Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Finds

Vintage finds, flea market day, old windows
Been in seclusion for the last two weeks.

Recovering from current events.

Did sneak in a flea market run to Columbia.

Let me show you my treasures.

Tiny graters.

Heart gelatin molds.

Fair prize ribbons.

Rudyard Kipling books.

I live in the land of spindles due to the large number of now defunct cotton mills.

However I have never seen tiny ones like these.

Maybe for industrial sewing machines?

Four to five inches high.

A small bag of blocks.

Think these are destined for tiny Christmas trees.

Or vice versa.

A small collection of red-handled utensils.

What's bigger than a red and white bread box?

A wicker basket.

Another veil abandoned.

There must be a whole herd of brides running wild and free somewhere.

A large pediment.

About five feet long.

This is the ornate middle.

Needs a lot of loving to be whole again.

Probably like those missing brides.

A student chair.

A green ginger ale crate.

Sorry, the crate sold the next day.

Needed windows.

Saw stacks of them in a truck driving into the parking lot of the flea market.

I chased him down.

Five diamond pane windows.

A whole pile of six pane windows.

I am so old that I did not realized 1970's readers are now VINTAGE!

BUT, people, I used these to teach reading!

The seller threw in the small Santa to assuage my pain.

Painted enamelware plates.

Three painted enamelware bowls.

Another flea market find was this Victrola cabinet.

In very good condition.

The turntable, crank and speaker have been removed.

Sweetest find of the day.

A pair of Pennsylvania Dutch chair desks.


Available in Booth W-10!

See y'all!


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  1. Sometimes I get so jealous of all you find! But today I would REALLY LOVE to have that pediment? Any chance? :)

  2. So glad you're back....I was having withdrawal! Was going to write to you today if there was no post. GREAT finds, as usual. Laughing picturing you running after a truck with windows! Love the music cabinet! Hope all is well. See ya next week ! Have a great day of giving thanks.

  3. Whats a pediment and what do you do with it?

    What do you do with all the windows?

  4. Wowsie!!! You scored some fun things. Love the panel windows.
    Happy Friday.

  5. I'm still not over the revoltin' predicament.
    Hey... I sat in desks like those...

  6. Gosh girl, you found some amazing stuff! I love the crate so of course it already sold! Still hoping for a visit before Christmas!!

  7. That pediment! And the windows! I hate that all your treasures are so far away and I haven't been able to move to NC yet where I would be much closer and could bother you frequently.

  8. What a load !!
    my favorite is that ornate scroll piece of wood you are calling a pediment, not familiar with that word? I would have that painted white and on the wall in my kitchen or bathroom , love it

  9. Wow, you find such cool stuff, wish we could go shopping together! I love the Victrola cabinet, it would make a cool bar cart thing.


  10. I noticed you were absent....glad to have you back. Fabulous finds this time around! LOVE the pediment and the red and white bread box. I think I love the commentary more!

  11. cool finds, especially diamond-paned windows!

  12. Love your finds this week, especially that pediment thingy. Also the graters, and the enamelware, and the red handles treasures. I could go on. You always find such cool stuff.

  13. I like 2/3 of the bowls :) I hope you find homes for everything...Glad you are (sort of) recovered from the trauma of the last 2 weeks...I am not sure I am yet. Peace to you and Keep Breathing!

  14. Can we talk about that pediment?!! It's gorgeous! I think we are going to have to make a trip to see you again.

    The Victrola cabinet is wonderful!

    Someone is going to have to bridle those brides!

    And, yes...when I realized the '70s and '80s {and possibly the '90s} are vintage, it made me feel old.

    You always find the best stuff!

    1. P.S. We missed you! {and we were holed away, too.}

  15. Glad to have you back to blogging ... was worried about you. Great finds. I love the old wooden pediment ... is it a mirror frame? I passed up a lot of nice architectural pieces today ... pricey, and too large for me to carry. Don't have time to work on them either.

  16. Well have to admit am very, extremely envious of every thing you got but all those windows, am crying here in western CO. If can find them are so expensive can't afford.But that's a recurring problem here, everything is too darned expensive, but maybe it's just my non- budget? SS only goes so far and my medical bills think they have first priority to my money, lol. Am having little chuckle picturing you chasing after truck with windows. Used to get them free in KY.
    Have great weekend

  17. LOVE the Victoria! And the pediment! Did it used to hold a mirror perhaps? What will you do with the veil! Veils are so sweet! Had one in my booth once, & it surprised sold quickly!

  18. Another great haul. I especially like the brilliant green ginger ale crate, no wonder it flew off the shelf.

  19. Those windows with the X panes are AWESOME! Also love the ginger ale crate.


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