Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Going, Going, Gone!

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Another Saturday night at the auction.

Antique Uniques Auction  (FB page HERE) is fast, fun and friendly.

In order to get my hands on the blue felt Scottie with the 1939 calendar from Dominica, the vintage milk caps, and the sweater clip ...

I had to buy these.

Don't you love the tiny metal sculpture of the man on the toilet?

Large red doll trunk.

Brown porcelain door knob/lock set.

Dog nutcracker. 

(Our dogs crack their own nuts - they are especially fond of the pecans and hickory nuts in the backyard - yes, I know they are NOT supposed to eat nuts.) 

A silverplate ice bucket - I named it Beth for a friend who likes ice buckets.

Guess what?  She came in Tuesday and bought it!

In order to get my hands on the crate, I had to buy all the bottles.

Not a bad deal - they are mostly from bottling plants decades gone.


Lots of casters!!! 

Remember last auction I bought porcelain and iron casters? (READ HERE)

Well, I bought more.

More casters!!!

The ones pointing left are wood and metal.

The ones pointing right are all metal.

Ridiculous you say?

NO, just MORE casters!!!

Odd assortment of different types.

I had to buy the whole tin to get my hands on the giant one.

(I would have bought them all anyway.)

The auctioneer looked at me and said, "She wants them if nobody else does."

Casters - these from a mechanic's creeper.

Never thought about collecting these.

Look at the rusty beauties.

I had to buy all of these, to get my hands on ...

A Pepsi crate - made in February, 1972.

Yes, most crates are dated.

I do love the jars!


I had to buy all of this to get my hands on ...

Another Pepsi crate.

This one is in rough shape and needs a thorough cleaning. I hope to find the date legible.

I had to buy the vintage enamelware urinal to get my hands on the Olympic Thermos picnic jug.

The jug is so clean, I could fill it with ice water and use it right away. 

The urinal - not so much.

A Navy duffel bag.

A child's spade.

A large shovel head - the handle is toast.

My two favorite finds.

A large galvanized funnel with a red stripe.

A large grain bin drawer.


Thanks, Tommy and Bob and all the staff at the auction!

Y'all do a great job entertaining us on a Saturday night.

And we come home with treasures galore.

Just look at my casters!

See y'all!


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  1. What fun! I've never been to an auction, maybe I'll come with you some Saturday night!! Love all the crates and other junk you had to get to get them! Ha!!

  2. awwww, mannnn! what a fun auction !! Hey, even if you had to buy something else to get what you really wanted, it was great stuff !! I miss our little country auction here.

  3. The stuff you had to buy to get what you really wanted was a very nice bonus. I haven't been to an auction in years. You made it sound like so much fun I am going to have to find one around here to visit.

  4. I haven't been to an auction since May. MAY! You know me, I usually go to one every weekend! Oh well, the summer has been good to me by way of yard sales aplenty. But, you have me ready to jump back in. Except, I'm heading to the home of the relative of the family friend that I've been getting all sorts of stuff from. Picking up lots of cabinets & hopefully more goodies! :)

  5. Great treasures Donna as always. LOL on having to get the "extras" to get some of the other pieces. I guess every water jug should come with a urinal!!!!!!!
    Have a great day.

  6. So do you use the casters or sell them in your shop? What in the world are you going to do with the urinal?

    1. Oh darn! KNEW I shouldn't have donated my enamel urinal a while back, but it wasn't as vintage looking as yours.

  7. I've been to, I think, one auction. I won some lightening rods. I'm still carrying them around trying to figure out what to do with them. Katie would rather they were gone.

    Maybe when we come next time, and I do hope there is a next time, maybe there will be an auction. After riding the Ridge, we could sit in the evening for an auction!

    Katie and I have been fairly lucky in our thrifting/junkin' excursions lately. Maybe we'll go to Southport this coming Friday or Saturday. (It's just north of us on the ocean.) I still need to get some pictures taken and organized.

    Love all your auction bits and pieces. My favorites are the blue mason jar with the zinc (?) lid, the porcelain and iron casters and all the goodies with the Scottie dog.

    Yeah! What ARE you going to do with that urinal???

    I always enjoy seeing the goodies you find! Fonda

  8. Very nice!! Those Pepsi crates are the best. I recently bought a vintage cardboard Pepsi case but can't find anything about it! I also bought some casters at a barn sale (thinking of you and yours) and I have to get the gumption up to describe, price and list them. I know nothing about them!!

  9. I remember going through the phrase haha

  10. I hereby dub thee Queen of the Casters! Long may you reign. Huzzah!

    I bet you are fun to watch at an auction.

    Enamelware urinal! Be still my heart!

    I was going to say I feel your pain for having to buy the extra stuff, but I don't really think it was that painful.

    Love the dude on the toilet. Make a diorama with him using the urinal and call it a "shadow bucket." You'll start a new crafting trend!

  11. I actually like the jars you HAD TO buy to get the crate!


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