Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Finds

vintage finds, crates, pitchers, books
We start this week with a find from the top of our old fridge which has made its way to the great landfill in the sky.

When we moved into this house in 1990, there was a tiny gold refrigerator in the kitchen.

We had a newer fridge in beige we wanted to keep.

Chucks with the help of a moving company hauled out the old gold and brought in the new - only to discover it was too tall for the cabinets.

Chucks dug out his trusty jigsaw and cut the cabinet off the wall leaving a gaping hole.

No, I was not around - I was at work.

Luckily I had this large crate which fit exactly into the hole.

New anniversary fridge was delivered the other day.

It is taller than the old.

Did not have to cut the cabinets, but the crate was no longer needed.

So it went off to Booth C-23. 

I buy a lot from Brett who usually pulls stuff out of the storage facility he owns, but I haven't seen him around lately.

Coming home from the antique mall I found he had rented a place out on the main highway for a month to draw new customers.

He started me a box of old junk when he saw me drive up. 


Two green ironstone plates.

A tiny yellow tugboat.

Two vintage Thermos bottles.

The red one is marked Ace Hardware.

Not vintage, but he knew I would want them.

Ice skates.

Sold ten minutes after hanging them in the booth.


Door decor! 

Chucks and I once had a collection of match boxes.

Love this brass one for long matches.


A church bird cage.

A tiny feather-like tree.

The tree will fit into the cage.

Leave natural or paint them both white?

Another dealer was using this trio of patina-plus pitchers.

Yes, I bought them.

Will use for awhile and then off to the booth or Etsy.

See y'all!



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  1. Great finds! I think paint the birdcage white, but not sure about the tree. I Love the trio of pitchers, beautiful patina!

  2. Great finds! I think paint the birdcage white, but not sure about the tree. I Love the trio of pitchers, beautiful patina!

  3. Remember those little tugboat toys. Like the thermoses. Think I would paint those things white...well, maybe not tree, unless it's faded. Oh & love those green copper things!

  4. Great finds Donna. Yep no surprise the skates sold so quickly. They are always a great part of winter and Christmas decor. Have a great Friday.

  5. I had to LOL that Chucks sawed off the cabinet. My husband sawed off the bottom half of a cabinet to fit our new fridge at the lakehouse. They are dangerous with jig saws, aren't they??

  6. Oh the cabinet being sawed off is funny! Glad you got a new fridge that covers it up. Love the new finds and the bird cage white but not the tree. I can't wait to see you next week!!

  7. well if you sell the crate it will go fast. I can see that being used as a plate rack also.
    I have never wanted a large bird cage till lately and I keep seeing ones I would hang out in my curtain tree for next spring and summer

    Merry Christmas

  8. I wish I had that crate! Glad you don't need it anymore, though. How's that new fridge?
    Love those pitchers, too! Happy Friday and have a good weekend.
    xoxo, T.

  9. Oh the things that happen while we are at work!! Ha ha!!


  10. Love the crate. I am sure it will sell fast. So lucky that you have a shop owner that knows you well enough to "shop" for you. Love the green ironstone plates.
    Happy Christmas.
    Audrey Z.

  11. Love love love those pitchers. The colour and patina are so pretty. They are beauties!

  12. love the ice skates and pitchers.

  13. LOVE all your finds! Please give me a heads up if you list those gorgeous turquoise pitchers on Etsy!


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