Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Finds

Vintage finds, thrifting, fabric, ice skates
Just a bit of hunting last week.  

We had to ride out Hermine all day Friday, but Saturday was a beautiful day.

Four crates from a dealer at the antique mall.


I am planning a new section in my large booth soon.

As soon as I get around to moving everything. 

<grumble, grumble>

Two frames because they were too cheap to pass.

A future Quickies project most likely.

Two more Keepsit Thermos bottles to add to the collection in the booth.

A pine cone heart wreath.

Two dirty baskets.

I got tired of looking through the bin of horse show ribbons and asked if the guy would give me a bundle price for the whole bin.

He did - so I did - buy them.

Think Christmas tree with a horse theme.

Many have colorful buttons.

It turns out there are over one hundred of them!

But only one Halloween.

At the same place there were bins and bins of fabric.

I chose three fall fabrics for ...

You will have to wait and see.

In another bin there was a pair of ladies ice skates.

In the original box.

I taped the box top back together.

Skates from Sears.

Including the original tags, a pair of green wool socks, and blade guards.

On the box end - "Ann's Ice Skates" is printed in marker.

Hey, Ann, I have your ice skates.

A wooden waste can - will be painted.

Old muffin tin.

Ironstone gravy boat.

Due to being extremely quanked*, I refuse to drag out this vanity just take a picture of it. 

I have been driving around all week with it back there.

I plan to drag it out to paint this weekend.

Unless I get better offers of fun

While I was digging through the fabric bins, I found this medal.

L.F. Grammes & Sons 

With an engraving of the plant.

In honor of
Mrs. L. F. Grammes

Annual Outing
Of Employees
L.F. Grammes
& Sons
Aug. 29, 1914


A sweet little piece of history.

-Overpowered by fatigue.
-To have the strength reduced or exhausted, as by labor or exertion; become fatigued; be sleepy.

Origin uncertain
Used in a sentence:
“After sprunting all weekend, I’m well quanked.”

See y'all!


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  1. Donna you find the coolest stuff. Love all your treasures this week. Those ice skates are great and I know you will make a very cute horse ribbon Christmas tree. Awesome treasures this week.

  2. you needed a definition of "sprunting" too -- sounds like slang from England. Had never heard either words before! I get eddy-cated on your blog!!

  3. Love the ice skates, and those horse ribbons are awesome. So fun and colourful! Quanked is a great old word.

  4. Love everything you found! Now rest up a bit so you aren't too Quanked to get busy on the new area of your booth and the projects (waste basket painting, picture frame quickies, basket makeovers, secret fabric project)... you've got things to DO woman!! ;o)


  5. I bet there's a horse farm somewhere in Kentucky that has a horse ribbon tree at Christmas. If not there should be. You've got to get that vanity out or there won't be any room for stuff from the auction!

    Your vocabulary is getting really high-faluting! ;-)

  6. Oh what fun finds this week. Those horse ribbons and the ice skates are really good! I always love to see thermoses! So enjoy your junking this weekend!! I'm 'quanked' but will still get my thrifty finds post up today!

  7. Wow Donna great finds this week!I love those ice skates and think I had a pair just like them. The medals and ribbons are a hoot and I think a Christmas tree theme is a fun idea, lol. I try to pick up frames myself when they are cheap, so many uses. You did good!

  8. So much goodness here... but you scored on those horse ribbons. I have been selling them REALLY well here. That Halloween one is absolutely spook-tacular! ;)

  9. someday I hope to be half as lucky as you, I have looked and looked for ice skates gah and those are no doubt the most awesome ever, I am gobsmacked lol xx

  10. A nice haul. Now to see what you do with fabric.

  11. Lots of vintage goodies here but I'm loving the horse ribbons.

  12. Quanked--lol. You're something, Donna :) Those thermoses have such a great look, and they'are new to me. The vanity looks like a nice piece and Mary's skates with original box and tag are wonderful.

  13. You're funny today...and you found lots of cool things. So will you be making the horse ribbon tree? At least for the booth? Very cool.

  14. I love to see your finds each week, and these are so interesting. I like 'em all, but especially the old medal & wooden trash can.

  15. LOL! You cracked me up! I am pretty quanked as well after a crazy week in kinder! You found some great stuff! Love the horse ribbons. What a cool find! Have a great weekend.

  16. So much goodness here! Love the horse ribbons and Ann's skates. I have a new word to use for my everyday life..."You can find me on the couch very night at 6 because I am just plain quanked!"

  17. That desk looks very interesting. Anxious to see how you finish it. Love the skates ... great find.

  18. Katie and I went out "sprunting" yesterday (Friday). I need to take more photos! And, I really need to get organized enough to blog! I hope you found more goodies over the weekend. I am lamenting leaving about a 6-inch thick dictionary at the thrift store (only $6!!!). I told Katie I'm going back toward Southport for it. She says we don't need it. Who IS she anyways?!! Have fun working on your booth. You know that if we were closer I would help! It's sometimes more fun if you have a buddy on board!


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