Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Finds

angels, vintage books, AAUW Book Fair
Somehow this past week disappeared.

And I forgot to write about my Quickies project or a painted furniture project.

But suddenly it is Friday, and I do have a few finds.

My cousin is downsizing her Christmas angels so of course she gave them to me.  She also gave me an envelope filled with memories - I will share that later.

I have been sorting books for the book fair.

Trying to save some stuff from the recycling plant.

Like this box of Nat Geo's.

Chucks likes to read them.

And this box of Southern Living's.

Distressed Donna likes to read them.

I am working in special books where books with a connection to our area and state, old books, book sets, and new editions are priced differently than the general section.

I buy some of the discards like this French Reader's Digest Grand Atlas Mondial.

(Or World Atlas)

All in French - great addition to our atlas collection.

I had to save Simone, Louisette, and Julia - even though the book is in poor shape.

Two more cookbooks.

Novels with pretty covers.

Mostly Daphne Du Maurier.

Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.

Hardy Boys and Perry Mason.

In the general section there are thousands and thousands of books.  Paperbacks are fifty cents and hard backs are one dollar.

People travel for miles to attend the sale. 

If you are within a hundred miles and love books, it will be worth coming the first Friday and Saturday in March.

************WEEKEND UPDATE*************
I was outside painting when I dropped my camera. So the next few posts may have wacky half-camera/half-phone pics.

The camera was willing to let me transfer all my photos to the computer.


And it takes beautiful photos still.

However I cannot see the photos because the screen is blank white.

The poor thing has been dropped numerous times, painted more than I want to confess, and took a brief dip in a bucket of water over the past seven years.

I may have to purchase a new torture victim.

Back to sorting books and looking up prices.

See y'all!

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  1. Sounds like your camera has had an "adventurous" life. I always enjoy your posts. Cool books...

  2. Wow you found some great books. Sorry about your camera.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Great selection of books Donna.
    I had to bite the bullet and buy a new iphone, so I broke the bank and went for the 7 plus because of the camera. I like it better than my camera. It's something we just can't live without!


  4. Wonderful sounding book sale! Wish I wasn't so far away! I love books too. BTW, have you found a way to get a stale cigarette smoke smell out of them?
    Like the Nat Geos too. I have some as far back as the 50s. Wondering how to get rid of them.
    People always give me stuff your angels. Of course I can't say no, but having a storage problem.

  5. I see why you're working - you get to pick out all the good stuff before the sale... ;)

  6. I still look in thrift shops for Julia's French Cooking cookbook.
    I found the set once and a friends husband begged me to sell them to him to give her for a gift ,so I let him have them.
    Never have I found another original set affordable.
    I would love to go to that sale however lot more than 100 miles away

  7. You found some great books. Wish I was closer so I could come shop this weekend. Hope the sale goes well.

  8. Hi Donna ... sorry about your camera. I dropped mine in water once too ... could not be repaired. I bought a refurbished one and was pleased. Good that you are recycling the books and magazines. Hope the sale is very successful ... so nice that you can help with it.

  9. Uh-oh! Books...{drooling like Homer Simpson drools over doughnuts. I do, too.} Anyway...the book shelves we put up are almost full. It sounds like we need to put some in the living room!

    You gotta love that "Book of One-Armed Cookery"! I'm sorry, but I need three arms — along with the hands — to cook effectively!

    A French atlas! I've been collecting atlases lately. I also love books with pretty covers. Being written by women is a plus!

    I've never read Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys. Would it be kind of fun to read both and compare them for a Doctorate Thesis? Eh, maybe not.

  10. I have a camera like that. The corners are all dark on every picture. I have to use the shadows and brightness on every picture to edit them! I'd love to go to a book sale in SC....someday! Our local library has one that I go to sometimes and fill a bag for a $1!

  11. I can't imagine buying books at that price. Prices for old books here in Nashville is ridiculous. I'm talking more than $5. You know me $5 Bonnis is not paying more! I love old books. I especially love your finds. I've just about gotten out of junkin. No places that I've found to junk even in this big city that I can afford.

  12. I loved seeing all the old books, wish I could stop by.

  13. I love old books...they just call to me. I have some of the brown cover Hardy Boy mystery books. Not in great shape, but I love them. And old cookbooks...they just have my heart!!


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