Saturday, May 30, 2015

Treasures From Eddie's Barn

vintage finds, chairs, suitcases, restaurant china
Hello!  I'm ba-a-ack!

Missed my regular Friday Finds post and will explain.

Three posts in a row with finds.

Last Saturday I stole Chuck's pick up and money.

Headed to Eddie's barn.

You remember Eddie - he is the one who took my last few dollars on my trip to Magnolia Ridge.  (Read here)

My impression of the Clampett's!

Everything bungee-corded on the back - piled high!

Eddie was in a bargaining mood.

I was in a buying mood.

The perfect junk storm.

Two aluminum steamers.

Eddie had found me another tool display.

 Tiered wire basket.

Eddie gives away the dust and spider webs for free.

One tin suitcase.

Two identical blue suitcases.

Three brown Samsonite suitcases.

Stacks of restaurant ware platters and plates.

Including these heavy divided plates.

I have several barrel pickle jars, but none this size and shape.  

No lid unfortunately.

The large white vase is not marked and has a chip inside the rim, but I love it!

A collection of lovely tins.

I have absolutely no business buying tins, but I did.

Now for the stack of chairs.

On the right is a restaurant chair.

Until I washed it I did not realize the seat is some sort of composition plastic material.

On the left is the wonderful library chair which is the treasure in my booth this week

Underneath the seat is stamped:


As you can see it was checked by Carson and signed!

Four large student oak chairs in various conditions and of various ages.

And finally the Queen - a French provincial chair in pretty good condition. It sits as if it has never been used. Made in South Carolina!

You can visit Eddie on Saturday's in Bogeyville, South Carolina, halfway between I20 and the turn for Ridge Spring on Hwy. 1.

So where in the world has Distressed Donna been?

Last Friday my hard drive died - on a holiday weekend!

Thanks to Joel at 4 T's in Aiken, all data has been restored to a new hard drive.

Maybe after all this angst I will remember to back up.

I have been busy shopping, painting and rearranging the booth.

Get ready for a flurry of posts.

I missed all of you.

See y'all!

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  1. Score at Eddie's !!!! Missed ya for a week !! I will definitely take the tiered wire basket and that tin suitcase :)) I'll buy anything with dust and cobweb's as long as there are NO spider's attached .lol Have a great weekend ,TT

  2. I also have a vintage tin addiction. I can't leave them behind at the flea market, they are so pretty and useful to store things in. But meanwhile I.have too many and I have to find places in my home to store them.

  3. Great finds. Do you sell most of this in your booth then? I'm so wanting to get a booth and start this.

    Love that wire basket and the pickle barrel the best.

  4. Love all the chairs but even more that they were made in the USA!


  5. Great finds Donna... that Eddie sounds like my kinda guy! The two "steamers" in the first picture are actually inserts to a bun warmer like this: My mom used to have one and I've sold several in my Etsy shop.

    I'm excited because I get to move to a larger space at the antique mall the first of July so I'll be painting and decorating again! I'm excited to have more room and another wall to hang things on!


  6. I've missed you. I was going to email you last night to see where you were, but I nodded off unexpectedly. lol. I'm glad you got your hard drive restored. What a nightmare that must have been. I have that exact tiered basket and have been meaning to get it into my etsy shop, like so many other things. I love vintage tins and used to collect them, but gave it up years ago because they were taking over my house. I love that FP chair. I've been looking for a couch and chair set for my living room for awhile now. I've seen some at a good price but not the colour or pattern I want. I'll find them someday.

  7. I am glad you got your hard drive restored...nightmare time! Love the wire basket and the white pottery vase! Great finds all around and the chairs are always a favorite.

  8. Okay, I'm about to pack and head your way! I want some suitcases, the French provincial chair, the steamers and the divider plates. I don't like for my food to touch! :-) I'm so glad you are back! I've missed you!

  9. I think you've found a forever friend with Eddie! Great finds! Glad you're back . . . and I wish a few others would show up too! It just hasn't been the same!

  10. Glad you're back! Eddie does indeed have the treasures! Love the school chairs The wire basket is neat too. Will it be getting a paint job? Have a great weekend!

  11. quite a haul! will be looking forward to the afters.

  12. What can I say except I love it all.......especially the tiered basket (sweet), the pickle jar and that FP chair! Plus.....your plants in the background are lookin good Donna!
    Have fun! We are headin to the Smokies for a week.......going to try and do some pickin if I can convince the hubby to stop at a few places!! LOL

  13. Donna, we missed you too! Lots of great finds. I love the tool display and all the chairs!

    Have a great day.


  14. You were in a chair buying mood! Your posts make me want my own, fix up a little and sell! No picture taking, researching, listing, waiting......I do love selling on Etsy but you are having way more fun!!

  15. I have seen people do such different things with chairs! It is always fun to see creative ideas!

  16. Miss Donna;
    Welcome Back!!! I am glad to see that you are posting your Lovely Treasures once again!!!
    I LOL that you took Chucks truck and $$$ and went off shopping!!! Smart lady ;-)
    I Love, Love, Love the Tiered wire basket, The Pickle Barrel and Chairs.
    I too am a huge sucker for Tins.....I have a huge Collection of them!!!! My Daddy bought me a bunch of them, and I absolutely Treasure them!!!! :-D
    I am so glad that you are back!!! :-)

  17. Great finds and how generous to give the webs for free! They really add character!

  18. Wish I could've seen the inside of Eddie's barn. I picked quite a few this weekend. The very last one yielded quite a few treasures! :)


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