Friday, December 30, 2016

Favorite Vintage Finds Of 2016

vintage finds, favorite buys

It is hard to choose an absolute favorite of my vintage finds.

Like picking the best of your children, I guess.

This seemed to be my year for finding both snapshots and cabinet card photographs.

I have never met a photograph - sepia and stained - I did not love.

The blue star crock - lovely size - someone had drilled holes in it for plants.

I sold it - egad!

There is something about the soft gleam of old aluminum kitchenware that captures my heart.

And captures my heart.

And captures my heart.

In 2016, that soft gleam is responsible for over two hundred pieces.

Most of it sold.

I loved all four pieces of this vignette and kept the pieces around for several months.

Then off to be sold.

I can be cruel.

Then if you are cruel, karma comes around to get you.

I loved this primitive blue chest on casters.

And yet I sold him.

Regretted it time I saw him rolling gently away from me.

I had been convinced the price was too high.

Karma intervened and someone snatched him up.

If you are a regular reader, you know I have quite a thing for body parts especially heads.

I scored many doll parts this past year including these heads. 

I kept the Kewpie and sold the rest.

A green primitive cabinet on casters (yes, I do have a thing for casters!)
was a steal of a deal.

It has been languishing in the booth.

If it is still there at the end of January, it will come home to live with me.

And speaking of casters, I bought about seventy of them this year.

I have sorted through to keep some and sell the rest.

Look for them soon in Booth W-10.

In my quest to possess every old book around, I bought quite a few bins.

A few kept for personal use and the rest to sell.

I have been saving back one large bin from 2015.

I promise to start 2017 by tagging those books for sale.

But maybe keep a few.

So what will I be looking for in 2017?

Take a close look at the photo for a clue.

Anything vintage, old, distressed, primitive, numbered, lettered, stained, painted ...

Well, you get the picture.

Wait!  I may want that picture!

If you care to see more, take a peek at my Friday Finds posts.

See y'all!


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  1. Donna, you always find the best of the best. I always enjoy hearing about your travels and adventures in finding your treasures. sb

  2. You are a brave woman, selling those fabulous treasures! But I know you will find more, more, more next year!

  3. I don't know how you can sell so many of your favorite things. I guess that's the business. I also love old books, but I have to read them. I don't know how you can sell them without knowing the stories inside of them. But I imagine if you take the time to read them all you wouldn't have time to find all those awesome treasures! Happy New Year, Donna! Looking forward to seeing what you find in 2017.

  4. Lol, it is hard to sell so many of the things we find and love. I have regretted that decision at times too!


  5. You do a great job of finding things you love but being able to let go of some of them!! I love the hunt but need a place to sell my stuff, oh that would be to you sometimes. I still love the glass jar full of doll parts you bought when I was with you and I never thought I would think that was cool, but it is!!

  6. I love the stuff you love, too, all the way down to the baby heads. The problem is that I must be able to use what I find, because I don't have a way to resell. I MUST find a good baby head {or two or three}...and maybe a few arms and legs. I have ideas!

    How in the world did you come across so many aluminum bake ware pieces? I have a few small aluminum molds, but I think you found the mother lode.

    Keep on thriftin' and junkin'! Happy New Year!

  7. Happy Junk Full of New Year, Donna! It'll be fun to see how it unwinds for us. I love seeing what you're attracted to. It's also funny to hear you say how you loved all those finds in that one photo and kept them around for some time....I do it too, and many times never even use them in my home. Just need to keep them safe for a while before letting go.....
    Here's to letting go in the new year too.

  8. You never disappoint with your thrifted items. You have a good eye for interesting stuff. Personally, I love the primitive stuff.
    Happy New Year.
    Audrey Z.

  9. Always love all your finds Donna. Wishing you lots of good health, happiness and lots of good junkin trips in 2017. Happy New Year.

  10. Cannot understand why the green cabinet hasn't sold...hmm, maybe it's waiting for you Donna. Now that green chest...wowee, love that! Isn't it funny how the things we think are too high disappear rather quickly???
    I love your take on doing vintage finds for your year-end post. I might have to steal that idea for next year!
    Happy New Year Donna!

  11. Ha! I knew there would be some doll body parts in there. lol. I love aluminum kitchenware and pick it up whenever I see it for a good price and around here it goes pretty cheap. I know what you mean about the primitive chest... I priced some vintage miniature bells in my shop high so I could justify using them in a wind chime when they didn't sell. Well, of course they sold. lol. I still regret it, and it's not the first time. Happy New Year!

  12. It will be fun to see what all you DRAG in this year LOL


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