Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Country Blue Cupboard

blue country cupboard, makeover, distressed furniture, primitive
Sometimes a blue cupboard needs to stay a blue cupboard with a little help from a sander.

Remember this country cupboard from Friday Finds (HERE)?

Bought at an estate sale.

Horrible paint job.

I started sanding it down to paint.

And discovered this primitive distressed beauty.

Layers of natural pine, dark brown, and white under all that blue. 

Chucks said to leave it alone.

My neighbor said to leave it alone.

The walkers who stopped to see what I was working on said to leave it alone.

So I left it alone.

And returned my can of dark blue paint to the paint cabinet.

Scrubbed out the bright white interior.

No wax or varnish in case the buyer wants to paint it.

Folk angel approved.

I was pretty close to keeping the blue cupboard, but sent it off to sell.

Until it sells, it is perfect for displays.

See y'all!

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  1. Love how it turned out. This piece is just perfect in so many ways!!

  2. Just beautiful. That would be a hard piece to part with.

  3. I love that cupboard! It's a good thing that our cargo space in our tiny car is too small, and there's no way we'll travel for about 5 hours with it on top of the other car on the freeway! I hope it sells quickly.

  4. wow donna what a show piece love love love it jealous of who ever gets it xx

  5. Love it. The colour is fantastic! I'm pinning.

  6. It's lovely! And on the plus side, you saved some paint ;)


  7. Looks good, you just can;t beat blue paint on anything I think ,it will sell

  8. I just knew you would paint it ... but just sanding did the trick. Looks really nice and should be a quick sell.

  9. That is some good sanding! Is that by hand or with a sander? I love how rustic it looks. The finish now suits it's design.

  10. LOVE!! Wish I could find some pieces like that. They are few and far between here......

  11. They were right, leave it alone! Lovely!!


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