Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Book Loot Two

vintage book finds
Book Loot Two is all about the underdogs of book finds.

Bought for the subject matter or the cover art.

Not valuable.

Appeal to certain tastes. 

All five of these had great titles or great cover art.

Sometimes there are found relics in the books - bookmarks, study notes, letters, post cards, and in this case - a fold-out advertising fan.

I leave them in the books for customers to find.

These three had both the original paper covers and wonderful graphics on the bound covers. 

Tied a simple ribbon around each one of these to call attention to the cover art.

Bible Characters had a whole lot of character itself. 

Tattered and torn - wonderful font and book plates inside.

I have a broad customer base for vintage textbooks at all grade levels.

A World Geography book from 1950.

I bought the National  Velvet book for old times' sake.

I once collected National Velvet's - I had over forty copies of them from different years, sizes, covers. etc.

I have since sold them, but still buy them when I spy one.

Can you tell it was my favorite book growing up?

I usually buy Will Rogers books - this one Ether And Me.

Yes, I do read many of the books I pick up.

Anatomy of Me caught my eye.

I sell a lot of reference books.

Everyone needs a Mammoth Encyclopedia of Wit and Humor!


I drove my mother to the doctor to find out more about her swallowing problem.

The office is located in a renovated cotton mill.

Very impressive!

The sliding loading dock door is hung in the waiting room.

Look at the size!

They sanded it a little and waxed it a lot.

They must be patina people!

Here's a pic of Willie and Scout after returning from the vet.

They both have suffered sports injuries.

Willie had to get a follow-up spine adjustment for his wrenched disk.

Scout was playing with another small dog at the dog park and stopped suddenly.

 The other dog rear-ended him.

Scout now is suffering a very bruised ACL in his rear left knee. 

They are sad because they are not allowed at the dog park for a couple of weeks.

However they are quite in love with the pain meds!

See y'all!

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  1. I love old books and you have a great collection for sale. Aw, poor fur babies. Hope they both heal soon and can enjoy their park trips sgain. :)

  2. Wonderful book discoveries, Donna--I love the one with the three trees on the cover, especially. And the door in the doctor's office--amazing!

  3. Buddy, Dalton and Sofie wish Willie and Scout a big doggy GET WELL SOON !
    Great books....I also love to read the oldies! A completely different kind of writing that i find interesting and entertaining.

  4. Loving the books! I buy most old books, regardless of subject matter. They are great sellers for me. Even the boring books, I've found interior decorators don't care about the cover or binding, because they face the pages side out on the shelf. You learn something new everyday.

  5. You find the best old books Donna. Your pups are precious. Hope they start to feel better soon to return to the doggie park.

  6. You and I both love book's !! I love when I pick up an old cook book and there's an old recipe card or a recipe jotted down on a piece of paper.I love the sliding dock door in your mom's doctor's office, that's really repurposing history . I do hope they find a solution for you mom :))
    Now Willie and Scout better chill . Yogi need's some of those pain med's , I swear he sleep's about 5 hour's a night and he's seven month's now. He send's slobbery kisses to the boy's.
    Quit listing on Esty !!! Take care, TT

  7. Lovely books Donna. I haven't tried too many books in my booth space yet, not sure there is a market here for them. The booth right next to mine is a guy who sells books. I asked the mall owner if he sold much and she said hardly ever! :o[ Why he keeps paying rent is beyond me... and why she lets him stay is also beyond me... his booth is dusty and not at all organized.

    I love that old door in the dr's office! Very cool!

    Poor Willie and Scout!


  8. i am not a medical person but am going through a similar problem and you really have to push for them to look at her thyroid and her parathyroid glands checking her calcium levels too xx

    1. Thanks, Monkey, for the advice. She has had those tests. The problem is mostly caused by the severe curvature of her spine.

  9. Medicated dogs, this could lead to some funny videos!

  10. I bet the decor in the office was exactly what I would love. You have made me a lover of old books. I pick some everywhere I go now.

  11. Those books are so unique and interesting! Can you believe I have never read National Velvet? I had a 1963 copy in my shop and sold it a few years ago. Shoulda read it!

  12. Poor doggies...I know it's not funny, but I laughed....sorry...LOL. Love those old books. I read Agatha Christie. When we packed, I had 5 boxes of nothing but vintage books. I may have a problem.

  13. I love old books and I love finding old bookmarks and letters in them. I never find money tho. :-(

  14. Great assortment of books. Love that door in the old cotton mill! It is awesome! Willie and Scout look high as a! Poor dog park for a while. Maybe when they go back they won't get hurt again. Have a great night!

  15. Wow! That door is incredible!! Love all the old books. It's always fun finding things inside them. Poor Willie and Scout. Hope they can get back to the doggy park soon.

  16. I buy books for the exact same reasons Donna. It's all about the graphics or color! That door is fabulous! Hope your mom gets answers and the dogs heal quickly. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. I'm hoping the your babies are feeling much better!

    I love old books...especially the original book covers!

  18. Donna, that Dear Doctor one is my absolute favourite! What great finds. Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frugal this week. Love, Mimi xxx

  19. My grandmother had to have a surgery that relaxed some of her esophagal muscles which eased some of her swallowing problems. I hope they find some solution for your mom. The dogs look so stoned in that pic. Hope everyone is back on their feet soon. Great books. I love old book cover art. The art on that doctor book looks very familiar to me. I know that cartooning style from somewhere.


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