Sunday, October 16, 2016


quick makeovers, Krylon spray wax
Three white pumpkins with what?

Heavy metal pieces of something?

Started life as a giant mouth.

NO, they were two crescent wall pieces.

White and platinum.

Gave them a light spray of white.

Was not too concerned with coverage.

I had never used the Krylon Spray Wax on any paint except their chalky finish spray paint.

Let's give it a try.

It's a bit scary the first time you use it.

Have on hand:  gloves, paper towels, and time!

Coat the piece well but not dripping. 

A couple of quick light sprays.

After spraying. wait about two minutes.

Then start wiping excess wax off.

Move the wax into crevices.

Then wait fifteen minutes.

Using a soft cloth or paper towels buff the heck out of it.

See that gleam?

Loving the heavy metal look though they are very light wood.

They originally sat on a stand - you can find the holes in the sides.

Probably dark wood then.

The next owner did the finish you saw above and placed hangers on the back.

I left the hangers.

Though I like them this way better than as crescents.

Thanks to Patty S. and The Vintage Dresser who helped me solve the Citron enigma.

Patty sent me this link: to look up Donovan songs.

Very embarrassing.

I had been singing "I'm in love with my Citron".

Should be "I'm just mad about Saffron"!

Well, the vanity is still named Citron. See Citron HERE!

BUT now I need to paint something saffron so I can sing Mellow Yellow while painting.

See y'all!


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  1. Hi Donna,
    Great architectural pieces! I would love to try that wax, I like the look. Those won't last long.


  2. Very cool pieces and yes I'm just mad about Saffron! LOL!! Happy Sunday!

  3. Love these two pieces. Lots of character.

  4. Donna, I don't remember you showing us in an earlier post where you got these pieces.... are they old or something newer, maybe from Thailand ? They're really great! Love them! Glad to help....I love research to solve mysteries.

    And Saffron's mad about you!

  5. Great transformation Donna. They look like metal.

  6. Those pieces are gorgeous, Donna! The finish is perfect for them. Glad we were able to figure out the great "citron/saffron" mystery! LOL!

  7. Wow! I'm going to have to try that spray on wax! Those look great!


  8. The industry is coming up with all kinds of goodies to help us with our painting and re-doing. Your experiments will help sell them sell their goods. Maybe you should contact them so you can get paid for your experiments!

  9. Those crescents are so unique and you made them even more unique. They look great! That's funny about the wrong words for the song...I do that all the time!!

  10. Run! It's the iant Metal Mouth of Man-Gor!!!!1

    I want to try the spray wax too. Think it'll help get the hair off my legs?

    Seriously, the finished product has a pewter look to it that I love.

  11. Oh I love the look the wax spray gave it. Very cool!

  12. Who knew there was a spray wax? Very cool. Loved how they turned out! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. Donna, It's amazing how much they look like metal! Great job. Sylvia D.


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