Thursday, August 4, 2016

Riding The Ridge With Rush

Junkin', antique shopping, blog friends, Ridge Spring
Meeting blogging friends is always special, but sometimes you seem to click.

Last weekend Rush and Katie came to Aiken for a long weekend to visit family and friends.

Including me!

We agreed to spend Saturday "Riding the Ridge" hunting for treasures along the way.

On the way to Ridge Spring we stopped at a couple of sales.

At an estate sale I found some lovely vintage hats.

Rush spied the colander and knew I would want it.

We stopped at a mission sale and then flew up the road to the Ridge.

Katie rode shotgun and Rush took the back seat.

First stop was Stuff & Things.

Look in the pic - it runs from the STOP sign to the windows - three store fronts filled with anything you could think of - REALLY!

Miss Ann manages the whole place with help from Miss Josephine.

No air conditioning - this is not a place for wimps.

It took us almost two hours to plunder every nook and cranny.

Miss Ann held our finds up front so we could hunt more efficiently.

Found this corner curio shelf - yes, there's going to be a makeover.

I needed baskets and I found baskets.

After loading the truck with our purchases, we headed up the road to Monetta and Peaches and Such (FB page HERE) for a delicious lunch.

Plus preserves, jams, jellies, homemade cakes, etc. etc. etc.

Most of the ingredients are locally sourced.

Dessert was a cup of their creamy peach ice cream.

Back  in Ridge Spring we shopped through Old Treasures (FB page HERE) and Ridge Antiques.

I found this clock cabinet.

Love the shape - thinking about maybe an altar or a showcase for something.

Tagged as a headboard lamp, but I was not sure.

Then  it hit me - it is a casket light!

Had to have this.


Just too odd to pass by.

Art Deco pewter.

And it works.

Two brown and pink rag rugs.

A Waltzing Matilda tea towel.

At this point I thought maybe Rush and Katie would be tuckered out, but they insisted, yes, insisted, on continuing Riding the Ridge.

(Chucks had given me a lecture on NOT holding them captive on a day-long hunting expedition.  He knows from experience how I can get while junkin'. Also I was NOT to tie anything on the tailgate. Also I was NOT to make them hold treasures in their laps. Sometimes Chucks is NOT fun!)

We stopped briefly in Ward to hunt through a small shop.

We did not buy anything.

On to Johnston to YSS Antiques & More.

I found this delightful porcelain front drawer - probably from an old stove.

Look at the patina!

Rush has an affinity for body parts and we both had to have glove molds.

I found the Dixie Belle Gin bottle.

Perfect size to slip into a girl's garter. 

The blue corbel is for my mantel.

The three of us had a wonderful day.

I did NOT make them shop all day - just most of it.

I did NOT tie anything to the tailgate (though a garden gate almost came home with one of us).

I did NOT make either Rush or Katie hold anything on her lap.

The truck was packed with goodies for all of us.

There's another post tomorrow for the books I bought. 

I was so glad my extreme junkin' did not scare neither Rush nor Katie.

We actually shopped at Riverfront Antique Mall (where my booths are) all Sunday afternoon.

When I was unloading my truck Saturday night, I found a small pink bag with the most delightful surprise in it.

Katie made this ornament.

A green origami bird which flutters about a chandelier crystal.

I tried to take a picture of it hanging, but could not capture how whimsical it is.

Thank you, Rush and Katie, for a weekend filled with friends, fun, and favorite finds.

Rush is a commenter on different blogs and is taking a break from blogging.  You can catch up with her HERE.

See y'all!


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  1. How fun Donna to meet up with blogger friends and find such great treasures. Sounds like you had a great time together.

  2. As I know you can junk all day! Glad Rush and Katie sound like so much fun!! You found some awesome stuff but I love that casket light!

  3. You have an eye for the most unique stuff, Donna! Especially that casket light. So cool!

  4. Sounds a like a wonderful and special weekend ♥

  5. That sounds like such fun! You would love hunting for treasures here in FL too! Lots of old stuff! lol And of course I have to wait to see the cruel! Hugs!

  6. So fun to thrift with friends! As long as they found you things and don't buy things you want! Love your treasures, as always.

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun. Love all the interesting things you found. You did good and looks like you still have lots of room in the back of your truck.

  8. Never seen a casket light before!

  9. I don't know what I love more that you found a casket light or that you knew that it was a casket light. Thanks for taking us along on your trip. That one long store looks amazing. I can see a Madonna ensconced in that clock case. If I ever make it over there, tell Chucks that it's okay to tie me to the tailgate and put things in my lap.

    1. I wish you were there, too. It would have been a double blast. If we ever get to your end of the world (which is close enough to Ohio where our family lives), we'll also warn you we are coming. That casket light was too much!!!

  10. Oh, great finds! I love the clock cabinet, casket light and the glove molds!


  11. I took photos of all my stuff, then I inadvertently deleted them. RATS! I'll do it again and get ready to blog about our whole vacation. I also have to finish up where I left off with my de-stashing. I'm catching up on computer work and other pressing stuff. It was a great vacation, and I am so glad you were a part of it. We had a wonderful time, and I think we should come back.

    That casket light was the best!!! I'm a little envious that you found that clock case first, but I got an architectural piece due to you getting a phone call and staying outside to talk. {snicker, snicker} Saturday was great! Then, we turned around and met you at the Riverfront Antique Mall where you had your booth! You had the best booth, but that didn't keep us from looking (and finding) at all the other stuff! Thank you so much!!!

  12. Look! Sadie Seasongoods was close, but I don't know when she was there! Here's her story of the area in and around N. Augusta, SC and Augusta, GA. I don't know where she lives, but she was in the area. May or may not have been at the time we were there! Cool!

  13. So much fun meeting up with blogging friends, Donna! Sounds like you all had a wonderful day together. Love your glove molds and clock case, especially. Thanks so much for linking up your posts at Vintage Charm :)


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