Saturday, September 21, 2013

Floral Frogs' Fancy

 Sometimes a floral frog's fancy turns to be something far from holding flowers in a bowl.

Sometimes floral frogs are useful holding photos or other images.

Sometimes a floral frog wants to make it clear just what he is.

Often in my booth I sell floral frogs of all sorts.  Inevitably someone will ask what is a floral frog?

I did not bother to look up the reason of why these devices for holding flowers upright in an arrangement came to be known as frogs, but I think it is whimsical.

So I often use whimsical images displayed on them.

Here are plain old floral frogs - the metal ones with teeth and one with a cage design.  They are also in glass with holes in them.

If all these things are not floral frogs because I am no expert, let me know!

 I took this French song about flowers image from The Graphics Fairy over to Pic Monkey.

 Then grabbed this charming frog playing a violin image from The Graphics Fairy.  I placed him over the music image and played with the colors a bit. (Pic Monkey Junkie here!)

 Printed out the resulting image on deep ivory cover paper.

Trimmed and cut with scalloped scissors.

Distressed with a brown ink pad.

And in my very best Zaner-Bloser cursive wrote "floral frogs" on each image.

 Ta-da!  The fancy floral frogs are ready to be displayed in my booth.

I do often wonder if they sell to a customer who thinks they are photo holders of some sort.

BUT as long as someone is enjoying those sweet little floral frogs I don't care!

See y'all!

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  1. Hi Donna, what a cute post. I have been keeping my eyes open for these old flower frogs for years, and I just have not seen any. When I was a kid they were everywhere. The same thing with old scrabble games, I look everywhere I go . . . when something finds a creative purpose, they suddenly disappear, LOL

  2. Those are great! Isn't it amazing what you can find at the Graphics Fairy?!


  3. Those floral frogs are really neat. I love the glass ones although I have never bought one. I'm afraid I may want to start another collection (which I don't have room for) if I ever buy the first! The tags are adorable....lovin' the frog!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  4. What a cute idea! We sell these in our shop, and people always ask what they are! I have a collection at home, too :)

  5. I'm one of those who didn't know what a floral frog was until I saw your post about finding them. You come up with the most creative ways of displaying your awesome finds. Love the image you found at the Graphic Fairies and, how, just by signing the printouts came up with a masterpiece!

  6. You know I'm always happy when you make some sort of tags! These little pictures make me smile...ribbit.

  7. Just love your frog tags Donna and I love flower frogs too. I had a collection of very unusual ones, but sold them on eBay some years ago ... regretted it ever since. Those tags will really call attention to the frogs and they should sell quickly. You are so talented.
    Audrey Z. @Timeless Treasures


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