Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Finds

vintage wicker, vintage books, Ladder, Encyclopedia Britannica
I managed to shop for about 30 minutes this past week.

Found these two early wicker floral display baskets.

One has the original galvanized insert.

Winning the award for the tiniest find is this brass cricket or trinket box.

Two windows and two drawers.

Never found a wood and zinc ladder before.

Quite attractive.

It is in pretty good shape.

A WorkMaster - patent pending.

Now for book fair finds.

I have been buying the discards.

Like these three Webster's unabridged dictionaries and the large Medicology.

A massive hunk of words.

Volumes One and Two of the Gourmet Cookbook.

A complete set of a British encyclopedia.


A group of French books.

A French dictionary and novel.

Part of a set of classic novels.

Three volumes of a Britannica dictionary.

To go with ...

The complete set of 1894 Encyclopedia Britannica!

Some flaws and cover damage but the insides are pretty good considering the age.

Of course I have been scoping out the old reading books.

Yes, Patty, I am still searching for old Alfred.

As you read this, I am probably hard at work.

Or maybe shopping.

I will be sure to show you my finds next week.

Hope to see you at the Book Fair!

See y'all!

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  1. Love that ladder and of course all of those books! I could sit for days in that Book Fair. I don't know how you are tearing yourself away!!

  2. Great finds, Donna! It seems as if that complete set of 1894 Encyclopedia Britannica would be a collectors' item worth a lot of money or at least located in a museum somewhere?

  3. oh, Donna, those baskets are awesome! Aren't they the type that were used at weddings or funerals ? Love those! Thank you for keeping your eyes open for the books. You are DA BOMB! I really appreciate your time and energy. Truly.

    1. Hey Patty; I believe that the Baskets are from a Funeral, due to how they look. I have one, as the Flowers were from Granny's Funeral. I had to keep the Basket, as I know how much that she would have simply Loved it.
      The one on the right has a larger handle. That is typical from a Funeral Basket.
      What Books are you looking for Please?? :-)

  4. I am drooling over those old books...especially the Reader! Have fun...wish I was there! Hugs, Diane

  5. Oh that ladder is fabulous!! Do you re-sell the books or keep?

  6. Wonderful finds...the ladder is awesome...and I love the look of the big dictionaries!

  7. The little cricket box is precious. Love that ladder! I wish I could be at your book sale. Why are you two hours away! Have fun and I know you are working hard! Hugs!

  8. Do you sell a lot of books in your space at the antique mall? Do you have good luck with the encyclopedia sets? I passed one up at a garage sale last year because I wasn't sure they would sell.


  9. Great finds! Good luck at the book fair!

  10. Miss Donna and Chucks; What Wonderful Finds!!!!
    How I wish that I could attend this show!!!
    I bet that I could acquire that DH....(R has given up....LOL!!I am waving a large White Flag. LOL so hard)I Only want it so badly.......
    Gourmet Cookbook's!!!! Lady You find the Best!!!
    I hope that you do very well as you find the most Wonderful things to share with us.
    Thank-You so much.

  11. Love your finds. As usual ... very interesting stuff. Have never seen a wood ladder with metal steps. Love it. I babysat our grandson for years and always took him "thrifting" with me. One day he found one of those huge dictionaries priced at 75¢. He thought it was the best bargain EVER ... saying "just look what I can buy for 75¢". I think it was bigger than he was ... I still have that dictionary ... he is now 25 years old.

  12. Couple of things I must have: 1) From the Partial set of classic novels. If they are about maybe 8" tall, I have a set that I would like to add "The Works of Cellini". I have the others. 2) I would like one of your old fat dictionaries. It really doesn't matter which one, but the gold one would be different and nice to have. Plus, I would like the Medicology book. Could you hold on to these until we can get over there. I'm sorry we didn't make the book sale. I would have loved it. But, it turns out Katie had an opportunity to acquire some Educational Units for herself, so we made a trip to Asheboro, NC instead. I had a great time. I went to Flea Marketeers, which is a mall in downtown Asheboro. You would have loved it. I purchased so much, and I spent 4.5 hours in the store. And, I didn't even get to the other floors. I must go back!!! I have yet to take photos of my last 3 or 4 thrift store runs!


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