Monday, May 20, 2013

Loving The Loot!

 I promised to share the items I bought in Ridge Spring this past weekend.  I am loving this loot!

Olive from Olive Out and I shopped at the Magnolia Ridge Antique and Art Gathering and then shopped the whole block of downtown.

 You knew when you saw those ladders in my previous post, I was definitely going home with one.  I was lucky to see them being unloaded from the truck, and I had first choice.  This beauty has metal steps with the birdhouse screwed into the top.  The guy has a loose grapevine wreath for decoration, but I will leave it for vines to attach.

These were sold out in no time!

Underneath a pile of grain sacks I found this wooden box with that lovely turquoise patina I so love.

It just needs cleaning and waxing.

But wait!

It opens to reveal its purpose - a cutlery box from an old logging camp in Edgefield County, South Carolina.

But wait!

Some of the cutlery used in the camp is still in the box!


 I was dickering hard for these three - a world atlas, a road atlas, and a pictorial history of WWII.  The vendor and I finally decided on a price, when another lady shopping said she would have paid full price...

Talk about an awkward pause!

Too late - I had paid!

 Sorry about the image of the photo in the print.  It is the print of the sheep dog finding the lost lamb.  A sentimental favorite of mine!

An old calendar with the nativity scene on the front from a funeral home.

A photo of three people eating at the Cow Shed.  Photographers used to go around nice restaurants to take photos and then mail them to you.

 List of a lot of lovely loot:

Red candlestick shutter
Chair slat backs
White wicker round hamper
Three chair arms
The "W" screen guard
Wooden steps for a wagon
Candlesticks made from porch posts

The steps have black, tan, blue, green and red paint on them.  They have a cleat in the back to attach to the cart or wagon.  When someone has dismounted, the steps can be pulled up into the cart.

(I am thinking cart instead of wagon because of the size.)

This is one of those wheels you roll to measure distance.  It has a name, but I cannot think of it.  We'll just call it the measuring wheelie thing.

Made of heavy metal and the counter works!

I told Chucks he can now start his walking program and push this down the street to measure how many feet he walks.

He was not amused!

I have toted this ladder all over the yard looking for the perfect place for it.  I liked it here in the front side yard, but a neighbor jokingly said he might steal it one day which made me think it was too close to the street.  (I know he would not steal it - he always asks before taking something!)

I moved it to the other side of the yard, but it could not be seen.

Finally I stuck it next to the gate to the backyard, but I am not happy with that location.

I did decide to stuff the hole with moss - I am not going to share this with the birds or the squirrels.

Yes, I know that is mean and despicable. 

I hope you have enjoyed my loot and love it as much as I do.  Make sure to read about the Magnolia Ridge Antique and Art Gathering at Ridge Spring, South Carolina here!  I have a pile of projects to do now.  I have to get them out of the way.  There are some major sales coming up and you never know what I might drag home!

See y'all!

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  1. Good, you bought the "W" thingie. The bird house ladder is way pretty. I have not even thought of taking pics of my other items I bought yet. You are fast. xo, Olive

    1. Olive: hurry and post yours; I would so love to shop with you two one day!

  2. I love it all! I love to find these kinds of things... Great stuff!


  3. What a GRRRRRREAT trip!!! I love the birdhouse ladder, but the cutlery box is my absolutely favorite. Y'all have so many NEAT places to shop!!!!! I need to scout out more in Door County - leaving tomorrow!

  4. I see you have my same love for the blue patina. Love the box! Thanks for the comment and following me. Love, love your bog!

  5. I think you hit the mother lode, Donna! What finds! And you sound just like a child opening her presents on christmas morn!

  6. Wow, Such wonderful treasures. I love everything...Connie

  7. Hi Donna, I forgot to tell you, yesterday I bought 50 Victoria magazines to put in my rusty crusty magazine rack. Is this business fun or what??? Connie

  8. Amazing finds Donna! I am loving that metal piece with the W in it! In fact I love everything in that photo! The white hamper is very pretty! The birdhouse on the ladder is such a clever idea! It would look great with potted plants sitting on the steps as well. You always find awesome things...:) Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  9. I'm wildly excited and clapping and whooping it up over your cutlery box with those cool forks. I feel like I have seen some like that before when I was young. Oh what fun that find must have been to unearth. Then I realized that the screen guard would be cool somehow on the mailbox thingamajig we discussed. It has the feel of what is needed for the top part! Maybe Chuck should have you push that little wheel thingy as you shop so you can keep track of how many miles you shop. can it count that high?

  10. Wonderful treasures Donna ... you have such a good eye for interesting goodies and know just how to use them in a fun and interesting way. So nice that you can shop with Olive.
    Have fun.
    Audry Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  11. What a great haul!! That cutlery box is a real treasure and with some cutlery in it. How wonderful!! That candlestick shutter is fabulous, and I'm still lovin' that W screen guard!!

  12. OMG - that bird house on the ladder is absolutely fantastic - such a great idea!!!
    And the cutlery in the box? It doesn't get much better than that - that print of the dog and lamb - wow Donna - what a haul!!!

  13. My goodness, you certainly had a productive day. I can just see that ladder with morning glories growing up it . . . beautiful :)
    Thank you for sharing.

  14. love it ! especially fork set!

  15. Awesome finds! I've enjoyed looking through your blog. Come check out Sunshine Pen Pals and join the fun!

  16. Awesomeness! Love the wheelie thingy :)

  17. HAHA! I saw the wheelie thing and realized that my husband and I walked out of the antique store behind you and Olive on Saturday! I wish I had been paying more attention. I would have said hello! My husband commented on the wheelie thing being a step counter. It was really neat!

  18. LOL I was going to say Those Birds are Lucky....oh well, nope...they'll just have to enjoy the view! :) It's awesome! :)

  19. Oh boy! Did you ever find some good stuff!! I found a cool birdhouse at a sale this past week & it was only $2, but somebody already beat me to it. grrr! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one to have a few awkward haggling moments.

  20. I always love your loot! I am totally crushing on that red candle shutter. I could think of a ton of stuff to do with that!

  21. You have the BEST FINDS!!!! Lovin everything! Especially those legs! I so could be using them on my project this week : ) TFS!!! hugs...

  22. Wonderful treasures. I'm so jealous! :)


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