Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Finds

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For her birthday my sister-in-law wanted to go to the flea markets in Columbia.

Well, I certainly could grant her wish.

We all jumped into my brother's truck and off we went.

I had a list, and except for wire baskets, I found most of the items.

A brass cricket box.

Medium size.

This adorable child's hanger.

A Texas Fruitcake Co. tin depicting some history.

I was very interested in what was inside.

The top was sealed shut with grime.

Finally it released.

Inside some vintage button cards, buttons and spools.

Snow skiing buttons!

I am picturing a ski sweater.

When we arrived home, I unloaded everything from my brother's truck and put it all in the Blazer before the rains came.

Green shutters.

Could have used lots more.

Kerosene can and an aluminum basin.

Out of buckets.

Found four tucked under a table.

A small purple ladder.

A slightly larger painting ladder.

A tall, distressed, splintery ladder.

It has rungs on one side and steps on the other.

I'd take the ladder apart to use both sides on the wall.

Or ceiling.

A family portrait before taking extreme baths and being tagged and dragged to the booth.

While walking around Riverfront Antique Mall, I found this 1951 Wise Potato Chip tin in great condition for a low price.

Could not resist.

So far not much advertised for hunting this weekend.

I cannot promise not to shop - I might sneak some junkin' in sometime.

See y'all!

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  1. I love going to flea markets, but don't get to do it often enough for me. Looks like some great finds. Would love to find some galvanized buckets for planters, and a ladder for my photo wall I want to make.

  2. You always find the best junk! Love the buckets and ladders.


  3. Love that child's hanger! So cute. Also like the kerosene can. We have one just like it, but aren't they pretty anyway? Surprised the brass cricket box is desirable. I like the ladders too. Once I got lucky & found one for free on the side of the road :)

  4. Wow - all great stuff. Hard to pick a favorite this week.

    Do you just sell the shutters at your shop?

  5. What fun! I slipped into a thrift shop yesterday and came home with $2 worth of awesomeness! A teeny tiny nativity which I'll share soon. I'm going to be up for a meet up and trip with you soon!!

  6. There's an incredible primitives auction about a 90min drive from my house tomorrow. I KNOW I said no more junking... but I just HAVE to!

  7. Love all your finds but those shutters make my heart smile. I could see those white and chippy!!! Just sayin lol! Happy Friday have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Love the buckets and the shutters. I kinda like them dirty!

  9. LOVE those ladders and buckets....great finds and so glad you had a great trip!!

  10. Great stuff Donna. Love the shutters.

  11. Oh I love your finds Donna! Especially the buckets!!

  12. When I lived in kentucky years ago I had a brass cricket basket just like the one you found, the lady I bought it from bought it at an outdoor flea market in Bellville Illinois

  13. A great haul. That child's hanger is way too adorable to go into the closet.

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