Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ridge Spring - It's A Happening Place!

If you wandered into the small town of Ridge Spring, South Carolina this past Saturday, you would know for an absolute fact that it is a happening place.

Olive from Olive Out and I met up at the annual Magnolia Ridge Antique and Art Gathering.  (Read her post here.)  

It is held at a horse farm located just on the edge of town in the middle of hundreds of acres of peach trees.  It was a cloudy day with a slight threat of showers, but do you really think it would stop me from vintage shopping?  No way!

This is one of the most photographed and painted mail boxes around this area.  It welcomes you into the Gathering.

The main house, the guest cottage, and the outbuildings form the backdrop for the vendors.  

I spy some ladders!  

And birdhouses! 

And Coke signs!


Judy was set up with all her primitive and vintage goodies.

 A giant frog guards a vintage croquet set.  Look at the bucket for storing your flip flops.

 I do not know who she is, but she was very intent on deciding between two tables.   This booth had beautifully painted furniture.


 You know how I like (Obsessed!)  with house parts and furniture parts?

A screen guard with my initial!  Chair arms!  Chair slats!

Did they make the cut and into my truck?

You will have to come back and see!

 The Art Guild was displaying artwork from local artists in the barn.

I love the texture of the barn itself.


A cute potting bench.

A rolling cart of a soda crate with wagon wheels.

Farm tools.

 What can you not love about this seller's vignette?

The black table had wonderful patina and I loved the antique faucets and the sugar mold.

The turquoise sewing drawer with the yellow flowers?  So delightful!

Just take the time to read the side of the crate.

Unique?  You know it!

 I had to show the mailbox again.

You notice that the sky has darkened and there was a drop or two.

But Olive and I prevailed, and around the fair we went again.

I took this photo as we were packing up our purchases to show Chucks that I can leave great porch posts behind.  

Though I will admit, if I had been in the pick-up, they might have come home with me!

Olive and I drove the five blocks into town where the annual tractor parade was starting.  We hurried into Juniper to grab lunch and a table.  

The parade passed by with an escort of firetrucks waving American flags with sirens blaring.

Then more shopping.  This place is four stores long with the original facades.  He has everything including quite a display of Ernest Lee paintings.

 Down the main street to Ridge Antiques, a favorite of mine.  It is filled with vendors selling all things primitive and vintage.

 The simplicity of a display of farm baskets and boxes.

You would think this was enough activity for the rest of the year here in Ridge Spring, but no!

The first Saturday of June is the Peachtree 23 - a yard sale miles long from Modoc, South Carolina to Leesville, South Carolina.  Now I will admit it is only about forty miles, but right in the middle is Ridge Spring.  It will be packed with goodies.

And there is always lunch at Juniper!

I promise to show the items I bought in the next post.  I have to leave you with a little suspense, don't I?

See y'all!

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  1. I am a friend of Olive's and I know I am gonna love following you. Hope you'll drop White Lace and Promises too. I've gotten away from some of my pickin but intend to start back soon. I love this post! Where is this place??? Gotta make plans to go!

  2. Oh my gosh Donna... that looks like thrifting heaven. I love that screen guard!! If you turn it over it has my last name initial. If I was there we might've had to flip a coin for it. lol. In the second photo of the mailbox I see a fabulous red chair that I would've picked up if it was metal or bamboo. Love that potting bench too! Looks like you had such a blast!! How could you not?

  3. Wow, Wish I could have been there. I love the place where they had the sale. Everything looked very inviting...Connie

  4. You're killing me! This stuff is amazing. I just love the barn backdrop and that mailbox (I'm pinning that shot) and the screen with the W. What a fun look at the time you and Olive had. I'm going to go and check out her take on it now!

  5. Great pics for an awesome vintage shopping day. That red mailbox is the bomb dignity. You should have bought the "W" piece. And thank you for not showing me in the pics. You know I am shy...wink. hugs, Olive

  6. Please tell me that you DID buy that "W" piece--AND the exceedingly cool white dresser in the first shot--the one with the cartouche on the front? The one that sez DONNA to moi?????

    We have The Worlds Largest Garage Sale up the road a piece from me in Warrensburg NY--since it is in late October you can either freeze or fry. We do go but the best "pickins" are the FREE piles after the sale!

  7. I am so jealous of your expedition with Olive Out! Looks like such a fun time! Our day will come..I just know it!



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