Wednesday, January 18, 2017

French Love Song Washstand

French Love Song

I love her to death, I love her to death
I was nothing before, still I stand here today
As a keeper of dreams 'till the night fades away
I love her to death, I love her to death.

-Francis Cabrel

I started with an old washstand - white with stenciled country roses.

Well-made and quite sturdy.

Nothing to do but decide how to redo this beauty in the rough.

Yes, you do spy a blooming hydrangea behind it.

I am ashamed to say this was taken back in August.


Sanded her down and stored her in the living room awaiting inspiration.

Around about September, I started painting her Vintage - that Americana Chalky Paint color.

Finished the top and drawer.

Stored her in the living room.

Awaiting inspiration.

Around about the middle of December I had to move her from the living room to put up the Christmas tree.

Stored her in the dining room.

Awaiting inspiration.

Around about last week, the weather turned quite spring-like.

Inspiration struck.

I would finish painting her.

Alas, it was Sunday.  Hobby Lobby was not open, and I had no Vintage paint.

However I did have Krylon spray chalky paint in ivory.

So I sprayed her and sanded her smooth.

I had ordered some new stencils from Maison de Stencils.

One was a French Love song.

How perfect for Valentine's Day!

Notice how crisp the stencil is cut.

The stencil is created from thick sheets.

I love them!

I used French blue FolkArt craft paint.

Then sanded the heck out of it.

Looks great with the Vintage color inside of the drawer.

A pretty piece suitable for the bathroom or bedroom or wherever.

She came with the tempered glass top.

The glass is slightly blue.

She has been delivered to Booth C-23.

You can buy her for your Valentine - $125.

See y'all!


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  1. Aww, I liked the pink flowers! But I liked your treatment too. Love inside of drawer painted & think someone will love the French poem on it.

  2. That stencil is beautiful, Donna, so is the finished piece. I had a moment of anxiety with your blooming hydrangea. It is such a contrast to the 2 inches of stubborn ice on my front sidewalk.

  3. Donna, you had me at French love song! It looks wonderful!

  4. Turned out beautiful! I love how she moved from here to there in your house waiting for inspiration... sometimes the best projects are when you wait!


  5. Ahhhhhhhhhh love!!!!! What a beautiful re love Donna. Oh my this is a great one.

  6. I love this so much! Glad to see you feeling better and posting again, I was starting to worry!

  7. lmao, i love her to death looks so much better in french, this turned out gorgeous xx

  8. That is so pretty, I love it! Of course, given my past, I shy away from stencils...LOL...I fully believe it is a gift to be able to paint using a stencil!

  9. Very, very sweet! That stencil is huge and it came out perfect!

  10. Beautiful job Donna - this is so incredibly lovely and the stencil is perfect! Hope all is well xoxo

  11. Donna .... just love how she turned out. The matching blue inside the drawer was a great idea. I quickly looked at Maison de Stencils and did not see that one ... will look again. Would be a great stencil to have. I am sure I have something I can use it on. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Audrey Z.

  12. Pretty! You do some of the best makeovers. What?...It only took 5 months for inspiration to give you a soaking?!! WERE sick for some of that time! The weather's been so mild lately, I though maybe your hydrangeas were just hanging out being friendly! I'm trying to think of a name for my new blog. I figured I just need to start over, because the old name won't work any more. I'll keep thinking.

  13. She is beautiful, Donna! Love that you painted inside the drawer to match the stencil. Like you said, perfect for Valentine's Day :)

  14. Perfect! The song is a very famous one in France.

  15. Looks lovely - love the blue interior of the drawer


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