Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Finds

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You thought there would not be a Friday Finds post after I showed my treasures found with Olive in Mad For Madison.

You should know better!

Went to an estate sale last Friday and a couple of yard sales on Saturday.

I am pulling together a whole silverplate collection in Booth C-23.

Whatever does not sell will be used for Christmas displays.

Yes, I said the "C" word!

A few more bling-y pieces.

Someone was getting rid of their Southern Living decor pieces.

Among the ones I purchased were the two pedestals and the door bucket with a scroungy-looking cherub.


The door bucket will need a little work, but the pedestals look like new.

I was quite attracted to these three things.

A J.C. Higgins Pitching Horse Shoes crate - no game pieces - just the handsome blue crate.

Marked Sears & Roebuck.

The fruit crate made into a primitive cabinet covered in  ancient yellow Contact paper.

The giant clip on a pole - so funny!

The huge steamer trunk tray.

Those objects you cannot see?

A very long skate - both my feet fit into it.

A gold wire pedestal.

Homemade wooden pedestal.

A vintage metal Scot Towel rack - once red now black.

A sweet pair of pillowcases and the floral tole painting.

In the very back of an overflowing shed, I spied a tiny sparkle.

A very heavy vanity mirror.

The frame crumbled in my hand so I had to save the mirror.

It looks a little better now that I have washed it.

It has a lovely shape and would look lovely as a table top.

If there are any mistakes in this post, please forgive them.

I forgot to write my Friday Finds post until 11PM last night.

You do know college football started last night, don't you?

University of South Carolina beat University of North Carolina!

Go  Cocks!

See y'all!


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  1. Nice stuff. I love steamer trunk trays. They're really versatile. I just took a Christmas tree to my booth yesterday. I'm hoping to sell it at the sidewalk sale tomorrow, but it's still a Christmas tree in my booth. I feel so wrong.

  2. Nice that door pocket and the blue box!
    You find the neatest stuff your vision!

  3. Donna, you found some nice silver! You said the C word and Eddie put a tree is his booth...yikes, I'm still in summer mode! Love the steamer trunk tray...very cool!

  4. Yes, the season is upon us and I'm so excited! :-) While packing, I've weeded out some of my silver plate pieces...wish I could ship them to you for your booth! I'm going to list them on Craigslist. I have no where to store them at the new house! Love the mirror!! Glad you were able to save it but hate it about the frame!

  5. you do find the coolest stuff, the clip on the pole ha ha and go gators :p xx

  6. Great finds for your loot pile, Donna! Do not say the C word least until the temps dip below 90! LOL

  7. Great stuff. I always tell people-I can spell , I just can not type.

  8. Love the silver plate!!!!! Oh, wouldn't that mirror look beautiful on a huge dining table in a beautiful home with candles and silver plate........

  9. Donna ... You find the most interesting stuff. Love wooden stuff, so the pedestals, even the homemade one, is my choice. The long roller skate will be fun for displays. I am seeing a lot of silverplate in the thrifts and if it's a basket or anything with two handles and looks somewhat like a trophy, I will buy it. I like mine polished if they are engraved. Happy hunting.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treas

  10. I know ya'll had fun! I'm so lonely here. Don't you girls want to make a trip to TN. I promise we'll thrift! Love the rack. Your booth will be ready for the holidays, I'm sure!

  11. I can' t even think of the "C" word yet let alone say it. You always find such great stuff. Love all the silver pieces.

  12. I think all those sales know you are coming and put their most unique and best stuff out for you to buy, knowing they will get their 15 minutes of fame on your blog!!! You find such different stuff!!

  13. This year the "C" word is creeping into my life. You found some great stuff this week.

  14. Great finds!!! I love the silver dishes!!! TFS

  15. Some great finds! I've gotta find the energy to get all of mine unpacked and cleaned up from this weekend. Also - you are definitely not the only one that is happy that (college) football is back!

  16. You always find the best stuff. Love all that silver, but my favorite has to be the steamer trunk tray. Thanks for sharing, Donna, at Vintage Inspiration Party.


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