Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Finds

vintage finds, buckets, books, photographs, jars, Coca-Cola
Friday finds me - whaaaaat?


Yes, today is my birthday.

Yes, send good wishes.

Yes, give a gift to someone who needs it.

Chucks took me to an estate sale yesterday for a present.

The couple in their nineties moved into a new home and left treasure after treasure behind.

FIVE sheds!

Bike wheel.

Two buckets.

A solid copper box with lid.

Rand-McNally Family Atlas.

Really rough shape.

This campaign poster was glued on the inside cover of the atlas.

You can read about the Wofford professor HERE.

It is interesting to us because Dr. Clinkscales retired to a house on the Wofford campus renamed the Kilgo-Clinkscales House.

Chucks and his father were named after Rev. Kilgo.

And Chucks' father attended Wofford.

I think the atlas may be a keeper because of the campaign poster glued to the inside of the cover.

Copyright 1912.

It's older than I am!

Also older are the stacks of books I bought.

1880's to 1950's.

Mostly children's books.

Look at the tiny Webster's Dictionary on top.

Definitely a keeper.

A small group of presentation New Testaments.

Calling cards from ministers.

I do remember when the preacher came to call.

In one of the workshops - two work aprons.

One Coca-Cola.

"Be really Refreshed" is the 1959 slogan.

One Aiken Lumber. (Notice the telephone numbers.)

A wooden hanger.

A Band-Aid tin.

There were walls of family photos - most professionally framed.

Each photo has the name and the date on a label on the back.

I could not leave the children behind.

The adults I left to fend for themselves.

However I might slip back over Saturday afternoon to see if any others need rescuing.

A bike basket filled with Gerber baby food jars with the blue and silver tops and Duke's Mayonnaise.

In the South it is the ONLY mayo fit to be eaten.

Okay, so I am another year older and probably a bit meaner.

But I am still out junkin'.

That's all that matters.

Plus most of the stuff I buy is older than I am.

See y'all!


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  1. Happy, happy day to you Donna! So enjoy your posts. Have a slice if cake for you and one for me. Traci

  2. Happy, happy day to you Donna! So enjoy your posts. Have a slice if cake for you and one for me. Traci

  3. Happy Birthday, love reading your blog! It was my 57th birthday yesterday, I was born on my sisters birthday and she turned 64.

  4. Happy Birthday! How fun to go junkin for your birthday gifts. Love the jars, the books (always) and those photos!! Can't wait until our get together! Hugs!

  5. Happy Birthday, Donna! Older and meaner? I doubt it! ;)
    Great finds, as always. Let me know if you find an original Boxcar Children from the 40's or 50's- I'm on the hunt.
    Have a great weekend! xo, T.

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy the day.
    Love ya,

  7. Donna, many happy returns of the day! Celebrate big time! You sound like me.... can't believe I'm actually ______. Fill in the blank. Don't we all feel like we're still in our 30's ? Love the goodies you've found. I did not realize Dukes has been around that long. It is what I use now. It didn't come to Texas until fairly recently and was hard to find. // You always find old books.... I'm always on the lookout for Alfred Hitchcock's The Three Investigators, if you find any I'm interested in purchasing them from you. Don't know if you would keep a list of things your customers want, but if you do, I would be most appreciative. Thanks, Donna! Have a SUPER day!! Hope you get your favorite cake !

  8. Happy Birthday Donna!!! I would love to find an estate sale like that right now... I'm itchin' for some thrifting!!


  9. Happy Birthday! I knew we had a connection...I'm 63 too!

  10. Happy birthday!!! I am glad that Chucks took you to do some buying for your birthday - remember that your birthday can last for a few days (weeks) without seeming too traumatic...but you need to share return the favor for Chucks' :)

  11. Happy Birthday Miss Donna!!!!
    You Always find such nice, Wonderful Treasures!!! What a neat looking Copper Box.....I wonder what in this world that it was used for??!
    I am in Love with your Coke Apron!!!
    What Lovely Photos...They truly look so nice. I hope that you rescue some of the Adults!!
    What are you going to do with the Jars? I bet you have some Crafts planned for them!! If so, Please share!!!
    I Love the Duke's Mayo jars, and I have not seen any that look like them.....I am always on the lookout for jars with a tight fitting lid. (Perfect for Kim Chee)
    In all honesty, Dukes is all that We eat, and I am in Florida!!
    For all of you Folks, whom have Publix Grocery Stores, where you live.....(Dukes is on sale this week!!! B1G1 Free)
    So, Miss Donna You are another year older, meaner and are still junkin'.....LOL You are too Funny, Lady.
    Many, Many Happy Returns. I Hope and Pray that you and Chucks has a Wonderful Birthday Weekend!!!
    XOXO, Sunny

  12. Looking at the pile of books you bought, I notice that you have "The Bobbsey Twins". When I was 12 years old, an elderly lady who lived in the apartment next to ours, gave me this book, that she had owned for ?? years. Why I mention this, is that was 65 years ago, 2 years before you were born. Happy #63 Birthday youngster!!!! Oh,I did enjoy reading the book!!

  13. Sounds like you enjoyed your birthday!

  14. I know you had a Happy Birthday doing what you love ... JUNKING !!! What fun and you found some really interesting things. I like the work aprons.
    Enjoy your treasures and wishing you many more happy birthdays.

  15. Happy Birthday Donna !!! Thank you for another year of your kindness, wisdom , but most of all your HUMOR !!!

  16. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Love your junkin' finds!!! The old books and photographs especially. :)

  17. Happy Happy belated birthday!!! I hope if was fabulous! Love all the books, especially that little dictionary.

  18. Happy Belated Birthday Donna! Ha! I got you beat on the years! Now isn't that Chucks so sweet to give you the gift of an estate sale??!! Looks like you found some great goodies. Love the bike wheel & bike basket, but I'm not sure yet what I would actually DO with the wheel. You show us when you know.

  19. Happy birthday! I know you had a wonderful day.

    Loved the children photos. And also the Bobbsey Twins book - I adored them when I was a kid and then moved on to Nancy Drew.

  20. What a great way to spend your birthday!! And it is a great thing to always buy things older than you! Happy, happy Birthday!!

  21. Happy birthday to you!!! What better way to celebrate than going thrifting!!! Chucks is the best, isn't he!

    I love the copper box, and the baby food jars bring back memories. Saving the children is what I would do, too. Love the old books, of course. I think I would enjoy the contents of the atlas. Maps fascinate me. After all, they're just flat globes. LOL

    It sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed your day, and that's what celebrations are all about.

    We miss you! Fonda


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