Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Finds

Vintage books, Corning Ware tea pots, vintage prints, book fair
Loads of photos and few words.

Treasures from the book fair.

The Queen's Groom print

Heaven's Gift


 Poetry and music

Alfred Hitchcock's Three Investigators

Did not know they existed until Patty clued me in.

Thanks, Patty!

 More poetry

Two copies of The Bird's Christmas Carol

Yep, one for me and one for the booth.

 Set of Zane Grey

Group of novels - children's and adult's

 Large music books

Sheet music

 More sheet music

Set of Lloyd C. Douglas

Remember Magnificent Obsession?

Small group of the Little Leather Library books

Used as premiums in Whitman's Chocolate boxes

More, just more

My favorites - Robinson's Family Herbal - England - 1800's

It's red and gold and totally a keeper!

Tiny books with floral and gilt covers - keepers!

Believe it or not there were customers who bought lots more than I did.

This guy drove three hours from Atlanta and bought over forty flats of books for a mission in Africa.

Notice he did think to pull out his spare tire just in case. 

There were customers with box trucks ready to be filled.

It was a wild experience to be on the selling side instead of the shopping side.

The book fair was successful which is great news so we can give away the money next year for scholarships and literacy programs.

Plus teachers and charitable thrifts were invited after we closed to gather FREE books and attic treasures.

In other news, on the hunt for windows, I bought a collection of Corning Ware tea pots.

The medium size.

And the large size.

Brace yourself - there is news coming of the state of Horror Monster, my beloved craft stash.

See y'all!

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  1. Wow Donna you find the best stuff. All those pyrex tea pots are amazing.
    Happy Friday.

  2. Wow Donna! Love the baby picture, the Corning ware, & the books! Where do you put it all??

  3. Donna! Yay! How much for the 3Investigators ? Please let me know. Also, what type/brand of spray paint do you use for baskets ? A friend gave me a tall three-shelf basket perfect for bathroom, but it needs a makeover! I knew you'd have an idea for me!

  4. Oh Donna I would so loved to have come to that book sale. Glad you found so many treasures!

  5. Oh boy! Can't wait to hear about horror monster! I love the teapots!!


  6. Wow...books, books, and more books! those small floral ones are the cutest! SO pretty to decorazte with. Haven't been by in a while...hope you are doing well. I am trying to get back into blogging a little more often. News on Horror Monster...can't wait! LOL! Have a great weekend.

  7. Holy cow Donna, what finds and what a haul. Love it all but especially the baby picture, so sweet. Love shape of frame. What will you do with all those Pyrex pots? And those books?
    When I buy books from thrift store am told to give them back since hubs thinks I have too many books. Obviously hubs is not a reader. Have taken a few back anyway didn't like or just couldn't get into story. Usually when I get to go to thrift store have impatient hubs waiting so just grab a few hoping will like them. Can't drive myself there as lost my glasses.
    Have wonderful weekend

  8. I saw my first Alfred Hitchcock book like this the other day, too. Weird. It kind of looks like a Hardy Boys mystery. That cute little baby in the frame — priceless!

    1. {I entered before I meant to.} Small group of the Little Leather Library books - cute! Robinson's Family Herbal - very pretty spine. Tiny books with floral and gilt covers - so sweet. I would have wanted them, too! I'm glad the book sale was successful. Corning Ware tea pots - huh? What? My o my! Consider me braced...waiting for info about Horror Monster! Take care...Fonda

  9. Love all the great books but those teapots it home!

  10. Some interesting looking books in there, especially the poetry and songs.

  11. Ahh, the love affair with books, it leads to...way too many books!! My bedroom has become a bit ridiculous with them--lol. You made some great choices--the herbal should keep you busy for a while and those Whitman's giveaways are intriguing.


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