Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Five Dollah, Five Dollah, Sold!

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Antique Uniques (FB HERE) inaugural auction was a blast!

Love Bob the auctioneer.

Quick as a speeding bullet.

Five dollah, five dollah, SOLD!

Two sets of iron and porcelain casters.

Need cleaning.

 Farm implements.

Two 1974 Chattanooga Coca-Cola crates in great condition.

Four large rusty wire baskets once used by a local swimming hole in the locker room.

Three baskets in need of makeovers and a large scoop.

A Victorian clothes hanger.

Haven't a clue how to use it.

Any ideas?

I really wanted this Queen Elizabeth tin.

Each side shows photos of her early days.

I wasn't quite fast enough and ...

Had to buy the Japanese scribe to get the tin.

Oh, well.


What is this contraption all folded up?

Four legs fold out with casters.

The pole telescopes  higher.

It is army green and very heavy.

Has a small metal pocket.

Chucks and I thought an IV stand.

However one of the dealers at the mall served in the army film corps and said it was a photographic light pole. 

Thanks, Marlene!

Would make a great standing lamp.

Four peach orchard baskets with the lids. 

Made in Little Rock.

My favorite purchase of the night?

This metal medicine cabinet with the glass knob and beveled mirror.

The inside is galvanized metal goodiness.

Yes, goodiness is a word.

I know you are wondering why the finds on Wednesday.

I must confess to shopping all weekend long so there must be FOUR posts!!!


See y'all!


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  1. Of course goodiness is a word! I'll back you up on that. I haven't been to an auction in ages. I think I'll tell Keith to take me to one for my birthday. So much awesomeness in one post! There's no way to pick a favorite this time. I love it all. That hanger looks like some kind of torture device. I guess when your clothes are complicated, then the hangers have to be as well.

  2. It's so much fun to see what you buy and nice to learn the history of things. Love those coke crates. Hugs, Diane

  3. 4 days of shopping already and the week isn't over? You're out of control! :-)

    Keep the good junk coming. At least someone is finding it.

  4. Ohhhhhhh wonderful finds and goodiness is definitely a word. No other word could describe your haul! The Victorian hanger is interesting for sure.

  5. Wowza! You got some GREAT stuff ! Wish I could see what you DIDN'T get! On the hanger.... do the bottom circles open up where you can slip something in like the waist of a slip ?

  6. You struck junk gold and this is just the first of several posts! Yippee! Love that medicine cabinet and the coke crates! Can't wait to see more goodiness!

  7. Each post on your blog, facebook, and instagram that pop up with pictures of goodies is getting me excited for junking again. I've been saving my pennies so I can really go all out on the 127. I'm gonna be a mean, lean, junk-hunting machine! ;)

  8. I wish I wasn't so afraid of auctions or I'd go to some. If I could find fabulousness (yes, it is a word too! in my dictionary!) like you did I could overcome my fears.

  9. Wow! Even more goodiness! I love those baskets and cool hanger.

  10. Love the medicine cabinet! You found some pretty weird things! I have quite a few of those baskets that were used to hold stuff when people were swimming. They are quite handy in plenty of rooms!

  11. Really great stuff Donna. I think it did you good to lay off junking for awhile ... you sure came back strong. I love everything ... well, maybe not the Japanese scribe, but if you had to buy him to get the other tin, I don't blame you. I love the old wire baskets. They are getting so hard to find. Looking forward to seeing the rest of you treasures.

  12. Love it all Donna! And yes... goodiness is definitely a word! ha ha!



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