Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage finds, wrought iron, quilts, china
What is Kermit peeking at?

Why my Friday Finds, of course!

I went to the first annual 421 Yard Sale event - ten miles long.

Came home with treasures.

The organizers deserve a big pat on the back for starting this.

It is sure to grow.

A nice section of wrought iron.

A trellis in the making.

A section of wrought iron railing.

I would also use this as a trellis.

Both are going to the booth as soon as they are cleaned.

A rusty crown - probably a quickie project.

Silverplate dish.

Copper squirrel mold.

Aluminum measuring cup.

Ceramic door knob.

Brass hose nozzle.

Two baskets - definitely a quickie project.

If you have been reading my Quickies posts, you already know what will happen to the brass one.

I love to find the Italian tole plaques - this one a brilliant blue.

Could not pass by the framed cherub on pink velvet.

The cherub needs work.

The plaque is in the booth.

A ladder I will probably paint.

I am stripping the wiring from this chandelier to make a candelabra.

The glass shades came with it.

Maybe I'll use them.

Theodore Haviland 

A covered vegetable bowl and a small platter.

The pattern is pink roses with green leaves surrounded by black and gold.

Delicate and delicious pattern.

Going on Etsy.

W. VA.

A round plate, two salad bowls, and five dessert bowls.

Brown on cream.

1940 - 1952

Going on Etsy.

Three quilts in 30's or 40's prints - probably flour sacks.

Still vibrant colors.

Fair condition.

Need dusting.


Throw one at a time into the dryer with a soaking wet towel until the towel is dry.  My method - only a suggestion!

I bought a fourth quilt.

Another shopper asked why when it was in deplorable condition.

Horribly stained.

Made of heavy weight denim and twill - most likely from work clothes.

The back is made of 100 pound flour sacks!

But sometimes treasures are hidden.

At least one, if not two, quilts inside!

Hoping I can salvage pieces because it will not hold together for a thorough cleaning.

I will let you know if I am successful.

Next week Olive Out and I are headed to Madison, GA, for a junkin' trip.

If you are in the neighborhood, come join us!

See y'all!

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  1. The Queen of Rust found her crown! Great finds, Donna! You really scored on this trip!

  2. Love all your treasures but that crown stole my heart! Have a wonderful junkin' trip! Gearing myself up for a huge local sale. I will have to get there at least an hour or two ahead to get in. Last year when I got there a woman was leaving with an armful of my kinda stuff!!

  3. I love those treasures!! You have such a talent for finding the gems in all of the stuff....I usually stand there for hours and can't make a decision! You can send me the crown...I'm the queen......of menopause....LOL ;-)

  4. How fun! When will you be in Madison?

  5. Loving the quilts. If the weather cooperates, I usually let mine soak for week in a big plastic tub with oxyclean or biz. Then I hang it on my deck railing and spray it down with a hose until it rinses clean. Then let it air dry! But during the winter I used the same method as you :)

  6. Love all your treasures. The quilts are beautiful finds. Have fun on your junkin trip.
    Safe travels.

  7. It is fun to seek out treasures, especially at good prices!

  8. I'm in love with that squirrel mold. I know the perfect person for it! Now to find one!

  9. Love the quilts and the cleaning tip, Donna. Be sure to show us what's inside that "lovely" denim quilt, 'kay?

  10. I love all your Friday finds especially the iron pieces and the copper squirrel mold.

  11. Would be nice if there was a nice quilt inside the old tacked one. Most often, those are pretty worn when they cover them like that. Anyway, you have the 100 lb flower sacks. You will do something neat with those. Totally ... great treasures. Anxious to see what you do with the chandelier. Have fun shopping with Olive Out.

  12. Great finds! How exciting that the old denim quilt is covering up other quilts, can't wait to see what you find in there!


  13. You always find such great stuff. I need that ladder for a project. Hopefully I find one for mfyself soon. Have fun junkin' in Madison. I wish I could join you.

  14. The denim quilt with quilts inside is indeed the best prize. How wonderful for you. I have a very old antique quilt I bought in KY. Think person that sold it to me saw me coming but I love it anyway, It's kinda dark for my taste and needs some repairing but not getting rid of it yet. I love all your finds, those dishes really got to me.I love old dishes, the patterns just speak to me, remind me so much of things my Aunts had in Cleveland. I was born there and had 4 aunts, sisters of my Mom.
    Can hardly wait each Friday to see what you've found. When we lived in KY I was found so many treasures, not as abundant here in Western CO and prices are way too high if I do find something, Think midwest and east are much better hunting grounds. I did find lots of affordable goodies in MT also before we moved to KY, Happy hunting in Georgia

  15. Donna, love all those quilts, especially that old work clothes/grain sack one! And I never knew there was a China producing company in Grafton, WV! Have fun with Olive next week.

  16. What fun! I would love to do one of those types of yard sales. You found some great stuff as always! That crown is so would be so cute over a littel girls bed with some pretty fabric draped from it and pulled back. Good luck with the last quilt!

  17. You always find fun treasures. I have found those hidden quilts inside other ones. It is always fun!

  18. That quilt hiding quilt is quite the treasure!

  19. Donna,
    LOVE all the quilts that you found (I'm lovin' me some quilts). Thank you for sharing at my Show and Share party.


  20. I would do keep that crown and frame as is very cool. I hate seeing quilts at thrift stores and the like I always think of people throwing out mum or nanas hard work but hey treasure for you.

  21. Donna, I am so jealous of your finds. I live in a country where we do not have yard sales and people do not go junkin so I have to look in my own house for old things to transform. These ar treas ures, so much you can do with them!

  22. I'd love to tag along with you on your junkin' adventure, but then we'd be fighting over the same stuff. Love your finds. Thanks, Donna, for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.


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