Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Two Blocks of Bargains

 I was very lazy this past Saturday and had decided to skip the usual yard sales and headed off to do errands.  Then what to my wondering (wandering?) eyes should appear?  Two blocks of the street around the corner were lined with sales - tempting sales.  I just had to stop and see.

Finally I found out where all the baskets in this area have been hiding out.  In one sale there must have been over hundred and she said she had sold most of them.  I only bought 14.  Yes, only.

I have already crafted projects from them which you will see later next week.

I always buy these wicker planter stands.  This one was white over yellow over green.  Very chippy and perfect for linens in the booth.  I think the slight wonkiness of the legs is endearing.

A cookbook from a local school fundraiser in the 1960's.  The title is just right for the season.  A little frog prince perches on a hooked rug - not vintage, but I loved the faded florals.

 Another customer asked me what this was.  I answered that it was a tow rope.  At least I think it is. It might be a stall gate rope for horses. It is very heavy-duty and I think it will make an excellent farmhouse pendant light fixture.  After telling the people around me, they all went off to search for odd items and came back to me to see what they could make from them.  The couple sold a lot of things while I was giving suggestions.  Maybe I should have charged!

 Another metal  file card cabinet.  I will soon have a suitable stack of them.  There was an assortment of pens, pencils, keys, and 16 cents,  So the cost was offset by the contents!

Oh, yes, and that thing in the back is a vacuum brush filled with animal fur which went straight to the garbage can.


Who files their vacuum brush?

Maybe if I did, I could find mine.

A little blue bench which will certainly get a makeover and one of those vintage "Learn how to..." booklets.

Now this house does not need any, ANY, more wooden hangers though they are used quite a bit.

You will notice I only bought seven.


Chucks caught me sneaking these in the house after the photo session.

He wanted to know if he could have a couple for a suit.


These are vintage hangers with the addresses on them!  You do not use these as hangers!

How silly.

They are for decoration.

Well, the baskets have been distressed and upgraded from boring to exciting.

The planter is working in the booth with linens and books.

The hangers are hanging from hooks in the craft room.

The bench has been sanded and added to the pile of benches needing paint.

The metal file drawer does not yet have a home, but it has been washed and cleaned out.

I think that enough for this week.

I think I will shop some more this weekend.

See y'all!

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  1. Wow! Did you hit the mother lode! Love that wicker stand.

  2. Only fourteen, only seven. you are funny. Love the rug. I scored pretty fall crocheted throws today.

  3. Poor Chuck! I like that filing cabinet. You got some great finds!

  4. Poor Chuck! I like that filing cabinet. You got some great finds!

  5. Oh Donna....great finds! I do hope to run across some more of those metal file drawers some day. I just painted mine over the weekend and was letting the paint cure before I put the handles on, but I will be sharing soon! I love how they turned out...:) Love those wooden hangers too. Can't wait to see what you did with the baskets!

    Blessings, Vicky

  6. Great finds all! Never pass up a good yard sale. I love the wicker plant stand, I've been looking for one of those. You did fabulously!

  7. Miss Donna...LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! The last sale where someone asked me what was that!!!???? and or what was I gonna do with it, I told them and the box was empty within moments.......
    I asked the owners for a cut rate due to me selling all of their Junk!!!!!
    Now as far as that Fur....You might have gotten rid of some Valuable Fur......LOL!!! ;-P
    As usual, I honestly can not wait to see what you will show us with Everything which you purchased.
    Poor Chucks! LOL!!! He should know what Collectable, Signed Wooden Hangers are for!!! (BTW I do not use mine, and will NOT let anyone use them either!!!) :-D

  8. Wonderful finds. Your heart must have raced seeing all those sales in a couple of blocks!

  9. Great finds! It is fate to say you won't go to any sales, just to find the mother load!
    I am going to be on the lookout for wood hangers now--I will use them for hanging my daughter's princess dresses to hang on her wall--can't hide those in a closet.

  10. cannot get in your car and go around the block and not see a sale!! LMBO at picturing you and your craft consulting services!! You should set up a booth in exchange for some deep discounts from the people who are having the sales!!

  11. Oh I love those metal file drawers, and I do have a weakness for baskets. They're always speaking to me at thrift stores and pleading with me to take them home, but I can't. I'm full up! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  12. love all your goodies, that floral rug is wonderful!!

  13. The baskets are wonderful. So many wonderful treassures to play with.

  14. Great finds!!! Thanks for sharing at One More Time Events....xo Tammy

  15. bahaha, Oh Chuck what was he thinking, I want them LOL I love the planter too that will be lovely. You should have given them a junkin' class that's awesome!

  16. You always find the best stuff!!! The planter is awesome!!! Hugs and TFS!


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