sure will serve you with style!

  5. I saw your comment on Lynn's post so had to stop by at check out Moe. Love the red color. I wish I had a big stash of cabinet doors somewhere. I'll have to run to Habitat Restore instead.

  6. That's one heck of a chalk board, I really love how much space you left for writing... a big chalkboard like this is on the list of things that must happen when we have our own home, with paintable walls!!!

  7. Awesome! I have not done a proper chalkboard yet and I am impressed with yours! (You read books over the holidays???!) Glad you got your Christmas stuff put up!

  8. Love the red Donna! It's just fabulous! I have the perfect place for that in my kitchen. I'll have to look for a long and narrow cupboard like that. Thanks for the tips on using the chalkboard paint. I've only used the spray kind.

  9. Love this!! I have a ton of old cabinet doors lying around that this would be great for!! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!!

    Jenna @ rainonatinroof.com

  10. I just had to share this on Facebook! Thank you for linking up to Whimsy Wednesday! PS I pinned it too:)

    Kelly from Smart School House

  11. I can't get enough of the chalkboards myself:) Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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