Thursday, September 29, 2016

Booth Boost

refreshing a stale booth space
Booth owners are very cognizant of the need to refresh your booth space on a regular basis.

I have been neglecting my back room of the large booth.  

In fact I have not changed it since moving in two years ago.

I decided to bring in big collections from my personal stash.

Like three dozen folding rulers, door plates, and hundreds of keys.

Chucks helped me hang five panels of white pegboard around the space to hang baggies of stuff.

I switched around the shelving to create more of a square space instead of a long rectangle. 

The lattice covers a piece of paneling separating one storage area from another.

There were huge piles of stock to climb over while working.

The Mount Everest of Junk!

I decided to go ahead and move my white crates out into the main space.

These will become in a few weeks my crate Christmas tree.

I am collecting odds and ends to package and sell.

In place of the white crates, I used a couple of small tables to corral Christmas.

I used white lace curtain panels to cover the concrete firewall.

Hung pegboard on the back of my large cubby which faces my office area.

The crates of books face the doorway into the back room.

Since I moved them from the left side, the books have been selling.

I rotate sets of books from the main space to the back space from time to time.

More Christmas on the side wall.

I should have taken a photo of how dark and crowded it was before the change.

It is lighter and brighter and organized for optimum shopping.

There is about a third more stock in the back room though it appears emptier.

Some customers thought I had made it bigger.

Pegboard is useful for items needing flat places.

Just hang them up!

As for the stack of crates I removed - they are being used as a fall display.

It took about ten hours over three days for the booth boost to be completed.

Totally worth it!

How do you refresh your booth space?

See y'all!


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  1. Oh Donna you have the mecca of treasures in your booth. So many wonderful vintage things. Love all the changes.

  2. Did you see my post from Monday? I spent EIGHT straight hours last Saturday. Completely different booth now. My favorite fall display ever!

  3. That made me tired LOL However it make it worth it in the end.
    I know you feel better about it.and your shopper will have a new booth to look through

  4. It looks great! I love that you changed it up!! So much work but worth it!

  5. Changes make all the difference in selling, especially for the regular customers. Everything looks so inviting. I would love to shop you booth.
    Happy Fall with lots of good sales.
    Audrey Z.

  6. You make me want to get a booth. I know it is work, but it looks like fun!

  7. I was at my booth potluck and clean up! Moving things around is a must! Your booth looks great.

  8. I'm always amazed at how a booth refresh takes! I need to do one real soon.


  9. I have been going through the same thing all day. It takes forever to wash all the glass shelves and windows in the bank vault part of my shop. I don't want the cases but I can't figure out how to take them out. I spend five hours this week trying to dismantle one of them. Oh, my gosh, did they have to caulk them in? Good for you for getting that big job done.

  10. I'm itchin' for another visit! How much for a folded rule? Maybe you can hold one back for me for when you fuel up your Etsy shop again. I just purchased a metal one at one of our outings, but I would like a wood one {or two}. I know...I have to start blogging about my outings!

  11. I remember those days of fluffing & poufing the booth. It always seemed to make things sell a little better. Do you have 2 spaces down there? Good to know that books sell...I don't have much luck with them in my Etsy shop.


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