Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Finds

Halloween decor, fall decor, decluttering
This week my Friday finds post is quite different as I did NOT shop this past week.

Yes, you heard right - no shopping.

Instead I pulled several bins of fall decor out of the deep, dark reaches of the attic spaces.

And drastically downsized Horror Monster, my beloved craft stash, holiday decoration section.

These three jack o' lanterns - the very last of a series of painted gourds, I plan to keep.

This small copper student art - reminded me of a Day of the Dead piece...

Sent to the booth. 


There were bags of gourds - both cleaned and in the natural state.

The clean ones - well, I confess to keeping a few for old times sake.

Over a twenty year span I painted hundreds of pumpkins, Santa's, snowmen, and elves.

No more!

I had collected dozens of market baskets in graduated sizes.

Kept one set and sent the rest to the booth.

 My giant fake acorns - a deal several years ago from Hobby Lobby - I decided to hang onto for a while.

It's hard to beat twenty-five cent nuts.

Of the numerous fall arrange- ments, I kept two and donated the rest to the thrift shop or sent to the booth.

Thrown in the donation pile - two large trash bags of fall leaf garland.

We are talking at least a hundred yards of the stuff!

I might keep these gourds.

Old habits die hard.

This once was a favorite of mine, but has lived in the attic the last three years.

I need to find a new home for this vintage box of COOKY Cutters.

The inside of the box is just as amusing as the front.

It can be found in Booth W-10.


Hunting will be limited this weekend because of a family reunion.

Also I continue to clean out the Horror Monster attics.

No telling what I might discover.

See y'all!


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  1. Nice finds! Your baskets are so cute ♥

  2. I know Donna !!! So hard to part with all that good stuff. Good that you have a shop. I love to decorate with gourds this time of the year. Most of my Fall decorations are in the attic and I dread getting up there to get them down. Would almost rather buy more than do this.

  3. Congrats Donna for making progress on cleaning out your stash!! That needs to happen around here, but unfortunately, I don't have a booth anymore to take them to. Your leaf garlands you threw away...I had one bunch I threw away & I sorta regretted it, but it's gone.

  4. Wow! I am going to pull out my Fall decorations soon and I think I'll be downsizing also. Just too much work to decorate for all the holidays anymore. Love the gourds and baskets!!

  5. Oh, you just have to keep a few although the intent may be to clean out....that's me!! I did finally part with my birdhouse collection and to my surprise four of them sold in my booth. A few Fall d├ęcor pieces went too, but I am keeping some for old time's sake! Your market basket collection is fabulous!

  6. Good going Donna! I purged my fall stuff before putting it away last year, so I'm looking forward to seeing what is actually left when I get my bin out today.

  7. So hard to let go of old favorites even though I know it's the right thing to do it is so hard. Basically I'm a hoarder at heart and have to fight it hard. I've got to dig out my fall bins sounds like a weekend project.

  8. Yay for you! The daunting Horror Monster is spewing out a few things! Katie and I are going into Southport again to find stuff to add to what might one day become our Horror Monster, but hopefully not. We hope to use/display everything we find! Thank goodness I don't have a booth to stock, or I'd be in real trouble! Best wishes...Fonda

  9. I'm nuts about your nuts. (Couldn't resist...)

    You might have to change your name to "Downsized Donna!"

    Love those cooky cutters in their original box. Too, too sweet. The copper wall art is fantastic.

  10. I'm following your lead and ditching things left and right. I'd keep those gourds, though. I'd better go find mine. Have fun at your reunion!

  11. <3 those cookie cutters!! And I've been in purge mode, too. :)

  12. Even when you don't shop, you have so many treasures to show us!

  13. I need to STOP buying...however it is the thrill of the hunt!


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