Thursday, February 9, 2017

Green Dresser #1

There are those who have never seen my volcanic temper.

If you had been living with me for the last week, you would be sporting lava burns.

Cameras are simple things.

Easy to figure out after playing around with them.

I found a point and shoot for the blog to replace my old Kodak Easy Share who has a mind of its own.  

Taking beautiful photos which download promptly to the computer, but it is very hard to photograph your objects with a blank screen.

So I followed the directions on the new camera, downloaded the software, registered the camera, took a few photos, and attempted to transfer the photos to the computer.

Could not find the camera.


Went back through all the directions FIVE times.

Could not find the camera.


I can plainly see the camera plugged into the USB port.

So I took photos with the phone.

Transferred them to the computer.

All photos are in there somewhere, but I. cannot. find. them.


So here is a poor, poor post about a little dresser who deserved better.

Plus her big sister is lost within the bowels of the computer.

Calming down now.

The rant is over.

You may remember the two MCM dorm furniture dressers I bought at a recent estate sale.  (Read here.)

The smaller was painted white and filthy.

Major cleaning inside and out.

Drawers removed and left in the sun to air out.

The dresser did not need any gluing, tightening, or anything.

I used an OOPS Valspar Chalk paint - new to me.

As I was painting, I thought it was a grayish white.

BUT it turned out a lovely soft green.

The only known photo of the dresser finished and in the booth.

Well, I am back to digging through the innards of my computer to find those photos.

And try to get it to recognize the new camera.

If you get worried about me, you can find me a few days a week on Instagram or Facebook.

At the moment I am so explosively angry at technology, I may become a Luddite.

Send me your address and I will snail mail my future posts to you.

No, wait, I still have to have a camera for that!

See y'all!

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  1. Technology is a blessing and a curse. If it were left up to me, we would all still be in darkrooms developing our photos...and we would all know exactly where our photos are...instead of having to search for the obscure folder the computer has decided to dump them into! I feel your pain! Hope you get the issue resolved the dresser...and that green! Too pretty!

  2. Gotta love technology! ;) I love your dressers makeover, the paint job made a worlds difference! How did you like the valspar chalk paint? I have used annie sloan, the kind from Hobby Lobby (The brand just left me) as well as tried making my own before... but never used the valspar brand!

  3. Ohhh, I know exactly what you are talking about Donna! Technology! I have spent so much time looking for photos that I know I just took, but to find them! And this is the one I hate..."this program is not responding..." like you can't see that.

  4. Your problem is exactly why I have not purchased a new camera, I am using my iphone for pictures.
    Anyway the little chest is pretty as expected and ready for sale

  5. ooooh, wish I could be there to help you with that, Donna. I finally got used to doing this with my little camera. I have a large camera also and go through the same website with both of them. Do you have Photo Gallery? That seems to be the easiest way I have found.

  6. Get your niece to help you figure it out. I bet she is tech savvy. Then you guys can go junking afterwards. Win win!

  7. Laughing but totally understand. I think how wonderful to have all those photos on my computer but then I can spend forever finding one. Keep on trying! Hugs.

  8. Technology can be so great when it works but so frustrating when it does not. I give you credit to continuing to try. Do they have a help line you can call for help? Love your sweet little dresser re love.

  9. I am with you on the technology. Right now I am fighting with Facebook on a new page I created. I just walk away after awhile. I LOVE your sweet little dresser.

  10. I feel your pain/anger ... I loose my photos all the time because the computer hides them. Glad you can vent your anger on your blog. Good luck in finding your pictures.

  11. Suggestion (because I learn the hard way) After you connect camera to USB did you remember to turn on camera. Computer wont find if it is off. I hope this helps...

  12. Poor you. I get it. Katie fixes our stuff or gets it working, and I bless her heart for it. For the last year plus, our printer goes offline and doesn't seem to stay connected to our nether nets (or whatever they are). Finally, Katie was able to connect it, and it stayed connected for many months. This month, it didn't matter what it had done last month. It remains offline again. It is up to Katie to figure out what she did to keep it online. I love her for it.

    Technology...we can't live with it, and we can't live without it. And, no one loves us when it messes up.

    Hang in there. Thank goodness I live where I do so I don't get spit with your lava! Let us know when the coast is clear.


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