Sunday, April 12, 2015

Friday, Er, Sunday Finds

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The Mysterious Disappearance of Distressed Donna and Charming Chucks

So on Easter Sunday Distressed Donna posted a lovely Happy Easter, and then promptly she and Chucks disappeared from everywhere.

Here's what happened.

We went out to eat a late Easter dinner at a restaurant. Then the Evil Mr. Food Poisoning hit both of us around 1AM Monday morning.  We blame it on the honey mustard dressing.  Days of woe followed until Thursday morning when we felt almost human and decided to keep our respective dental appointments.  I would go off for a periodontal cleaning below the gums, and Chucks would merrily skip to his root canal.


Now for the good news.  I did go shopping a bit last Saturday and have a few finds to show albeit two days late.  AND Chucks felt well enough to draw the winner of my blog birthday giveaway.

First - look at those two adorable with a capital "A" chairs.

A positively ancient green rocker - very similar to a blue one I already have.


A tiny red chair just like the one my brothers and I stood on to brush our teeth.

In its former life this was a dish rack for dirty dishes at a restaurant - used to load the industrial dishwasher.

It is large on huge casters with four compartments.

In its new life either a high top outside table or a giant planter.

I am leaning towards the planter  idea.

Just because I am feeling the need to get my hands into some soil and plant something.

Six small and two large metal bins with handwritten labels.

I bought the shaving brush for its shape.

While drifting around the thrift store I spied a bunch of rhythm band instruments and made a mental note: "Need to buy those."

When I drifted back around, all were gone except the jingle bells.

Two lovely pillows made from a cutter quilt.

Now I went a bit wild with framed things. Here are a few.

"Ma" - doesn't she look like a gangster's mother? Love that frame!

Girl with her dog and cat. 

Original frame.

Nicely embroidered Serenity Prayer.

We have about worn out that prayer this week.

The clerk at the checkout could not believe how cheap this oil painting was.

I explained that I personally own three of these.

Mass market painting by assembly line.

Forties floral print - original frame.

A signed photograph of a blue bicycle.

Super cheap-o frame but the composition is nice.

Find of the week - Irish watercolor by Murray - framed in Belfast.

Appears to be forties or fifties.

Wish Murray had put one of his/her initials on the painting.


I put all your names in my new old-looking metal trug from Decor Steals and had Chucks rise from his sick bed to pull out a name.

When he learned I was sending off a chunk of Horror Monster, he suggested pulling two second place winners.

So the winner is:

(Eddie, you might ought to rent a new storage building!)

And in second place we have:

Kim from Snug Harbor Bay

Congratulations and thanks to all of you who wrote concerned messages of why we had disappeared.

I think I am back and I think I will - 

See y'all!

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  1. I'm glad you are feeling better and you are back! Take care and do some planting in the nice new planter!

  2. So glad you are back! I am a frame freak so I would have chosen every one of those too! I am very interested in how you are going to make an industrial dish rack into a planter! I fell sick after Easter dinner too but I can't blame the restaurant. Stupid Spring cold, which I still have!

  3. Hi Donna, so sorry you both were under the weather with food poisoning. Glad you didn't end up in the hospital! Congrats to your winners - you too, as now the Horror Monster is losing weight. ;-)
    Love that plate stacker turned whatever you make of it. I have that same print of the girl with dog, cat. It's titled, "Can't You Talk?" by G.A. Holmes, c.1875.

  4. Glad you and Chucks are feeling better and are back! Didn't know what to think . . . some of my favorite bloggers are disappearing for one reason or another. It can get sad when I think why.

  5. So sorry to hear what you and Chucks have been going through..........horrible!!
    I did a great show yesterday and will just relax today and do nothing.
    Love your finds.....especially the little green rocker!
    Waiting to see how that planter turns out.........have fun!

  6. on top of food poisoning??!!! The food poisoning must have made you delirious..that is the only explanation for keeping dental appointments behind that horrible experience!! YUCK...2 horrible experiences in 1 week!! So glad you are both feeling better and that you are back! The shopping trip was a very good one! Love the new treasures and can't wait to see some transformations!!

  7. Food poisoning - never a good thing. Glad you're feeling better.

    My favorite is the red chair, altho the green one runs a hot second!

    Congrats to the Give-away winner and I'm so excited to be a second place winner - thanks so much. Have a good week!

  8. Wow, so sorry to hear that you've been sick... and with food poisoning... uugg :o[ Glad you guys are feeling better and at least the dental work is behind you for now, I hate going to the dentist.

    You've got quite the haul! I love the little shaving brush, I have a collection of them that I display in my bathroom.


