Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Finds

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A Friday Finds post with nary a book to be seen.

In between the time spent moving everything in the dining room and kitchen and breakfast room into the living room, I did a little therapy shopping.

And dreamt of the day when the kitchen is mine again.

(And the reno has not even started!)

Not old, but the perfect size brown bottles for decor.

Bought two serving bowls of this pattern.

Not marked.

Looks and feels like Blue Ridge.

I know it has a name because I once had a set of salad bowls.

This is the pink one.

And this is the green one.

The set would have had a yellow and a blue one also.

No luck in finding the other two.

Someone please tell me if you know this pattern.

A boudoir lamp featuring a frolicking nude.

A set of two soup bowls with small plates - pink floral on white - Royal Sphinx.

Collected milk glass pieces for a spring display in the booth.

Small creamer for a birthday present.

Black wire basket.

Divided box.

Plaid Thermos.

Three-compartment basket with hinged lids.

Small three drawer chest - needs some loving.

Another three drawer chest - also needs some loving.

All of these photos were taken by phone.

However, at a meeting recently someone told a tale of purchasing a new camera. Her computer refused to recognize the camera.  She downloaded the software several times.  She tried other computers.

Does this sound like moi?

And the answer is: purchase a new USB cord.

I did.

And it works.

I guess you get what you pay for.

Future pics by a Canon Sureshot.

If you follow me by Instagram, you have seen the above.

Sorry for repeating.

I hope to be back to normal soon.

Whatever normal means.

Our family motto is "We're NOT normal."

See y'all!

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  1. Haha Donna...I love that "not normal." That should be our motto too. Love your finds, especially the 3-drawer chests. I know you will give them a lotta love. I'm off to a few sales this morning, but I'm so far behind now...shouldn't even think about going...what's a picker to do??

  2. Love those three chests. How wonderful are those?!! Love the platters too they look so sweet for Spring. Happy Friday.

  3. Great finds! Those chests are exactly what I will be looking for once the yard and garage sales start, for my booth. It is slim pickin' around here even in the thrift stores :-(

  4. I feel like I have been missing you in blogland! Hope all is well!!

  5. I know you are not normal and that's why we are friends! You found some good stuff. Love that divided box,creamer and the frolicking nude cracks me up! When does the kitchen reno start?

  6. Really on the run this morning, but just had to read your blog before I get started. Always love your FINDS, whether Friday, Saturday or whenever. Interesting divided box ... bowls are very pretty and the flowers do look like Blue Ridge. Have not seen them before. Have a great week-end. Hugs,
    Audrey Z.

  7. Love the little dressers or nightstands, those will be adorabale once you love on them a little!


  8. The brown bottles would look great on a bottle tree that I have seen.

    No books? {feeling your forehead}

    Love the milk glass on the top in the middle and that sweet little creamer.

    The divided box and the three-compartment basket are nice! And, I would love to toss the thermos to Pam at House Of Hawthornes. I know she'd love it, although she probably already has 835.

    Ok...I'm confused. There is a 3-drawer chest and a 4-drawer chest (and I would love to have them both!) that I can see. Is there a second 3-drawer chest or are two drawers really one drawer on the 4-drawer chest?

    I just got back from visiting my un-normal family in central Ohio. We took a whole week of vacation. We lolly-gagged on the way home and went back to the Flea Marketeers in Asheboro, NC {I NEEDED a handmade clay vase I had seen when I was there a couple of weeks ago) and Enchanted Cottage scrapbook store to stock up on more paper. {I need more paper and die cut designs like I need a hole in the head.} We need another road trip to Asheboro for more thrifting and south of there is Sea...something-or-other {Seagrove?} where there are many clay crafters of different kinds.

  9. Love that milk glass! I'm starting a collection to go in my kitchen china cabinet. It just got a polka dot makeover and now it's telling me it needs a milk glass collection... preferably hobnail. It's so particular!

  10. love the lamp, the small creamer looks like Beleek.


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