Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mother's Day Chair

 My mother has wanted an Adirondack chair for a couple of years, but we could not find the right chair at the right price.

While we were out shopping at a new-to-us antique place, she found what proved to be the almost perfect one.

Not too small, not too big.

The right price.


I jumped in with the offer to buy and repaint it for Mother's Day.  

My mother did not raise a dummy.  

This would relieve the pressure of finding a suitable gift in a couple of weeks.

 This is the chair - white.

Mother wanted green.

Daughter can do that.

I sanded down the loose paint.

It had been previously painted red, pink, and green in successive layers.

At this point Chucks questioned whether it needed painting.  Why not just wax it?

Haven't I trained him well?

Mother wanted green.

Daughter can do that.

 I selected Rust-Oleum Satin Oregano and painted two coats plus a third coat on the arms, seat, and back.

Then followed with two clear coats.

Overkill, yes.

It looked rather neat in the two-toned green under and distressed white above.

BUT . . .

Mother wanted green.

Daughter can do that.

  Dry and ready to load for the trip over to Mother's for her surprise.

Our surprise?

She was not home. 

So we left a message on the answering machine to look on the patio.

Mother was right - it was the perfect-sized chair for her patio.

Even though Mother wanted green.

And daughter did do that with gritted teeth.  (All that beautiful distressed white - all gone!)

Several hours later a phone call.  Mother has discovered the chair and loves it.

Maybe I could just add a little white to distress it!

Azalee was terribly upset when she discovered that the chair had gone missing from her favorite napping spot.  So sorry, Azalee, but I have managed to check off the Mother's Day gift early this year.

If you have the time, check out Mema Had One Antique Shop on Facebook. Find page here. It was where we found the chair for Mother and a special something for Chucks and I which I will show in another post.

See y'all!



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  1. I love these chairs. Looks great.

  2. Good Morning Donna, I loved this story, your mum sounds just like my mum......they know what they like and will not be budged. If I had presented my mum with a distressed chair, she would not have liked it as she would have thought it was old and battered....she has a different style!
    I first came across Adirondack chairs when I visited my daughter in Atlanta and I loved them....I love the style and I was so surprised how comfortable they were.
    I am so pleased your mum loved her chair....even if you had to paint it through "gritted teeth".

  3. Love Adirondak chairs. We call them Muskoka chairs here in Ontario. So nice of you to do what Mother wants, even though it probably went against every fibre of your being. You're a good daughter, Donna.

  4. Well, you know if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Glad you could oblige, although I know how hard it is to do work on something when the style varies from your own. It's difficult to work up the mojo. This only further shows your love for your mother and hopefully she will appreciate it even more. I'm happy to hear that Chuck is coming through the re-education process with flying colors. Could it be that soon he'll be the one dragging things home and hiding stuff in the truck?

  5. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift! And I'm so impressed that you painted it green since that is what your Mother wanted! It did look so lovely all distressed white - I'd have wanted to just wax it too - you definitely have a well trained hubby - good going!

  6. Well done Donna. I know your Mama was happy and surprised. I ride by that shop all the time and have not stopped in. I just finished dividing the stonecrop and it looks lovely. Thank you.

  7. Hey Donna; What a Beautiful find!!! That is what I call a nice Mother's Day Present!!!
    I really thought that the crusty, battered, and worn look was perfect, and absolutely Lovely but to each his own.
    I wish that I could find some crusty Adirondak chairs, like the one you have pictured!!!
    Take Care :-)

  8. Chair looks great!!!! Mom is a lucky gal....... Deb :) Vintage On A Dime

  9. I loved reading this story. I really thought you were going to say that mum preferred it white though lol.
    A great find and a fabulous chair, I do like that particular shade of green which is usually a colour I avoid in the garden. I think I may just have to see what Homebase stocks.
    Thank you for sharing


  10. Daughter is a good girl!! I like the green better...big surprise!

  11. My mom would have wanted it painted in a bright color--your green looks great! I did like that two-tone look though :) Thanks for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  12. This is wonderful...looks amazing...PICTURE PERFECT!!!! tons of hugs an tfs!!!

  13. Some piece of that so-called labor of love. I’m sure your mom’s going to love it. It’s a gift of passion that she’ll surely love. Great post Donna. Nothing can be more thoughtful than putting your compassion into crafting for something dedicated for her.


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