Thursday, March 12, 2015

Book Fair Bonanza

vintage books
Last weekend was the annual AAUW Book Fair.

I usually attend both days, but my truck was in the shop and I had to share a truck with Chucks.

So I only was able to go one time - but I stayed for several hours.

A stack of four We Three readers.

I always buy vintage Christmas books - more about this one.

The small green book is Mental Arithmetic - a whole book of exercises for doing basic arithmetic in your head.

I think I will just stick with my calculator.

A French textbook.

Three reasons for buying Christmas Days:

One:  it is about Christmas.

Two:  it has an inscription. (But it does lack a date.)

Three:  it has hand-cut pages.

Love old spelling books - you would not believe the lists for children to learn.

Published in 1905 so it is 110 years old.

Doesn't make it valuable because so many were printed.

There is always a whole area for music-


Choir books.

Music textbooks.


The violin book is chocked full with great music to craft with.

A room filled children's books.

A stack of the Best In Children's Books series.

I do not usually buy Bibles because I do not think they should be sold, but these were headed to the discard pile.

Yes, I found a box of the tiny translation dictionaries I collect.

The tallest here is four inches.

 The French.

 The Spanish.

The Germans.

I was disappointed to not find any of the tiny Hungarian books, but they might have sold the first day.

So a few of the books I managed to pack into the truck.

Some of these I will keep, some will be used for projects, and some will be enjoyed then head to the booth.

See y'all!

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  1. Some great books! Like old houses, old books have so much more character. The little translation books are so cute. I love little books. Have a wonderful Thursday! I know I will since today's my Friday....:)

  2. That's a nice assortment! The We Three readers struck a chord - grade school remembrance. :)

  3. I love buying old books. I have not run across a good stash lately. I usually get a few good ones each time I go to the Goodwill Outlet (by the pound store). They charge 50 cents for any hardback and 25 cents for softback. My favorite that you picked up were the Best In Children's Books. The colors are wonderful and look great in a child's room. One of my friends has almost every single one of these and they're displayed on a built in bookshelf in her little girl's room.

  4. I am a sucker for a good book--and they're pretty much all good to me! My house would be completely over-run with them if I didn't cull them constantly. As it is I have a rather large pile on the floor of my bedroom and a smallish pile in our office. Sigh. I love the Dick and Jane type books and the cover of that spelling book is awesome :) Hope your week-end is grand--

  5. Donna, All great finds and my favorite is the spelling book. I love using old books for display and have a good collection.

  6. Great selection Donna ... that should keep you busy for a little while. Love the cover on the Practical Speller.
    Enjoy your day.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. Hungarian? Interesting!
    I love old hymnals. I don't have any old spellers but I'd like one.
    Load up your shop, Book Woman!

  8. Book sales are the best!! Love the hymnals, and that old spelling book.

  9. I have some small translation dictionaries, too. I can't seem to part with them.

  10. Love vintage found some great ones!
    Mary Alice

  11. Wow, you found some wonderful vintage books. What a haul.

  12. Love the 105 year old one - that's my favorite.

  13. Donna, I love old books. We have bookcases filled and I use them in decorating! I LOVE these. I also have a few old hymnals that are just awesome!!

  14. There's nothing like a good book sale. Love the hymnals, Bibles, and the tiny translation books. Good luck with all of them, I'm thinking about having a book sale in a couple of weeks. Wanna come?

  15. I would have stayed several hours too! What great finds!

  16. These are gorgeous Donna! I love all the colors and for some reason I'm drawn to the French books. Also, I too would stick to my calculator! Good luck on the search for the Hungarian books!

  17. Children's books and old still my heart! I collect them and consider it rare find to find even one any more. What great books you bought! I'm so happy for you! Sweet hugs, Diane

  18. Oh our spring book fair is coming up and I try not to miss it! You've found some fun stuff at yours!


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