Sunday, November 27, 2016


quick makeovers, wood planes, tung oil finish
Truly a quickie project today.

Bought a box of wood planes at a church sale.

Washed them.

Set them out on screens to dry.

Five wooden ones and one metal.

In fair condition.

Left for errands.

Arrived home to find all of them gleaming in the sun.

Chucks had decided to rub them down with tung oil for me.

He is such a sweetie.


Found in Booth W-10, Riverfront Antique Mall, North Augusta, South Carolina.

$25 each.

Perfect gift for someone. 

I'd hang them on the wall for shelf brackets.

See y'all!


  1. My husband is a woodworker and member of Greenville Woodworkers Guild. Those guys use these tools! Nothing like old hand tools.

  2. Wow what a little tung oil can do! They are gorgeous!

  3. I love when fairies or elves stop by and do a small job. It gets noticed!

  4. These are gorgeous and full of history. They would be great as shelf brackets.

  5. How nice of Chucks. You've trained him well. LOL

  6. Yes they sure would make incredible shelf brackets, nobody else will have. Sure look all pretty with tung oil on them. My hubs has one, my Dad had one, are very handy wonderful tools.

    Have wonderful week

  7. They do look good and I am sure will sell in a snap.


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