Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Finds

flea market, thrift store, vintage finds
I have an excuse for all the finds.

A poor one, but still an excuse.

My beloved Blazer - all twenty years of her - decided to test me by going in and out of our mechanic's garage for the last ten days with different new and creative ailments.

In order to get her to the garage, I must pass several thrift shops.

So I shopped.

A large sieve.

Another star colander, but I have sold five of the ones I previously owned.

Twelve tart tins on a frame.

Too cute to pass by.

A stack of crates behind ...

A large and lovely crock.

Unfortunately someone drilled three holes in the bottom for plants.

Picture me rolling this across the floor at Goodwill to checkout.

Chucks and I decided to head East last Saturday to Columbia to the flea markets.  Great idea - plenty of sellers and a crowd of lookers, but not many buyers.

I bought these two 1957 bound copies of the Columbia Record newspaper from the archives of Columbia College. 

They are the size of the newspapers inside.

I have enjoyed reading the news and advertisements in them.

A very old floral basket.

A new twig basket already my favorite color.

A metal urn in a copper color.

One dealer gave me a bag and said to fill it for one price.

So I did.

Look, Tuula (Thrifty Rebel Vintage), an egg beater!

 A very red rocker.

Another group of bargains from Goodwill.

The red-handled silverware is for a Spring project.

Cool vintage photo in a great frame.

Restaurant china.

chandelier engraved to J.W. Drewett TsingTao APC Installation 1936Probably the find of the day.

A brass and silverplate chandelier with glass arms.

The wiring has been stripped. 

Two fighting falcons and ginkgo leaves engraved on this side.

Engraved on the other side:


As much as Chucks and I could find, it has to do with an aircraft installation as the Japanese were invading China. We could not find the right J.W. Drewett.


So, yes, Chucks and I are history nerds who spent an hour Googling.

Two cricket boxes.

I thought a leather camera case, but it has Sportsman Case stamped on it.

I was tired of Googling so Sportsman may be a camera!

I was looking at the spelling book and the dealer threw all this in a sack and named a price I could not refuse.

A box of song books and hymnals - also all for one price.

Foursquare Hymnals were used by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel founded by Aimee Semple McPherson.

These are from 1957.

Last my favorite finds of the day.

The McCulloch large gas can.

And a wash tub and four buckets.

All suitably rusty and crusty.

So where are we headed this weekend?

Well, if the snow comes close enough, we will go snow-chasing.

It's a Southern thing.

You drive until you get to see some snow and drive back home.

Stay safe and warm this weekend those of you in the path of Jonas.

Hey, wasn't that a boy band?

See y'all!

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  1. What a wonderful plethora of finds!!! Hope the snow gets close enough that you can see it, but aren't affected by it. We are lucky that the storm is missing us in Central Indiana!

  2. i always get so jealous when i see all of your awesome things, i can't find poopoo de caca here lol xx

  3. Boy Donna , some of those item's weren't just deal's , they were steal's !!! Fill a bag ??? Music to a junker's ear's . Loved the little red rocker but the star of your find's is that AMAZING chandy !! Have a great weekend, TT ❤️

  4. Love that silverplate chandelier! I do the same thing with the lowliest of finds. I love the history as much or more than the item.

  5. Wow! Great finds! I love the chandelier, and the galvanized stuff is awesome. I've never seen tart tins on a frame. How great is that? Love the egg beater of course. I have one very similar in my collection but it doesn't have as much rust love. I'll look forward to seeing what you do with the red-handled silverware.

  6. I forgot to say that John and I are googlers too! Researching things can be addictive.

  7. Donna, I found this Sportsman that looks just like yours:

  8. I'll take it all except for the red stuff- you know I don't do red! What a great haul. Not just good stuff- it's great stuff. Wow, that cool chandy. I'm very excited to see such a thing. I hope you get to go snow chasing!

  9. You had a great week! Love those newspaper books! I'm trying to stay warm and hoping no snow!


  10. Donna, you always manage to find the most interesting things. Question is, would the emphasis go on "most" or "interesting"? :)
    Tania at FARRAGOZ ~ Online Course in The Art of Patina

  11. I always perk up when I see 1957 and something vintage in the same sentence! It is the year of my birth...and yes, I am very close to the next decade! Cool stuff!!

  12. Memories...the year 1957...(the date of your newspapers) it's hard for me to believe that it was the year I graduated from high school. It seems like last year (well, not really) but not that long ago, anyway, to me... I guess I am probably considered vintage, my 3 sons might say I am Antique. Youngest son said to me (kidding)..(Look in the Mirror Mom) when I told him I enjoyed looking at antiques, but, I do have several of my 45 and 33 records from the olden days, when I was in high school. WHY do I still have them? I wonder myself...suppose (keeping old stuff, keeps memories alive) if we are able we still hang on to them,why not? The good ol' days.(grin) I wish some of those (softer, olden) days were today, for our children. I wonder,what my 3 sons memories would be, if they had grown up, in the 40s and 50s when I did. Ya know?? anyway....I am so happy that young people like yourself, are keeping vintage alive, and thinking it is awesome, and enjoying it..Love your posts..bonnie in WI

  13. Wow ... good shopping ... great stuff too. The chandelier is a beauty. Too bad the wiring is stripped ... sometimes, it is hard as heck to get it back through those curvy arms, but I bet you can do it. You will have fun staging all those in your shop.
    Hope you are safe from the storm.
    Audrey Z.

  14. Oh yah, great finds! I think I love the chandelier and the galvanized things the best!


  15. Oh Donna you do find the very best stuff. Can't wait to see what you do with the red handled silverware. Love those galvanized buckets and tubs but my absolute favorite is the chandelier. I cannot keep those star colanders in my booth. They sell as soon as I put them in. sb

  16. Donna, check out this link for the camera case:

  17. WHat a cool old Parchesi game! Not sure if I ever played that game. The chandelier is so neat! You always find the coolest stuff!! I hope you are doing well. Have a lovely Sunday!

  18. That chandelier with the glass arms!!! Wow. What a find. Also love The Heart of a Child book and researching vintage finds is half the fun, isn't it?


  19. Isn't Google wonder for us to research things!

    I love all your rusty buckets and the red handled flatware the most.

  20. Well of course you had to stop and shop. Thinking maybe that van has a plan! lol! Love the crock and anything galvanized! That chandelier is fabulous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  21. Oh My Gosh you came to Columbia Mo? to Columbia College well you drove right by my house on I-70 interstate then.
    I love the outside of the books you got at Columbia College
    was this recently?

    Indoor garage sales are Feb 7th at Holiday Inn expo building $5 entry fee Sunday 1-4 pm only last year was wonderful

  22. Every cloud is said to have a silver lining ~ your clouds just have more silvery linings!!! Love all your wonderful finds and I think Googling the history on something is just as interesting as the find itself. Those newspaper books are fabulous!

  23. I'm so jealous! Wow, good things can happen on the way to the mechanic's garage! Thanks for sharing your goodies at Talk of the Town.

  24. Donna, My favorites are the star colander and the glass & silver plate chandelier. Happy hunting. Sylvia D.

  25. Super-duper finds, Donna. I'm quite jealous. Everything vintage find related here is dead, dead, dead! Love the crock--even with the holes--all your books and your galvanized goodies :)


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