  9. Oh no@ that food poisoning is not fun at all. Glad you are both better. Great finds! Love the little red chair and the Murray watercolor. Congrats to Eddie and other winners. I'm still waiting on the new baby who is due any day now. I'm a bit absent from my blog also, but trying. Take care!

  10. Donna, I'm glad that you and Hubs are on the mend. That sure is nasty stuff.
    Glad to know that you can't keep a good junkin Gal down! Love all your great finds. I would have fought you over that oil painting of the roses! LOL! the little red chair is a favorite too, can't resist those or little a thing for them.
    Congrats to the winners too.


  11. I would have jumped on both those chairs too. Love them. My fave is Ma Gangster. I have written stories before about the people in old pictures that I find. I'm sure she's got one to tell. Add my name to the list of those waiting to see the transformation of the dish cart. OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I WON!!!!!!! I'd like to thank the Academy, and my agent, and my mother....but most of all, thanks to our wonderful blog hostess. Long may she distress! And may the evil Mr Food Poisoning never darken her door again!

    1. Congrats, Eddie! We knew you when...

    2. EM....You are a Very Lucky Man to win this!!!! Many Congrats!!! :-)

  12. I'm so glad you and Chucks are feeling better. Food poisoning is so nasty. I haven't been around much myself due to annoying spring allergies. I've got a bad case of foggy pollen brain. Well, at least spring has finally arrived. You found lots of great stuff. Love the floral painting and the print too. That little red chair is so sweet. Congrats to the lucky winners!!

  13. I'm so glad you and Chucks are feeling better. Food poisoning is so nasty. I haven't been around much myself due to annoying spring allergies. I've got a bad case of foggy pollen brain. Well, at least spring has finally arrived. You found lots of great stuff. Love the floral painting and the print too. That little red chair is so sweet. Congrats to the lucky winners!!

  14. Glad you and Chucks are on the mend. Food poisoning is the worst. I love the little red chair and the rose bowl painting. All of your finds are wonderful! sb

  15. Oh Donna - it's the WORST - glad you're on the mend -
    You do however find the BEST things !
    That little red chair - OMG - it's gorgeous - and the paintings - especially the Irish one - simply beautiful
    Hope you have a great week ( although compared to last week how can it not be? )

  16. So good to hear from you Donna. Glad you guys are feeling better. Sorry you had to deal with food poising ... that is a scary thing. Love all your finds, especially the little green rocker. Love the rose painting ... a keeper? or Etsy? Take care and stay well.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  17. Bless your heart...and Chuck's too! Food poisoning is the pits! I'm glad you are both amost back to the land of ther living, Great favorite is the Irish watercolor. Pretty! Hope you have a better week than last week.

    Hugs and prayers, Vicky

  18. Dearest Miss Donna and Chucks;
    I am so very sorry to hear that you Both have been so sick with Food Poisoning.....
    I was hoping that you and Chucks were on Vacation somewhere Exotic, and I was hoping that you were having a good time. Yuck.
    I do not know how in this world that you were able to go to the Dentist, on top of that!!!! :-O.
    I am so glad that you Both are doing better.
    You really found so many Beautiful things, on your trip out for "Donna worthy finds!!!"
    Many Congrats to All three Winners!!! I am Excited for you three, and can not wait to see what Miss Donna sends your way.
    Take Care Miss Donna and Chucks :-)

  19. Glad you and the hubby are feeling better!

  20. What a rough week! Food poisoning and dental work...that's at the top of my list of bad things. lol I'm glad you are feeling better. Congrats to all your lucky winners! You ladies are in for a big treat and I can't wait to see what goodies Donna sends out. I love all your finds, as always. You find the best stuff.

  21. Food poisoning? What a bummer! And periodontal surgery. What a distressing week! I love that rocking chair! Maybe that made you feel a bit better!

  22. Gosh you do always score so. I wish we lived close because I would so buy those two floral picture. So cottagey looking! Gosh I sure hope your week gets better soon!

  23. Oh no, not the food poisoning monster! You know that's what it is when you both get sick at the same time from eating the same thing. Hope you're both feeling back to 100% by now. Love your goodies, especially the water color....and Ma.

  24. So sorry to hear about the food poisoning! Wow! Love the Irish painting.

  25. That little red chair is a darling, Donna!
    Sending you a virtual cup of chamomile tea to settle your stomach :-)

  26. Hope you are feeling better now. What wonderful finds and yes, that is a gangster's ma! LOL!

    Hugs, Dianne

  27. So sorry you had such a dreadful time... Maybe next year, you'll skip Easter dinner? I love the Irish painting, such a find!

  28. So glad you are doing better. Some great finds.

  29. So sorry that you have been sick Donna! I have never had food poisoning, but have heard that it is brutal. Love both of the chairs! I have 3 shaving brushes, I think they are just fun to look at. Lots of great pictures also. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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