Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Finds

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A good junkin' week always starts with books.

Bags of books including these literary magazines from the 1960's and a French poetry book from a thrift store.

A good junkin' week always starts with finding two items which have been in short supply recently: ice skates and crib springs.

Kermit looks at me as if I am past crazy.

Ice skates - it is still ninety degrees!

A good junkin' week always ends with estate sales, a community yard sale, and several church sales.

I went to a house demo sale.

Just point to a door, window, fence, deck - whatever - and it was yours.

I pulled the birdhouse off the post in the yard along with the garden bench and bucket planter.

I was too short to take the bifold doors down, but the owner took them down for me and packed them into the truck.

The prices were great.

Two Hobby Lobby metal wall art pieces.

A Scrabble game already reduced to the letters and holders.

One of my favorite finds.

A framed wedding invitation.

Ruth Rogers marrying Boyd Mayer on Tuesday morning, June 16, 1942, at 10AM in Hartsville, SC.

Chucks is quite sure this was a wartime wedding before Boyd was shipped out. 

Marriage announcement HERE.
Ruth's obituary HERE.

Look two globes, Fonda.

Not too old and both have stand issues.

A lovely large painted window.

A bin of finials, a pair of shutters, and four huge white wire baskets.

Four large boxes of books.

Over eighty of them!

Seller was giving me a price for each book which was taking time away from other sales.

I told him if he would give me a bundle price, I would take them all.

He gave me a price.

I said I could do half that price.


His sons carried the boxes up the STEEEEEP driveway for me.

Books are from the middle 1800's to the 1950's.

A big stack of old Sax Rohmer books both paperback and early hardback - remember Dr. Fu Manchu?


Quite a few children's books and old textbooks.

April, 1960 - TEEN magazine featuring Annette Funicello, my favorite Mouseketeer.

These tiny books - my favorites.

I kept the small red Oxford dictionary, the green Shakespeare, and the Now We Are Six.

I am busy marking books for the booth.

Rusty grates, wire baskets, and a galvanized planter box.

After bargaining for all the books, the seller offered me a great price on a book shelf to hold them all.

All it needs is a good paint job.

After buying a few old things from a sale, the seller chased me up the street to ask if I would buy a bin of old bottles.

The price was too, too high, but as I walked away, the price got lower,

and lower,

and lower. 

Until I said SOLD!

By that time he had lugged the heavy bin a block up the street and carried it the rest of the way to my truck.

It seemed to be a day for street-side service.

Now I do have to clean all those bottles - maybe not the greatest deal!

It is always a good junkin' day when it ends with a 1960's Smith-Corona typewriter in avocado green.

It has found its forever home.

The small leatherette box holds slides.

Slides - I think they might be collectible soon. There are  millions out there. I know because I have been forced to watch most of them through my life.

I had to drive home to unload the truck in the middle of the morning to buy another truckload.

What is crazy: The official yard sale event for the county is October 8, but everyone has the sales BEFORE that Saturday so they can shop.

What is crazy: There will not be as many sales on October 8.

I cannot decide whether to go forth and hunt this weekend or stay at home and paint.

My head says paint, but my heart says hunt.

See y'all!


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  1. Hunt and Paint lol!!!! There is enough hours right?!!!! Love the 1960's magazine. So cool.
    You found some wonderful treasures. Love the ice skates too.
    Have a super week end.

  2. Oh my so many things I LOVE! The French books of course, the garden bench and birdhouse and the globes! More sales please!

  3. Bargains are great. Love the old bottles.

  4. You found a bunch of amazing things. I would like one of each please. LOL! More sales sounds good to me!

    xo Dianne

  5. Oh boy, what a haul! And delivery service is always the best! If you figure out how to get those bottles clean, PLEASE let me know! I have a whole box full from the late 1800's and the dirt won't budge.

  6. Oh WOW Donna ... you hit the Mother Load. Hope you find some rare bottles in that bunch. Cute birdhouse. This should keep you busy for a little while. You may have to rent another booth.

  7. Lots of good finds this week! Let me know if you come across an old Boxcar Children book. The one that I read as a child was ruined in my aunt's house flood. Grrr.

  8. I love the way you work...walking away until the price is what you'll pay! And, bringing your boxes to the truck!!! As Kim said above: HUNT! You can paint all winter. Either way, you have a captive audience! I could hang a globe from the ceiling if there is a problem with the stand, but it wouldn't have that cocky slant!

  9. Wow, another weekend of a total jackpot everywhere you look! Those finds are awesome! Do those books really sell in your booth? Do you bundle them or offer individually? Amazing you found Ruth's wedding announcement and obituary! Looking forward to seeing what you do with all the stuff! I would have been in the same dilemma...go or paint!

  10. I love old bottles, so great the price kept getting lower and lower!

  11. That was a tough call. What did you do? Sorry I'm a bit behind in commenting this week.

  12. What great stuff. Love all the books, but the mini books are my fave. I say go forth and hunt. There will always be projects to do.

  13. GO HUNT! There will always be time to paint later! There may not be junk later! Also... OH MY GOODNESS! What amazing finds! Lucky lucky you!


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